Vilano Gavin VELO Road Mountain Bike Shoe Review

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Cycling shoes are the most valuable elements for a rider. Not only make your cycling very cool but also it is for making your journey faster and the shoes always are very effective to transmit the power of legs. It also able to increase the number of pedals counts. There are many shoes to choose from hundreds but the best mountain bike shoe is Vilano Gavin Velo Road bike cycling shoe to me.

A proper cycling shoe can make your cycling more smooth and speedy. Very often sticking the right balance between comfort and performance can be tough but this shoes which are called Vilano Gavin Velo Road bike cycling shoe  is best to make sure the balance while your are ring your mountain bike.


In the very occasion, you would find the shoe which is made by poorly designed or ill-fitting shoes and it is well enough to make problem in your riding. So it is very crucial before starting shopping, the type of shoe is well suited with your legs.

Gavin vela Road are the best to make the balance between leisure and performance. In mock leather, this bike has shoes reinforced fiberglass and rigid to get the most number of efficiency.

Its upper part sole keeps the racer very cool and fastest when they are riding. Gavin vela Road shoe design with a shaped heel that makes it more stable and trustable. In that shoe, there are three Velcro fasteners ensure a fast and secure riding for the racer.

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Gavin vela Road cycling shoe has an additional new line an elegant, compact and powerful cycling shoe for users.


  • Vey light weight and cool
  • Well, match with SPD-R, SPD SPD-SL etc.
  • Very strong and flexible sole
  • Leather with breathable mess

Benefit of Vilano Gavin VELO Road Bike Cycling Shoe

Breathing, feet, breathe

These kinds of cycling shoes naturally made of breathable and mesh. It has a great flow to retain cool the legs through the vents feet. Most of the Gavin vela Road cycling shoes are the best mountain bike shoe  because of its designed. It has designed without socks.


It is very effective shoes for moving both top and bottom of shortened pedals and it is able to up the speed of racer. It has quadriceps is in the front which remains active. Hamstring at the back of the thighs and buttocks which are not activated at a maximum when regular sneakers with shortening the pedaling with cycling shoes.

If you able to set the front and back of the thighs which will prevent the over development of quadriceps.

No Slipping

Gavin vela Road cycling shoes remain firmly attached so you are not required to concentrate hard to keep your feet in place while stepping on the pedals. This kind of cycling shoe have extra feature for making sure that is not slipping when a bike is on at best speed.


  • Less weight and can keep very cool
  • Making sure the pedals not slip
  • Ease to move ups and down
  • Compatible with different cleats
  • Well ventilated glass sole
  • Very stylish looking shoes
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  • Just look little big but Not really much.

Vilano Gavin Best Road bike Shoe Review In a Quick Video

Few Questions and Answer

I wear a women’s size 9 but what size should I order?

Answer:  I know someone wear women size 10 which he brought a 42. If you own a pair of the athletic shoe then look at the size where it display  and it would easiest way to find out the best size for you.

Is this model of shoe for men or women?

Answer: both the men and women can use this shoe. No problem at all. Thanks

Final verdict

Gavin Road shoe offers much more comfort with handsome style and also make sure the best performance in racing with an unbeatable price. This cycling shoe has soft synthetic leather and breathable mesh upper house with three Velcro straps allows you to improve the fitness level whiling you riding.

The reinforced sole fiberglass makes the power transfer smoothly to the pedals. In critical condition molded heel cup stabilizes the heel nicely. More importantly, this is the best mountain bike shoe because of its quality and compatibility.  It is well compatible with a look, SPD, R-SPD-SL etc.


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  1. I’ve seen multiple comments stating that the Gavin Velo MTB shoes are compaitble with SPD-SL cleats. However, i can’t figure put how to mount the SPD-SL cleats. Can you point to a how-to or anything that would point me in the right direction???

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