Scott ARX Plus Mountain Bike Helmet Review

If you are looking for best mountain bike helmets with protection that you can buy then have a look no further, Scott helmets with MIPS cerebral security system offers a new dimension of safety. This is the First time ARX Plus going to provides additional security for MIPs road rider. One of the best helmets Scott presents that has innovations MIPS protection of the brain. It does not matter how and where you are riding just choose Scott Helmets and improve the security level.

best mountain bike helmetsMIPS  is a patented  “Brain safeguard system” that surely will increase the security level by shelling and coating with low friction veiling which allows the hull to slide relative to the head in the event of an effective angle. In ARX Helmets MIPS system is anchored to the housing rubber whip which also allows the movement of what is required to make it safe enough. This kind of helmet has some flexible feature that surely helps the user to ride the bike comfortably.

In the past, Scott has incorporated MIPS technology in its Mountain biking and winter sports helmets. Delightfully we can say that ARX plus Helmets mountain bike helmets which add little new quality but Scott has not increased the price of stander cover. Although we add MIPS security but Our Scott ARX plus Helmets weight increase by only 20 more than the usual ARX grams.

To be honest low weight is not the first thing we consider when it comes to safety. We emphasis on security than weight. We would like to ensure the security level of our customers.

Scott ARX helmets are very impressive in the front, where the main domestic channels and boiler well ventilated to prevent the accumulation of sweat. The vertical adjustment can be limited to three bottoms which offering 20 mm of adjustment and this is not much than other caps. It should be quite satisfactory for the ARX helmets users to make practice smooth. The best mountain bike helmets rear wheels provide some small micro adjustment which helps to make well fit overhead.

The filling of a single piece that is across the forehead with the fingers extending back over the crown couple of pill lowers holding the MIPS away from the head section which is limited.

The extended rear has no filling and the shell is very closed, by only two triangular ends in very few inches from the bottoms. In the hot rides, this may mean little moisture which can accumulate around the neck nape but this is the only bad thing for this nice Scott ARX plus helmets. This is very attractive to their users’ friendly helmets.


  •  Protect Head from serious injury
  • It Helps to save yourself from bad weather
  • The helmet is very effective to protect our lives
  • The helmet is widely effective to prevent Traffic accident


For Extra security, it just has added MIPS which increases little weight by 20 grams only.

Does it really work for Bike rider?

In short, the answer is yes! It is very effective and the best mountain bike helmets.  For your sure, I am going to share with you a customer comment about these awesome looking helmets.

I have used this (Scott ARX plus Helmets) since I bought a bicycle for my use. I do use my bike for racing as well as entertainment. In both of the work, I found these helmets are very flexible and will fit in my head. After using this Helmet I never feel that I should change my Helmet. It is really better with a lid for cold weather and I would like to give thanks to the generous ventilation. When the weather temperature increases in a number, the valves do a great job to stop his glass from overheating, and frequently faceplate remains the worst sweat out of your eyes.

There are many well-made helmets in today’s market in this price range but Scott ARX plus helmets deserve your consideration first. It will be great to see that other manufacturers are looking at the MIPS system as an extra dimension to the safety of the runners in a collision. To be honest it is one of the quality mountain bike helmets ever I have used.

Here are a few questions asked by its users?

Q: Tell us how the product performed overall when used for its designed purpose?

Ans: To be honest it’s performed is really great. After being launch its user does not have much complained and they remain as a user of this product. Even if someone made any crash it would be largely effective to save them, I do have experienced that.

Overall it is very well made and user-friendly Helmets.

Q: Tell us what you particularly like about the product?
Ans: In a word, I must say about MIPS which is added for extra security for saving the human Brain.

Final Words

To sum up the review, I can tell you this the helmet that you are looking for! It is very comfortable and well-vented sports helmets with an additional security layer for protection.ARX is the first and best road helmets featuring the MIPS Brain Protection system and It has added an additional dimension for safety. Almost everything in Scott ARX plus Helmets which is a quality and best mountain bike helmets for any kind of bike rider. To buy this helmet with Discount Please go by clicking the below link and buy easily your Best one.

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