Best Bicycle Helmet Mirror Reviews

Best Bicycle Helmet Mirror Reviews | Top 6 Picks of 2022

Cycling is fun and a great way to stay safe. But if you tend to cycle on busy roads, it can be stressful to keep an eye on everything and avoid accidents. A bicycle helmet mirror might be a great addition to help you keep track of what’s behind you and give you a wider field of view.

Now you may be curious as to which one is the best bicycle helmet mirror. We have compiled the best picks for you and also included a buying guide to help you get the best bang for your buck.

Our Best Bicycle Helmet Mirrors At A Glance

1. Best Overall: EVT Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror

High-quality mirror, easily adjustable, sturdy, and incredibly easy to adjust and install.

2. Runner-up: Amarine Made Bike Helmet Mirror

Carbon fiber and aluminum body, light yet extremely durable, a good mirror, and easy to install.

3. Best Budget Option: Blackburn Helmet Mirror

Very affordable, easy to use, decent mirror, extremely sturdy, and made for mountain bikes.

4. Best Mirror: GES Bike Mirror

High-quality convex mirror, great field of vision, anti-glare properties for easier riding out in the sun.

5. Most Adjustability Options: Life On Bicycle 360 Degree Adjustable Mirror

Full 360-degree adjustability, sturdy, easy to adjust shaft, hassle-free installation.

6. Greatest Durability: Accmor 2 Pack Bike Helmet Mirror

Strong polymer construction, incredible shaft strength, lightweight and ABS electroplating mirror.

Best Bicycle Helmet Mirror Reviews

Here, we have handpicked 6 bicycle helmet mirrors that we found to be the best picks in the market. Let’s look at each of them in turn:

1. EVT Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror

EVT Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror
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EVT Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror
  • Huge 2 & 1/4″ mirror provides safest view of what’s behind you
  • VERY sturdy construction. Does not vibrate. Stays in Place!
  • Linked arm is easy to adjust, and holds position
  • 100% U.S.A. Made from high quality materials
  • Installation help and 5 year “No-Fault” warranty from manufacturer.

The first one on our list is a popular pick. EVT specializes in safety accessories for vehicles, and this bicycle helmet mirror is a great aid for many cyclists. With a diagonal length of 2.25 inches, the mirror is quite large and provides a great field of view, eliminating as many blind spots as possible.

To help increase the field of view of this mirror, it comes with an adjustable 5-inch handle. You can easily shift the size and to get a better look at your rear. The arm itself is quite sturdy and doesn’t vibrate when you’re riding your bike, so it stays still. It is also heavy enough not to get affected by the wind, so it will serve you well even when you’re riding at higher speeds.

Since you can attach the helmet mirror to one side, it is very easy to adjust with one hand so you can keep your other hand on the handle. It works with many different helmets and stays very securely on them. This one comes with strong straps that you can use for attachment.

Overall, aside from the high price, this is one of the best picks for a bicycle helmet mirror. It’s hard to go wrong with this one.

EVT Safe Zone Bicycle Helmet Mirror – Key Takeaways

  • The large mirror allows for a great field of view
  • The arm is sturdy and does not sway in the wind
  • Easily attachable and works with a variety of helmets
  • Can be adjusted mid-ride with one hand
  • The mirror is very clear and of high quality

2. Life On Bicycle 360 Degree Adjustable Mirror

Highlighted Features

  • Extremely clear mirror, which provides a great field of view
  • Aluminum construction makes it durable yet lightweight
  • Installation is easy, and won’t take up much of your time
  • The mirror does not wobble or sway at high speeds
  • Can be mounted on both left or right sides

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Life On Bicycle 360 Degree Adjustable Mirror

The next one on our list is one of the best budget options for bicycle helmet mirrors. One of the first things you’ll notice is the extremely high-quality mirror. It comes with a protective film that you will need to remove beforehand. The crystal view flat mirror gives a great and clear view of your surroundings and helps with judging distances accurately.

