Bell Super 2R MIPS Mountain Bike Helmet Review

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The Bell Super 2R MIPS are a unique best mountain bike helmet for endurance racing. Surely riders are concern about the protection of a helmet. Whenever security question will come then the ventilation of a helmet is very vital. Those helmets have well ventilated certainly it would be best for the users. These factors are very import to choose a right mountain bike Helmet.

Best mountain bike Helmet



The Bell Super 2R MIPS has super accomplish this includes chin traps which are removable. It is also well fit with the three clips on the fuselage. The chin trap can be added or it also transportable. Chin trap is very effective for making less the site weight. When you have the ride on the road where to have a lot of ups and down on that time chin trap helps the rider to be well fit on the site and also it never takes much time. To be exact it just takes less than 30 seconds to adjust.

In this super   2R, MIPS has remarkable changes in the base of dish from the original super. The company tested it for a year ago and the result is very effective. This is really best for all kinds of rider. The new edition of the bell super 2R MIPS has almost all the feature.

This is an awesome bike helmet for use and it has some attractive feature which makes them the best Mountain bike helmet. For Extra protection, it has added chin trap in half shell.

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One of the best thing about this helmet is it has highly standard as like CPSC. If you really need a tested helmet then do not forget to test this one. It has decent ASTM for ensuring Maximum protection. In a lot of prospective, it has super protective features.

The goal of this MIPS Helmets to fulfill the customer satisfaction and also it make sure the axial load in a brain is not much at all.

Perhaps the best part of two Superior, at least, one that will get a lot eventually will do one of these great helmets bell best added several color combinations and finished with sticky graphics. But they make a black helmet with a white stripe Skunk / race for those who. Film appearance wheel. The MIPS versions of the helmet both the half-shell 2 and Convertible Super-Super-2R are available in three colors MIPS are not available in the same three colors and two others.

Comfort level Of Top Mountain bike Helmet

The company tested this helmet for a while and found the best possible positives result. Thought it is not an unpleasant helmet but still there is room for developing this helmet and the manufacturers are keep checking of its performance and they are always ready to make any changes in the helmet to make the riding more flexible and comfortable.

A group of experts pointed out that this helmet better than the others with some great feature as well as it makes sure the best comfort of the bicycle riders. Definitely, it is one of the best mountain bike helmets.

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In spite of lot quick padding the bell super MIPS gets less pressure and it is proved much time after being published these Helmets.  It has some very thin and small cells which make it more durable.

If some people give priority to comfort then we strongly suggest using a helmet which has awarded winning history. This is not any helmets either than bell Super 2R MIPS.

Adjustment capacity

This edition of a helmet has slightly modified version which is well adapted to TAG. It has the rigid anchor with half-game of index wheels. Most important factor is its updated version is much smaller than the last one. It has smaller wheels click. Although it small size but we will find new click wheel make it very ease than other helmets.

We emphasize in the balance position which is very crucial for the customer. The materials have been used in this Super helmet is best. It is built with the best flat belt and these all important feature make it as a Top mountain bike helmet.

Feature of Best mountain bike Helmet

  • Very good vision field fits large goggles
  • Wheel adjustment distributed through whole head
  • Great head coverage
  • Excellent fit to MY head (your blockhead mileage may vary)
  • Two in one – easy to remove and mount chin guard
  • Adjustable visor
  • Good ventilation




Pros Cons

  • Very well Ventilated
  • Used of polystyrene makes it more resistant
  • Durability is very Strong
  • It is ease to replace
  • Very High comfort level.



  • It looks little heavy but still not that much.
  • Missing O-ring to hold chin strap excess length




Customer query and Answers

1.Is this helmet really durable?

Answer: yes! It is very durable for the customers. I have been used this one and I found everything very good.

2.Is it fit all bikes?

Answer: yes. It is well fit to the most number of bikes.Is this item easy to use?

3.Is this item easy to use?

Answer: I have used that one and found no problem what so ever.


Final verdict

The Super-2R MIPS is very well made and since it is published it has given the best satisfaction to the customers. It has used some awesome materials to keep it very comfortable to the users. It is made for ensuring the users satisfaction and still now it is successful.  The closed with chin protection super 2R MIPS surely offers lot more extra protection  and each of half-shell helmet on the market.

So before you buy helmets it is an ultimate option for you to consider this one. Good luck and enjoy the cycling as much as possible.

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