Avoid Top 10 Mountain Bike Mistakes

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Avoid Top 10 Mountain Bike Mistakes
Most beginner mountain bikers assume they are riding their bike in right way and their techniques are perfect. But unfortunately, until the riders get hard fall, they hardly realize that they are making the same common mountain bike mistakes that are making other beginner riders too. Below are the top 10 mountain bike mistakes that you should avoid.

1. Seating too low

Many beginners don’t know what their bike seating position should be. Because of low seating position, many riders feel pain in front of the knee. This makes you under extend the pedal stroke. When your knee is slightly bent at the bottom of your mountain bike pedal stroke and seat tube is parallel to the crank arm, but not perpendicular to the ground that means your seat position is right. You can check this, unclipped the pedal with your heels. At the bottom of the pedal stroke, you should barely keep contact with the bike pedal, without rocking pelvis. Measure the distance between the top of the seat and bottom bracket. This is your mountain bike seat height. It should be close to the product of riders inseam (in CM) multiplied by 0.883.


2. Pumping the Bike 

If you want great speed on the trail then pumping could be a key skill. Pump using your arms off the bike handlebars may work but it makes very little of speed. It gives great rest going over the mountain bike bars when you hit an obstacle. To avoid mountain bike mistakes and for a safer ride, instead of arms try to use your hips to pump.

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3. Foot Position 

It’s a simple one but if you do it wrong then your tactical moves could be hindered. Avoid riding your mountain bike too far toes on the bike pedal. Instead, ride with down heels to help in technical sections. Further, this can help you move your feet easily.

4. Wrong Bike Set-Up

Setting up a bike in a wrong way is a very common mistake. For instance, some people uses long stand because it’s good for climbing up. However, it can be a struggle for you with the steep down hills and drop-offs and it will be harder for you to get back weight.

5.Choose the Right Gear

For the trails that are lumpy, Rooty, and narrow, on the gear pedals just push a little harder so that you can predict where your mountain bike pedals are going to be and avoid getting hit by the road obstacles.

6. Lean the Bike

People tend to turn the curve trails by leaning with their mountain bike over but they stay in line with their body and bike. But you should lean the mountain bike more than the body to do the cornering correctly. To have more confidence and stable position with the turns, lean the bike over underneath you.

7.Braking in the Corners

Before making brake in the corners predict how much grip you have and brake hard as early as possible. While getting back on the bike grip, come off the mountain bike brake to come through the curve.

8.Being too Mellow

To get on obstacles safely and smoothly you need to have aggression occasionally. With adequate speed and momentum attack the hard sections.

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9. Not Maintaining Your Mountain Bike

Not maintaining the bike in a proper way is one of the great beginner mountain bike mistakes. You don’t need to be a pro to do this; just routine maintenance can save you a lot of money and can extend the life of your mountain bike.

10. Drink Well, Eat Well, Ride Well

Biking is really an extreme sport. Not only you just need great skill, you also require a fit body. Often new riders wonder how much energy they need on a typical mountain bike ride. If you do not energize yourself with proper food you may get ill.  You may also get ill by dehydrated. There is why biker’s take hydration backpacks with them. To avoid illness, before riding eat healthy food. Don’t forget to carry water and food with you.

We hope after reading all of these, now you have a proper idea on mountain bike mistakes. So avoid all these mistakes and enjoy your mountain bike riding to the fullest.


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