Lazer Blade Road best mountain bike Helmet

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From 1987 the company based on Antwerp only made bicycle helmets mainly due to most of the brokers do not like to make helmets of all. They thought there is no market for them. Because of advancement in technology Helmets getting more and more popular day by day.

best mountain bike helmet

Some traditionalist might argue with that these characteristics are not necessary by far and it is really great to see a company that is not afraid to go with these best mountain bike helmets.

Moreover, the laser blade road helmet has a wide spectrum and in spite of its elegant appearance. The plate is exactly one of the best routes includes dedication helmet.

It is modeled largely on the top of Z1 and it might be awarded for the adoption. Surely it has higher PVP.

Most like the headphone the blade has its own Rollsys advanced restrain system Lazer which makes it more attractive and secure helmet.

best mountain bike helmets

It has a very clean system and very ease to use for everyone. Simply you can make tightens or loosens the roller to the right or to the left.

It seems a cheap clone of professional and Lazer certainly based on the top model of hull Z1 with the same design of rear spoiler. Someone may think that the weight of the largest concession can be more but the small sample size is 220g classified=10g lighter than others.

Some of this light are to suck air with 22 ports and internal channels that do a great job as well as retain the head very cool even if the sun knocking knees. There are two large U-shaped openings in the front for preventing drips and it makes the helmet be best mountain bike helmet.

Especially it has very good cooling front and welding. The cradle is also attached to the front of the helmet which makes it more flexible but still there is the gap between the cradle and the housing polystyrene but it successfully avoids overheating.

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Especially it has very good cooling front and welding. The cradle is also attached to the front of the helmet which makes it more flexible but still there is the gap between the cradle and the housing polystyrene but it successfully avoids overheating.

Especially it has very good cooling front and welding. The cradle is also attached to the front of the helmet which makes it more flexible but still there is the gap between the cradle and the housing polystyrene but it successfully avoids overheating.

best mountain bike helmet

It also works with finger roll tightening or loosing the cradle of the hull symmetrically to move its connection point on a plastic thread length. It odes mean there are the usual clicks of ratchet style action of the restraint to individually controlled. Very powerful belt adjusters are just to put their point of encounter among the ears and a stronger plastic clip locks the straps together.

ARS blade retention system means a lot of space on back hair and can be fit for less hair head as well.

In the sense of cost, this Lazer Blade Road Helmet is spectacularly best mountain bike helmets. Whatever your hair style it is capable to make fit in your head.

best mountain bike helmet

In the inside part of this helmet, there is a slightly different mechanism. It has included restraint system to the inside hull by two-thirds of the distance to the front on both sides.

When ratchet instep, it works very effectively through the head to the front of the helmets to bring comfortless to the Lazer blade road helmet. You will there is nothing wrong with that. Generally, laser ARS will attack around your head rather than force the head into the outer shell of the helmets.

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The traps are used in that helmet is very comfortable and also, there is a divider which is work effectively. Because that type of facilities this Lazer blade road helmet become much more ease to use.

There is no way to end the three inches belt unless you have a lot of long narrow aisles. However, it is always better than too little relative to the strap of the helmet. They really fasted for a conventional loop and really it works great.

Few words About Lazer brand

The laser helmet was established in 1919 in Belgium and it was designed and manufactures for a market its bicycle and motorcycle helmets in more than 40 countries around the world.

It is the helmet which is the oldest helmet manufacturers around the globe. Still it is running successfully with 90 years of experience and passion.

The goals of laser brand are always to find a fantastic synergy between design and comfort with advanced technology.

It is a passion to Lazer Brand helmet to make sure the best output to the users. Lazer brand Happy to say that many champions teamed up with our helmets. For instance, formal champion Paolo Bettini and The France Green jersey winner Tom Boonen etc. So you should be doubtful to decide which helmet you should use for the ride.

Feature of this helmet

  • In-Mold construction
  • 22 large vents
  • Great looking
  • Cheap in price
  • Adjusted head basket
  • Weight 240 g
  • Advanced Rollsys system can be adjusted
  • Adjustable rack head
  • Compatible horsetails

Product Description

It is very much perfect for weekends and short distance. The Lazer blade road helmet is the best mountain bike helmet which is made by using Lazer technology and it creates many looks to make the surely unbeatable performance. It’s Rollsys extended system helps to fit easily to any head. Buy this quality, it takes eyes of million of riders.

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Even in the distribution of pressure around the head, it is well fit. You know 22 vents are the most popular cooling brands to increase the comfort level. The weight of this helmet is also lighter than others. Protection level is also very high for users.

Product Detail
Make and model: Lazer Blade helmet
Size: ML
Color: blue
Price: $
Average customer review: 5 out of 5
Amazon best sellers Rank: #28,843 in Sports & Outdoors
Product warranty: None



  • It is made In-Mold construction
  • It has adjusted head basket
  • Advanced Rollsys system can be adjusted nicely
  • It has Compatible horsetails.



  • Just a few more weight but it is for making the helmet best.
  • Expose EPS liner.


Some question that the customer asks to know Lazer Blade Road best mountain bike Helmet

1.Is that helmet durable enough?

Answer: yes it is! Just use it and get the best output

2.Is that Item easy to use?

Answer: Yes. It is very flexible and well fit to the user.



Final verdict

There are many things you would love about Lazer helmets. It is very ease to manage and not very pricey for a good bicycle user. I am glad to say that it has so many users and they get their desired success by using this bike helmet.

Functionally it is very comfortable for riders. It is also very well ventilated and roll says is undoubtedly one of the best restraint systems in the markets. This kind of material makes it one of the best mountain bike helmets.

This is fantastic to know that in recent year cycling is increasing rapidly and the cycling materials also are cheap now. I am sure you would love to use this product to make your driving secure and safe enough.


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