Best mountain bike Pedals Reviews-Durable Bike Pedals

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There are many things to consider when a pair of bicycle pedals buys. There are different types of mountain bike pedals for different types of bicycles, and you have to decide to cut clipless pedals (yes, that name is misleading) or drive trays. But first, let’s make sure that it is what you want and to make your decision easy, and right here in below, I am going to describe the ins and outs of some pedals.

Stamp 1 Small Orange
  • Optimal surface area with a minimal profile that is 13mm thin
  • 9 hex traction pins per side
  • Premium bearings & seal system
  • Forged scm 435 chromoly steel spindle
  • Stamp small recommended for shoe sizes:  5-10 (us) // 37-43 (eu)

Shimano M530 Best Mountain Bike Pedals

Shimano M530 pedals offer incredible value for money right track racer. It is true that high-level XT and XTR pedals can provide surfaces and high-quality materials and refined smoother operation, and most of the cases Shimano M530 best Mountain Bike Pedals can fulfill that quality.

Best mountain bike Pedals Reviews
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The M530 is the cheapest offer in the category Shimano pedal Mini platform. In our test, we have found that the mini-platform are the most versatile profile and far more attractive because they are easier to cut into the pedals without the cage, but usually much easier and less comprehensive than the pedals platform.

This pedal turned out to be the favorite of several testers. They are very easy to get in and out. Also can adjustable tension on the clamping mechanism either with an Allen wrench or key pedal 8 mm and also to install at a very reasonable price. In comparison, cost Crank Brothers Candy 2 Pedal also mini-platform, but nothing more of the possibility of setting up and the versatile mounting options. The biggest drawback is that the M530 was surprisingly heavy for its size.


Highlighted Features

  • Effective cost
  • Very Flexible for use
  • Very Flexible for use
  • Adjustable voltage
  • So easy to enter and Exit
  • Lightweight
  • SPD retention
Stamp 1 Small Orange
  • Optimal surface area with a minimal profile that is 13mm thin
  • 9 hex traction pins per side
  • Premium bearings & seal system
  • Forged scm 435 chromoly steel spindle
  • Stamp small recommended for shoe sizes:  5-10 (us) // 37-43 (eu)

Some other quality of this Mountain Bike Pedal

Pedal Platform

Before buying a pedal most experts recommended seeing the Platform of any Accessory and This bike M530 pedal has a mini-platform and not pull the pin. This platform allows the engagement and builds trust faster and gives the foot a place immediately if no clip to rest.


Like all mountain SPD pedals, this best mountain bike pedal has a wide voltage adjustment range of the very strong spring quite mild. The voltage is adjusted by an Allen wrench 3 mm on each side of the pedal. We firmly recommend that make it possible equally possible for both sides of the two pedals.

Another advantage of the versatility of this model is that it can either be with an Allen wrench or a key 8 mm Standard pedal to be installed. You need to do this once, but it’s nice to have both options, increasing the chances that you have the right tool and do not need to hunt well.

Easy-Entry and Exit

The small platform, it’s a little easier to use than Shimano shorten M520 pedals. The Mini platform also prevents moving the pedal when maceration starts before the shell to achieve. This means that your foot is less likely to slip out of it. Overall, our panel Shimano SPD pedals think it is easy to shorten. Enter an audible and clicks when you sit on it while Crank Brothers’ pedals have a soft but less audible when cut. On the other hand, this kind of platform never is hindering the exit of mountain bike pedal. In our test, we have found it is very easy to get out as well.

The durability of this Pedal

We have already talked about the cage, and it helps to protect mechanism at the same time it can keep the pedal in working smoothly. According to our testers, most of Shimano M530 bike pedals remain well after use more than one year. Only because of quality materials make this pedal more durable than others.

Where to apply

This pedal works for almost all routes styles. You can bike across the country, and all-mountain bike or Enduro / Freeride. The only bike that could be a little space on a downhill bike. Since these pedals are shortening rapidly, we think they are particularly good for XC racers who take much to give.

Sometimes we found that a little rough use was in the deserts of sand and dust, the M530s. We recommend a little lubricant with a smoother operation to maintain.

ROCKBROS Lightweight Mountain...
  • STURDY & DURABLE: Rugged nylon fiber surface+high strength Cr-Mo spindle bike pedals, which has shock-proof, abrasion and corrosion resistance
  • GREAT GRIPS: Anti-skid nails on each side provide more secure on the pedals and hold your feet in place. Even if they are covered with a thick layer of mud after a muddy ride, you don't worry your feet slipping off the pedals
  • WIDER PLATFORM & LIGHTWEIGHT: 4.1" wide platform and 0.8lb ultralight ergonomic design pedals with high speed DU bearings for long ride comfort and improve pedaling efficiency
  • EASY TO INSTALL: CR-L for left; CR-R for right. Sealed bearing bicycle pedals protect spindles from water and dust which will cause noise and other problems, let you enjoy cycling in raining or climbing
  • UNIVERSAL: Standard 9/16" spindle fits for BMX, MTB, Mountain Bike, Hybrid bike, Old School, Cruiser, Cyclocross Bike, Dirt Jumper, Folding Bike, Road Bike- Touring, Track Bike, Unicycle, Urban Bike - Fixed Gear

Crank Brothers Mallet 3 Mountain Bike Pedals

Crank Brothers Mallet 3 Mountain Bike PedalThe Crank Brothers Mallet 3 is a complete platform clipless pedal designed for Downhill, Enduro, and each ascent. It is similar to other comprehensive platform pedals as X1 HT, Shimano M647 DX, and his older brother Mallet Crankbrothers Race DH.

These best mountain bike pedals complete platform Mallet 3 is the lightest weight and is one of the best performers so far I have seen. In fact, it is even lighter than the winner of the election of the editor, the Shimano M530, which is a mini-platform pedal.

Highlighted Features

  • Obviously light
  • Automated platform
  • Ease to entering
  • Very Effective cost
  • Easily adjustable
  • Well Versatile
  • Less weight
  • Move fast
  • Prevent Exemption