It weighs in at 12g, which makes it barely noticeable when you’re wearing your helmet. The durable lock used to attach the mirror to your helmet is very strong and prevents your mirror from wobbling or swaying at high speeds. Due to the shaft length in conjunction with the crystal clear mirror, your field of view is enhanced manifolds.

Installation is fast and easy. One problem with this product is that due to the way it is designed, it does not allow for micro-adjustments, especially when you’re in the middle of a ride. For some people, being unable to adjust their mirror for minute changes on the fly can be a deal-breaker.

If you don’t mind the small adjustment options, the crystal clear and durable mirror makes this one stand out. It is also quite affordable.

3. Accmor 2 Pack Bike Helmet Mirror

Highlighted Features

  • ABS electroplating mirror provides a clear view and is scratch resistant.
  • Polymer construction ensures high durability while also being lightweight
  • The mirror itself is easily adjustable.
  • Is very easy to install and works with many different brands of helmets
  • Mounts on both left and right sides of the helmet.

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Accmor 2 Pack Bike Helmet Mirror

Accmor’s bike helmet mirror is a great pick if you prize durability. With an ABS electroplating convex mirror, you can ensure that the mirror is not getting scratched or damaged any time soon. The construction is solid and can last you for quite a while, and on the plus side is very easy to clean. If the roads you ride your bike on are rough, you’ll find this unit more than keeps up.

Similarly, the shaft handle is also strong, but due to being constructed out of strong polymer, it is not heavy. The mirror does not vibrate even on bumpy roads making sure your view is steady. With a wide field of view, it ensures that you don’t have any blind spots.

It comes with a protective film that you need to remove before use. A lock system is used to connect the mirror to the helmet, and this gives you a great degree of freedom in placement. The mirror can be attached to either the left or right side of your helmet.

However, due to it being a convex mirror, judging distances accurately will take some getting used to. Regardless, it is still a very reliable and sturdy mirror.

4. Blackburn Helmet Mirror

Highlighted Features

  • Tool-free installation and works with many different helmet types.
  • Very sturdy construction and has a long life.
  • The mirror is scratch-resistant and offers a decent field of view.
  • The item is lightweight, so it doesn’t make your helmet feel heavy.
  • Easily adjustable mid-ride with one hand.

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Blackburn Helmet Mirror

Although this is a much simpler helmet mirror design-wise compared to the previous one, the Blackburn helmet mirror is still an extremely solid choice. The key strength of this item lies in its simplicity as it is very lightweight but very durable. Since it is made for mountain bikes, it is designed to stay still even across bumpy roads.

The mirror is quite clear and provides a good degree of visibility. Although it is not the best, it is easy to keep clean and is resistant to scratches. The shaft is easily adjustable and can be adjusted mid-ride with one hand, which is a huge advantage.

There is a very little hassle with the installation as it requires no tools to attach it. You simply need to mount it on your helmet and secure it properly. The item works with a large variety of helmet brands.

Although the Blackburn helmet mirror isn’t the fanciest in the market, sometimes all you need is a simple but reliable tool. It is extremely affordable and can last you a long time, so if you are just starting, this is a reliable pick for sure.

5. GES Bike Mirror Review

Highlighted Features

  • A convex mirror allows for a wide field of vision.
  • Features 360 degrees rotation allowing for easy adjustment.
  • The mirror is durable and scratch-resistant.
  • Anti-glare properties in the mirror prevent glare from blinding the user.
  • The shaft is light yet strong, so it doesn’t sway with the wind.

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GES Bike Mirror

The GES bike mirror is a high-quality mirror for your helmet. Constructed out of aluminum with a carbon fiber fitting, this item looks amazing and is functional. The aluminum body makes sure that it is quite strong and doesn’t break easily while also being lightweight. Carbon fiber makes this mirror stand out and gives it a great aesthetic.

A wide convex mirror is used, which provides a great field of view. This is further bolstered by the shaft, which allows for full 360 degrees rotation. Making adjustments is easy as you can simply move the mirror head with one hand until you have the desired view. The mirror is fitted with anti-glare properties, which makes it safe to use even on days when the sun is out.

