Merax Finiss Aluminum Best Mountain Bikes

There are many types and different brands of best mountain bikes you will find in the market and each of these types has its own advantage and disadvantages. Finding a right size and best mountain bikes is not easy especially if you don’t have any idea about the mountain bike. You need to make plenty of consideration before buying a new mountain bike; the suspension, brakes, gears, and many other things. If you go to a bike shop and select a random bike for you then it may not fit you, as not every bike is suitable for everyone. A mountain bike which fits you well may not fit others.

Best Mountain Bike

The Merax Finiss is a bike that is affordable and it is equipped with the best quality equipment. This bike is very popular among people because of its affordable price. Though it is a low priced bike but Merax didn’t compromise with the quality. As a result, you will get the best quality bike at very low price.

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The aluminum used in this Merax Finiss is heat treated. Because of this heat-treated aluminum, the bike is very light weight. As aluminum is can be found in affordable price, it is used in bike frame to keep bike price low. Another advantage of the aluminum frame is that it makes the body frame lightweight. Thus, you can carry your bike easily.

If you ride your bike in mountains and if your bike is not lightweight then it could be a huge problem for you; your bike should not be a burden for you when riding the mountain. This Merax Finiss bike’s aluminum frame is lightweight but strong and it can take up to 330 lbs; however it is good for long last usage if the weight is limited to 220 lbs.

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Best Mountain Bike


Merax Finiss is equipped with Shimano gear components and Merax claims the bike has a smooth gear shifter and it provides a maximum speed of 21. While riding, the gear shifting system of the bike determines the gear change. There is nothing could be better than the easy gear shifting when you are riding your bike. If your bike gear is difficult to shift then it will make the bike riding experience less attractive.


Best Mountain Bike

A bike brake is one of the most important things to consider, especially when dealing with high speed. The Merax Finiss  bike uses the newest version of rear and front disc brakes. As disk brake is the safest brake it ensures the bike rider’s safety. The disc brakes system is the newest technology which is more expensive than the normal V brake or rim brakes. When you ride your bike in higher speed, you need stronger stopping power. The disk brake of this bike will provide you stronger support when you are riding fast. This bike uses Shimano disc brake component which provides great stopping power.


The best mountain bikes use the best suspension fork. For every mountain bike, the suspension is one of the most important parts. If the road where you ride is bumpy or if it is heavy terrain, the 80-millimeter suspension fork of Merax Finiss will provide you nice and smoother ride. Your control over the bike is also increased because of this fork. It also minimizes the shocks due to the bad road condition. The upper arm is supported by the front suspension while the lower body part is supported by the back suspension.

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The design of the Merax Finiss aluminum mountain bike is very attractive and you may get it in three different charming colors. The colors are: gray and green, white and red, and black and red.


Because of the incredibly affordable price tag and good quality product, this bike is popular among many people. The sticker and colors are coated well so that it will not peel off easily. The comfortable side saddle will allow you to go for a long distance ride. This bike is light weight as a result, you can carry the bike easily. This bike has a speed of 21, so you can ride this bike with high speed.


For more effective use the disk brake needs little more adjustment. There is a water bottle cage but it is made of cheap plastics.

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  • Affordable
  • 3 different colors
  • 21-Speed
  • Lightweight


  • Disk brake needs adjustment
  • Low-quality bottle holder


Frame: Heat Treated 6061 Aluminum

Fork: Alloy 80mm Suspension Fork

Shifters: 21 Speed Shimano EF51

Wheels: Aluminum Double Wall Rims

Front Derailleur: Shimano FD-TZ30

Rear Derailleur: Shimano RD-TZ50

Crank: Triple 42/34/24 Aluminum

Brakes: Disc (Mechanical)

Brake Levers: Shimano-Aluminum

Seat post: Aluminum w/clamp 31.8 M8*60MM&nbsp

Handle bar: Aluminum

Pedals: 9/16″ Aluminum

Speed Numbers: 21

Weight of Product: 33 lbs

Size of Frame: 19″

Final Verdict

The Merax Finiss bike is one of the best mountain bikes because of its quality in this price range. You can get this bike in just under 300. This bike is really a great value for this price tag. Merax didn’t compromise the quality with the price. They have used top notch quality product for this bike so that you can enjoy your ride to the fullest.

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The sticker and paint are covered perfectly; so it will not remove quickly. The saddle is good for a long trip and the bike also comes with a kickstand which will give you more benefits. With 21-Speed, you will definitely enjoy your ride.



1.What is the frame size and wheel size of this bike?

This bike has a frame size of 19-inch and it has aluminum 26-inch double wall rims wheels.

2.What is the shipping weight of this Merax Finiss bike?

The shipping weight of this bike is around 33 lbs.

3.What colors are available for this bike?

There are three different colors available for this bike. The colors are, gray and green, white and red, and black and red.

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