Catlike Mixino Mountain Bike Helmet Review

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The catlike mixino helmets are the totally new machine and it is very popular in Spain. Catlike helmets have some teams who are very successful and professional team in that area. From this mountain bike helmet, we can learn about Cervelo, Euskaltel, and Movistar including CSC.  These are very useful to make adjust with the connector.

Catlike Mixino Mountain Bike Helmet Review


  • MPS Evo retention system
  • The vents to channel air across the head
  • Safety Crash Energy Splitter
  • Graphene construction
  • Dual Flow construction aligns
  • Splitter technology energy crash
  • Low neck protection


Details of Catlike Mixino Mountain Bike Helmet

Hagfish is the perfection of all learning and it is packed with some great features and recent technologies. The materials of this mountain bike helmets are used really fantastic and it takes your riding to the next level. This best mountain bike helmet will give you the chance to beat your competitors.

Mountain Bike helmets

Nowadays hagfish is not a dream it is for making the bike perfect and speedier with lot more comfort.  In fact a graphene layer which is used in this bike helmet to build. It is made by carbon revolutionary compound and it is intended to revolutionize the world best cycling. It can also impact a lot on the resistant system than other helmets.

When some unexpected situation like when any accident comes into play on that time the hagfish offer more security to ensure the safety. The MPS Evo system is really helpful to make any kind of adjustment with the bike.  The ventilation of the best mountain bike helmet is really fantastic and gives comfortless to the most users.

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While using the cat as hagfish Casco-accumulated over 20 top five finishes in the race such the Lombardy tour it comes really fast and reliable bike helmet for them and at the end it was great to its users.

Best Mountain bike helmet



It is really safe to say that hagfish is a winning formula for riders so far. It requires no handling, as well as someone, can be sure about that hagfish is easily and rapidly very good to keep up with the legs and also, Catlike know how to adjust to others bike as well. Only for safety catlike continually develop the several technologies and also come out with the best and unique design.

Hagfish use a mold combination for increasing shock resistance and the speed of dangerous forces on error.  This is also able to extend the occipital lobe courtesy of a low neck protection. The design of power divider helm is responsible for the spread of the effects. There is also a composite material which can make the synthetic fibers is heat resistant.

The main reason of people love this helmet is durability and really this catlike bike helmet lasts very long than others. As a result, many users like to have this helmet to make their riding smooth and fast. In very ease way it has built and for users prospective it has good potential. The catlike mixino helmet is one of the best mountain bike helmets which have robust things such as ballistic fabric noted body etc.

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For making sure the best comfortable the catlike bike helmet have used hagfish a micro-adjustable in the back and it is capable to controls the line retention. There is also a slender arm to add an extra style dimension. This helmet made a very good adjustment capacity in the case of height adjustment.


  • Use of carbon revolutionary compound
  • Outlast lining quality
  • MPS Evo adjustment system
  • Strongest hagfish
  • Together with his CES honeycomb core security impact energy
  • Able to keep a cool head
  • small, and narrow helmet
  • Low weight
  • Good Ventilation


  • Speed going down in the case of muddy road.
  • Just Sloppy built




Frequently ask questions with Answer

1. How many colors are available right Now?

Answer: There is 8 plus color available right now. So find your best color. Thank you.

2. How long will this helmet last?

Answer: it depends on your use and normally it is the last minimum 6 months. I have to say that some helmets also have been used for more than 2 years as well.


3.Is it adjustable with any size head?

Answer: yes! Because it has many sizes and you can choose your best one. Thanks



Final Verdict

Overall to me it is one of the best mountain bike helmets and I have talked with some  regular bike helmet users and They informed me with great satisfaction that it has some very good quality with a competitive price and it is the best to adjust to a head. It has the most effective cooling system and it is able to keep the head cool enough while riding a bike.

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It is very crucial to thank about safety when someone going to buy anything and when it is all about bike helmet then it is really very important and I can ensure you that this helmet will not make you frustrate after buy. Catlike bike helmet uses most of the update feature and they also consider the different model of the bike because of adjustment.

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