Mountain Bike Size Guide

Mountain Bike Sizing Guide

Mountain Bike Sizing Guide That you need as a Rider

You might love use frame calculator for finding right size at your height! in fact is the best option for it.

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Finding The Right Mountain Bike Frame size

The right mountain bike frame size may seem like an easy thing to find, but it is actually quite complicated. The wrong frame size will lead to a number of issues, like feeling like you are too close to the handlebars, or falling off of the bike when you go over a bump.

For getting the perfect bike frame size, you have to know inseam length. Just follow this simple guide

inseam length for bike

Required Materials:

  • Keep a measuring tape.
  • Pen and paper for taking note

Step 1

Sometimes we stand in Ground which is not balance and it can make overwrite our actual stand in level soil.

Second step

Use your pad now, remember, you did take it as the process started and keep it in the middle of legs and make sure tap is straight as far as possible.

Step 3

Now measure the distance with the tap and most importantly now you can get the inseam size for getting right mountain bike frame size

Size matters.

The tables below show the frame size that best suits your height. The deciding factor for the size of a bicycle is the frame – in particular, the seat post (the distance from the center of the bottom bracket to the top of the seat post). The sizes are measured in inches (MTB) or centimeters. You may find both units in the description of the bike.

Mountain Bike

Enter the inseam to find the perfect mountain bike size:

find the perfect mountain bike size

Road Bike

Enter the inseam to find the perfect road bike size:

Enter the inseam to find the perfect road bike size
Road Bike
Touring Bikes

Touring Bikes

Enter your inseam length to find the perfect touring bike size:

find the perfect touring bike size

Important to note

Since we are all different, the values ​​in our tables should only be used as a guide. Although women and men have different body proportions, the frame sizes for men and women bikes are the same. What differs is the geometry of the frame. In most cases, the length of the top tube is shorter on women’s bikes. This is better suited to the female anatomy and ultimately makes the women’s bike more comfortable for women.

Therefore, the aspect ratio between arms, legs and torso is different for everyone. This means that there are bicycles for people with long arms, short arms, long legs but short torsos, etc.

In addition, the size of the wheels is an important factor in the size of the bike because the bigger the wheels, the bigger the bike. Just in case of doubt, feel free to ask anything to your sellers.

Are you between two bike sizes?

If you’re right between sizes, don’t worry! The geometry of the frame of the bikes varies; it depends on the type of bike and / or the manufacturer. How to find a bike with the frame size that best suits your needs.

In addition, the saddles and handlebars for adult bikes are height-adjustable so that you can customize your bike. Many bikes have an adjustable stem so you can change the handlebar angle until the bike is comfortable. Finally, the size of the frame can affect the driving characteristics, so you can choose the smaller or larger frame depending on your driving style. A smaller frame is generally more manageable

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Final words about Mountain Bike size guide

So you’ve decided that you want a new mountain bike. Maybe you want to try riding trails, or you just want to get back into riding after some time off. The first question you’ll find yourself asking is how much to spend. While many people are tempted to start looking at the flashy, high-end bikes with huge price tags, the truth is that you don’t need a top-of-the-line bike to get started. Hope our mountain bike size guide helps you.