Best GPS Cycle Computer With Maps

Top 5 Best GPS Cycle Computer With Maps to Buy in 2022

From the old ‘Cyclometer’ to the latest GPS cycle computer, the GPS service technology transformed a lot. The analog Cyclometer has inspired the significant change in GPS technology that brought several brilliant GPS cycle computers for navigation into existence.

Now, the wireless cycle computer took the charge and renewed your riding experience with a fresh breath. With the latest satellite technology, modern cycle computers provide flawless navigation and tracking service. They are smart, innovative and packed with scores of features.

Earlier, GPS devices were for only navigation and trail guidance. However, GPS technology is way matured and invented remarkable services including fitness analysis and so on. Their versatility and innovative technology will let you enjoy every second.

While getting the right device is tougher due to millions of options out there. The review of the best GPS cycle computer with maps will definitely help you out.

Top 5 Best GPS Cycle Computer With Maps

Best GPS Cycle Computer With Maps Review 2022

If you’re looking for the meticulous review of any of the cycle computer you picked from our top picks, the following section will take to the detailed discussion.

Best GPS Cycle Computer With Maps

1. Garmin Edge 530 Sensor Bundle – Best Cycling Computer For Navigation

Key Features

  • Pre-installed apps
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Faster processor

GPS cycling, New and faster processor, Speed and cadence sensor, pre-installed apps like Garmin Cycle Maps and Trail Forks to ease finding the way, and the 20-hours battery

After the successful Edge 520, the Garmin Edge 530 introduced another brand-new model. It has been updated with a new and faster processor that improves mapping. You’ll get a new experience with the simple and clear navigation.

Despite some reports over setup complication, Edge 530 lists a lot of friendly features that makes the device handy for riding. It’s fast, clear and modest. Though the lack of touchscreen simplicity requires intense look, that’s not what you can call impractical.

Garmin Edge 830 maybe your good choice if you’re choosy in case of touchscreen. That being said, you can keep your trust on Edge 530 if you value the feeling of button pushes. It’s a feature-rich and valued.

With pre-installed Garmin Cycle Maps and Trail Forks on the device, you’ll feel home on both on the road or trail. No hassle to find the way to destination. The best thing about this device is the 20 hours while 40 in saver mode makes it the long-lasting computer out there.

In addition, Garmin Edge 530 come with the access to Garmin Connect store that lets you access several apps, download date and access to talk to Varia Radar lights making it our one of the top picks.

What We Liked

  • Comes with a bigger display that offers simple and clear mapping
  • Powered with a new and faster processor that delivers accurate output
  • Mastered with a new performance metrics, good experience all the time.

What Could be Better

  • Sometimes tricky to set up the computer

2. Garmin Edge 1030 Plus – Best Bike Computer With Cadence And Heart Rate

Key Features

  • One of the flagships and gold models device
  • Sends notification and analysis of riding
  • Wider and crystal screen

Fully packed withtraining and navigational features, bigger crystal display, and battery with a longer lifespan, Garmin Edge 1030 offers incredible usability

This one is one of the flagships and gold standard models of Garmin when it comes to wireless cycle computer and navigation. With a dimension of 4.5-inch tall, 2.3-inch wide and 0.8-inch thickness, Edge 1030 is the largest among company’s cycling range.

Edge 1030 comes with all you should expect from a high-end cycling computer. It features a navigation that comes with detailed map. You’d find the touchscreen way handy to access the map. You can even move around the map in the middle if you wish to.

With brand’s cycle map, Edge 1030 will lead you throughout the way to your destination. It features brand’s Trendline Popularity Routing that exercises millions of Garmin Connect ride data to guide you throughout the bike-friendly routes.

Garmin will analyze your rides and provide you detailed analysis of each ride if you record heart rate with the device. Later, it’ll send notice to you whenever you need to start training. It will also notify you when it is time to take a break during riding.

What We Liked

  • Clear navigation and detailed map with a colorful display
  • Rider-friendly features that will renew your biking experience
  • Easy and wider connectivity that accepts wide range of devices

What Could be Better

  • Pricy in compared to other when it comes to its features

3. Bryton Rider 750 GPS Bike/Cycling Computer – Best GPS Cycle Computer For Mountain Biking

Key Features

  • Downloadable OSM (Open Street Maps) for navigation.
  • Biggest in the Bryton Rider series in size and features.
  • Compatible with 3rd party platforms

Rider 750 is compatible with several 3rd party platforms that’ll give you endless freedom to experience diversity. 99+ functions and bigger screen and 20 hours long battery.