With a strong shaft, this mirror doesn’t vibrate or sway at high speeds. Installation is quick and easy as the item comes with mounting pads for easier installation.

Since this is such a premier quality product, you can expect it to fetch a high price in the market. However, the price tag is well worth it as it is packed with features that any cyclist will benefit from.

6. Amarine Made Bike Helmet Mirror

Highlighted Features

  • ABS optical frame ensures complete protection of mirror.
  • The high-quality convex glass allows the user to see clearly behind him.
  • 360-degree adjustment is available.
  • The mirror is resistant to scratch
  • Carbon fiber and aluminum design make the product extremely sturdy

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Amarine Made Bike Helmet Mirror

This unit is a very well-designed premier-quality bike helmet mirror. One of the most noticeable things about it is the crystal clear convex mirror. It offers a wide field of view, and you can see objects very clearly using it. The mirror itself is also quite sturdy and doesn’t shatter easily.

Full 360 degrees rotation is possible with this item. Maximum coverage is offered as you can change the rotation quite easily on the fly. A screw is present to allow you to tighten it for when you’re biking at higher speeds as it ensures the mirror doesn’t wobble or sway. Even on bumpy roads, this mirror doesn’t vibrate.

A long shaft is included in the design. The length is ideal as it enhances your field of view and eliminates blind spots. The shaft is made out of strong aluminum, so it doesn’t weigh as much and is very sturdy. The ABS optical frame, in conjunction with the aluminum, ensures the mirror doesn’t break from rough use.

Lightweight, sturdy, great field of view, adjustable- this mirror has it all. If you’re a professional biker, you won’t be disappointed with this pick.

Buying Guide for Best Bicycle Helmet Mirrors

Still unsure what to look for in a bicycle helmet mirror? Don’t worry, we have you covered with our buying guide. Some of the things you should look out for are:

Shaft Material

The shaft material is important as the heavier material will have great durability but will make your helmet feel heavier, which is very unpleasant. Durability is important as you want your mirror to withstand rough use and unexpected weather conditions. The strong material used to make the shaft is important as it holds the mirror, so you need to ensure it doesn’t sway with the wind.

The best material is aluminum or strong polymer. For their lightweight, they have the greatest strength and can withstand getting battered by the elements. As you’ll find, the best helmet mirrors have an aluminum body.

Mirror And Lens

Secondly, you should take a good look at the helmet mirror itself before choosing. First, look at the size of the mirror. The size dictates how big your field of view will be. Although a large field of view is a great asset to have, a large mirror can seem obstructive at times.

The lens used is also an important matter. Typically you have two choices between convex and concave lenses. If you need to maximize your field of view, you should choose a convex lens. A concave lens is for when you want to properly judge distances of objects behind you.

Adjustability Options

Finally, you should look out for how adjustable the item is. Some models offer full 360-degree rotation and, when combined with a good mirror, will allow you to eliminate blind spots. However, it is also important to take note of how easy it is to adjust. The best helmet mirrors offer great adjustability options and can also be adjusted with one hand while on the bike.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I attach my bike helmet mirror?

Ans: It depends on the item. Some helmet mirrors make use of mounting pads to connect them to the helmet. Others are connected via a Velcro strap.

2. Are these mirrors compatible with helmets with a visor?

Ans: Yes. You can also attach these items even if your helmet has a visor.

3. Are concave or convex lens better for a helmet mirror?

Ans: It depends on what you need to do. Convex gives you a larger view behind you, and if you’re traveling on wide roads, this can be helpful. Concave helps you to accurately judge distances, so it is better for busy roads.

4. What is a good distance to keep the mirror at?

Ans: It varies based on a lot of factors. We recommend adjusting the mirror until you find a comfortable length.

Final Words

When you’re out looking for the best bicycle helmet mirror, keep the recommendations and buying guide in mind. A good mirror can drastically improve your bike riding experience, so make sure to put some thought into it when buying it.