Best Mountain Bike Under 500 Dollars – Guide & Reviews

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Finding the best mountain bike under 500 Dollars  is a tough job to do. Typically, a good mountain bike higher priced but today we are going to review a bike which is under 500. The mountain bike we are going to review is the Upland X90 Hardtail Mountain bike.

Best Mountain Bike Under 500

Upland is a great brand for making mountain bikes. Now they have come up with a new bike – The Upland X90 Hardtail Mountain bike. The X90 is a budget mountain bike from Upland, but when you ride it, you won’t feel it is a budget mountain bike. The feels premium in performance, and it is the best mountain bike in its segment.

You will be surprised to hear that, to make this mountain bike, more than 5000 workers has been worked for this bike. For research and development, 12 experienced engineers and sticker eight professional designers have worked for the X90 bike. So, this Upland X90 is the mountain bike that you cannot ignore.

Best Mountain Bike Under 500

The bike is built so well that it doesn’t matter if you are a professional or beginner rider this best mountain bike under 500 will definitely suit you. Here are the more details about the Upland X90 Hardtail Mountain bike.


As said before, eight professional designers have worked for designing this bike. The bike looks nice and simple. If you are concerned with bike design, then this bike is for you. It will make you stand out from the crowd and will help you to look fashionable. So now you can get this best mountain bike under 500 and ride with style.

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Frame and Suspension

High strength aluminum is used for the frame of this bike. As we know, aluminum is lightweight and durable, and most of the manufacturers are nowadays using this material as a frame for the budget mountain bike. For this frame now you can ride your bike any surface with fearing of bike breaking down.

Best Mountain Bike Under 500

On top of this, the X90 comes with a 75mm suspension with Suntour fork. For this, you can ride this best mountain bike in any rough and tough road as it absorbs the shock very well.


Best Mountain Bike Under 500

Speed is one of the main factors of a mountain bike. Great mountain bike comes with the number of speed option. The Greater number of speed means you can ride the bike with higher speed and also can adjust bike speed according to the surface which increases your control over the bike. The Upland Hardtail X90 mountain bike comes with a speed of 24. This speed is quite good for the best mountain bike under 500. The Shimano gear shifter also makes the gear changing easy and thus you will enjoy the ride to the fullest.


When a bike has the greater number of speeds, it needs a good quality brake for stopping power especially when you are riding with higher speed. If your bike does not have good quality, brake it may fall you into an accident. In this case, the Upland X90 comes with mechanic disc brakes. The mechanic disc brake is really a great offer from Upland for this best mountain bike under 500. Mechanic disc brake will instantly stop the bike in case of any emergency. So, now you are safer with your Upland X90 when riding with higher speed.

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The most popular 26 inches wheels are used by Upland in this bike. 26 inches wheel accelerate more, and it is safer, stiffer, lighter, and more robust than any other mountain bike wheel size.


  • Affordable
  • Attractive design
  • Lightweight
  • 24-Speed
  • Disc brakes


  • No kickstand
  • No water bottle holder
  • Not fully assembled when shipped


Bike Speed: 24-Speed

Chain-wheel: 42/34/24T

Frame: Aluminium Alloy 6061

Wheels: 26-inch Upland19A W/Upland Hub

Fork: SR-Suntour 75mm M3030 travel

Tires: Kenda 26-inch*1.95-inch

Derailleur (Front): SHIMANO FD TX35

Derailleur (Rear): Shimano RD TX50

Weight of the bike: 31.1 Pound

Gear Shifter: 24-Speed SHIMANO EF51

Brake: DSK 320 Mechanic Disc-brakes

Assembled: 85 Percent assembled


Q: Does the bike come assembled when shipped?

Ans: The bike is about 85 percent assembled. The rest you need to do by yourself. Remaining work is pretty simple and easy. It will take about 20-30 minutes to complete the rest of assembling.

Q: What is the shipping weight of this bike?

The shipping weight of this Upland best mountain bike is about 31 lbs.

Q: Is this bike only for men?

I am not sure about this. I think this bike will work for both men and women.

Q:What is the wheel size of this bike?

The wheel size of this bike is 26 inches.

Q: Is this bike reliable?

This is the best mountain bike under 500, and it is reliable and durable. This will definitely satisfy you with the performance.

Q: What type of brake is used on this bike? Is it reliable?

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The mechanical disc brake is used on this bike. It is reliable and good enough for this 24-speed Upland X90 mountain bike.

Final Verdict

The Upland X90 Hardtail Mountain bike is excellent for both casual and rough terrain ride. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or professional rider, it will satisfy you with its performance. The design of this bike is unique. To make the bike look unique, eight professional designers worked for this bike. It will help you to look fashionable, and you can ride the bike with style.

The Upland X90 comes with a 24-speed drive-train. Comparing with price this speed is really a bargain. For instant stopping power, it is equipped with mechanical disc brakes; as a result, you are safer with this bike when you are riding it at high speed. The frame is made of aluminum, which makes the bike light weight. So it will be easy to carry the bike up the mountain.

Comparing features and specification, we can say that it is the best mountain bike under 500. In a tough day in the mountain, it will be your trusted partner.

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