We got Another versatile cycle computer is Bryton Rider 750 that will blow you away with its brilliance. The first thing of this device is the 2.8-inch-wide GUI (graphical interactive user interface) that is projected with colorful touchscreen. With 99+ functions and bigger screen, it became the biggest in the Rider series.

It comes with a battery that can go up to 20 hours long enabling you for an extensive ride without recharging the battery. The pre-loaded map is another feature that makes riding safer. However, make sure you select the USA or North American version of the map. It tends to offer region-specific map.

That being said, you can access downloadable OSM (Open Street Maps). Rider 750 will provide detailed direction every time you use the navigation feature. The most tempting feature of this service is that if you go off-road, Rider 750 will help you get back to the track by automatically rerouting the direction.

It comes with several other smart accessories that includes heart rate sensor, standard bike mount, Cadence sensor, speed sensor and many more. Rider 750 is also compatible with several 3rd party platforms that’ll give you endless freedom to experience diversity.  

What We Liked

  • Long-lasting battery that lives up to your expectation
  • Visual presentation of maps and notification with a colorful touchscreen
  • Smart navigation system that can be accessed without any effort

What Could be Better

  • Slick design might be repulsive

4. Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer – Best For Strava Live Segments

Key Features

  • Spontaneous and straightforward connectivity
  • Integrated with several apps for improving fitness
  • Features a USB-C charge port

A fully featured GPS cycle computer that is designed with an aero shaped head. Empowered with a moderate battery that doesn’t even cost an arm and a leg.

The latest from the brand Wahoo Fitness is Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS Bike Computer. It inherited all the good features from the previous model in the series adding some more anew. Featuring all you expect from a basic GPS cycle computer, it comes in a smaller and aero shaped head.

Though, Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt GPS heavily depends on the collaborated app, the process is straightforward and spontaneous. And when it comes to the ease of use, it tops. It also features an integrated Strava, MTB, RideWithGPS, Komoot and many more.

Coming with a 16 GB internal storage, Wahoo ELEMNT inspires you to download as much maps as you need. You can access any of the maps to ride and get bake to the right route if you make any mistake. As the navigation is coded in a way that it reroutes the navigation if requires.

It records few downsides too – we even experienced them a little. A 2.2-inch black and white screen might oftentimes make you feel sight issue. If you can improvise, this device is going to add the great value to you.

What We Liked

  • Comes in a reasonable price range, cheaper than others in the list
  • Light and compact design, best choice if you’re minimalist
  • Super easy setup that lets you access the computer as you go

What Could be Better

  • Lacks a convenient touchscreen

5. iGPSPORT iGS620 GPS Cycling Bike Computer Map – Best For Value

Key Features

  • LiveTrack for tracking and sending notification.
  • Anti-glare 2.2-inch color screen
  • Long-lasting battery lives up to 22 hours

Compatible with several platforms via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, auto backlight, along with several other sensory devices, navigation and many more.

iGS620 GPS Cycling Bike Computer Map is basically considered the best cycling computer for navigation because of the very competent navigational feature. Probably, it features the most competent tracking and notification feature in our rundown. With LiveTrack feature, you can track any of your friends or send notification alike.

With a dimension of 5.79 x 3.54 x 2.05 inches, it can be your best choice if you are minimalist in practice. This 90-grams device is very easy to set up and connect. It has a 2.2-inch anti-glare color screen that is perfect for the biker. In addition, an auto backlight will ease you access the screen for sure.

When it comes to navigation, we cannot but appreciating it. Featuring turn-by-turn, iGS620 GPS tries to give you the great experience of navigating your route. You can download maps as per your necessity and access to navigate later. Or, you can directly use map by your mobile app.

Though you need to purchase separately, this device is liberal. It means, it allows a list of devices and platforms to connect with. You can connect them via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi effortlessly. You’ll feel no hassle to get the connection to access any network.

What We Liked

  • Easy to connect and compatible with several devices
  • Bigger color screen that will show everything vividly
  • Sophisticated look and simple and easy to navigate

What Could be Better

  • Insufficient storage for downloading additional maps

Factors to Consider Before Buying Best GPS Cycling Computer

The following detailed buying guide will help you purchase the best cycling computer for navigation.

The first thing you need make sure why you’re going to purchase a GPS cycle computer for. Do you just like your cycle computer to guide you via navigation and map throughout the ride? Or, do you like to keep a record of your riding by tracking the route and heart rate?

Why does it make sense? When it comes to a GPS cycle computer, it usually costs more as it packs all the improved features that includes navigation app, additional storage, default maps along with a bigger screen to monitor updates in the moving.

Gadgets that provide GPS services (mapping and directional guidance) have experienced massive development by the last few decades. You can get the most accurate direction that flawlessly guides you to your destination.

GPS tracking units with navigational features have sold more than those of only navigational devices. Because, most riders intend to track data that they receive after each ride with meticulous analysis. However, they are not enough detailed all the time.


Connectivity is one of highly desirable features to all riders. Most bike computers nowadays feature advanced technology when it comes to connectivity that allows phones and other sensory devices. With an array of connections via ANT+ Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you’re going to enjoy seamless connection.

With this feature in your device, you can get a secure connection to several smart sensory platforms like Speed Rate Sensor, Heart Rate Sensor, Cadence Sensor and many more. Furthermore, you’ll also get incoming calls and text alerts. If someone at your family or friend like to know your real-time location, they can do that with this feature.

Don’t worry, most of the GPS cycle computers add this feature. So, I’m pretty sure, you’re going to have the cycle computer that’ll have this feature. If you have any doubt, you can get any of the device from our top picks.

Though, the less-expensive GPS cycle computer may not support all you learned above, some high-end models offer some advanced features. They can integrate with third-party apps like Strava, Komoot and TrainingPeaks.

Training Function

Along with guiding you throughout the riding with a flawless navigation, the latest GPS device can help you greatly in doing some fitness activity. It will send you live data analysis that helps you take the right move instantly.

It works by linking up with the heart rate monitor or power meter via ANT+ or Wi-Fi connectivity. Nowadays, many GPS device providers have advanced a lot. They improved their devices that shows training plans straight to the screen making you practice in an orderly way.

Screen and Display

Generally, the larger the screen is, the easier to read the information without much effort. It further makes it easier to consume information without scrolling the page. However, a larger screen sometimes can make you suffer, because they tend to be heavier making your handlebar weightier.

Nowadays, color displays are getting popular among the new riders. They deserve to be so as it is more convenient to visualize the data. Especially, the map is displayed is vivid and detailed. However, some riders prefer to use greyscale screen because of the readability.


Though, it is sometimes overlooked, it’s another factor that influences our view. It depends on how you feel comfort with the most ease of use. It’s not only about the look. So, decide where you like to see your computer to your bike to access effortlessly.

Generally, most of the brands are designed to mount on the stem or on the handlebar. However, if you come to a renowned brand, you’ll get a variety of available mounting options out there.

Garmin comes with the most mounting options. With a bunch of options of mounting your GPS device, Garmin holds the position of leader. They offer a wide variety of aftermarket mounting options, decide where to mount your device on handlebar or stem.


The life of the battery can determine the time you like to ride. If you like to go for an extensive ride and you don’t like to recharge your battery in the middle, or a multi-day touring with friends, a decent battery life can complete your journey smoothly.

On the flip side, if you like to just go out and return shortly, then, nothing to worry. You can start paddling your cycle with an ordinary battery on the computer. A computer with a decent battery life pays off a lot. However, some riders keep extra battery along the journey, but it’s not safe all the time.

Many a brand claim to feature battery life that goes up to 15-20 hours. They also come with high-end and compatible computer. So, it depends on greatly what you prefer.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use GPS cycle watches to record cycling data?

Of course, you can. You can alternate cycle computer with the cycle watches. They are perfect in recording riding data. Some of them also feature built-in heart-rate monitor. That being said, they are not as accurate as the GPS cycle computer when it comes to navigating and mapping.

2. Can I use a smartphone instead of GPS cycle computer?

Yes, GPS cycle computer can be replaced with a capable smartphone. And you can all what a GPS cycle is supposed to do. Apps like Strava can be exercised to a great extent. Purchase a handlebar for mounting the smartphone to hook conveniently to your cycle.

The Bottom Lines

A bike computer is very helpful gear that bike enthusiasts should not compromise with. It should be purchased before you paddle your bike. Because, it can help you from all possible sides to take your cycling to the next level. That being said, only the best GPS cycle computer with maps can give that feelings you die for. Find our top picks to get the appropriate one.