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Best Mountain Bike Short for Men-Comfortable Men Shorts

It is really important to have comfortable shorts while riding. I am going to share with joy about one of the best mountain bike shorts with you all and it is Pearl Izumi Elevate shorts. Let’s have a look all about that short.

Best Mountain Bike Short for menThe Elevate is a 4-way medium weight made of an elastic material that is comfortable and not restrictive. With a stride length of 15 inches, Elevate is the longest in our little test, which makes the shortest protection and an excellent choice for enduring and race. Openings for wide-leg work perfectly with knee pads, as well as it is our most favorite short for downhill, freeride, Bike Park and ride.

The only kind of behavior that does not recommend Elevate is cross-country. For Nordic where efficiency more important than the protection or features, a pair of an elastic jumpsuit, as found in our shorts opinion recommended. The Elevate is available in different sizes and colors. Before choosing the best mountain bike short for you please read carefully the below point.


  • Long inseam
  • Snap closure
  • Zip fly
  • Works well with kneepads
  • Very well protective
  • Three useful pockets
  • Stretch material used


  • Little baggies for cross country riding
  • Liner not included

Well! Now let’s analyze All other factors In details of these short

Protection of Pearl Izumi Elevate short

The Elevate has all the ingredients that we look for in a short time for more aggressive driving, and the highest score was in our test protection.

Best Mountain Bike Short

For starters, the 15-inch inseam, the longest in our test means is that the Elevate simply more coverage than any other court.

Second, the leg openings are designed to accommodate the knees and showed that even with the knee size 661 as anger.

The stretch ripstop 4 channels Pearl Izumi for the construction of this brief is used is heavier than most in our test, which helps the short stay in place. A large part of the lower half of the blank is aligned with the second layer of resilient material that provides an additional layer of the knees, which increases further protection.

Most Importantly on any kind of accident, it also helps the rider to keep the injury at minimum.  These kinds of protection make this short as one of the best mountain bike short among others.

Style of this best mountain bike shorts Elevates that makes the highest score in short mountain style-O-meter. This short is not as flashy as the Troy Lee Ruckus, but certainly, as a specific mountain is easily identified. Elevate is a little looser than average in a way that on the bike from the 29er mountain all the way up to 8 inches DH platforms feel good.

Combinations of green and white colors are accented with zippers in contrast, while the black color retains all black. The grid on the inside the legs is black in the three color types, which in turn creates a contrast to green or white and the radar keeps in black. The only part of the brand in the short Pearl Izumi is a logo on the left knee and a badge Pearl Izumi in the right thigh.

The comfort of this best mountain bike

In general, this measurement is largely a measure of the short sleeve and suede. Unlike most of the short test, not sold Elevate a short T-shirt, we have some points of the score deducted here. However, Elevate itself is made very comfortable in large part due to the soft elastic material shortly. Despite the absence of a liner, Elevate is more convenient that several short films that we have found undercoatings.

Our recommendation is that a way to Elevate the corresponding other of the coating as the bike park, where you can spend some time in the saddle of nothing. One proposal would Pearl Izumi mountain bike shorts Liner is a short three back pockets, which makes it ideal for endure riders who want to ignore the use of a bib package.

Viability of Pearl Izumi Elevate short

The Elevate had no failures seams or zippers. The coils on the zipper are slightly larger than the zippers on the pockets, which is good for the user because the zipper is more likely that the voltage on it.

One of our testers had the Elevate during a particularly violent confrontation that resulted in eight brackets in his elbow, two broken bones in his hand, and a carbon fiber top tube broke. The Elevate escaped with only a few small glitches despite Tester 30 meters wide wood and stone pavement slide in the hip. We believe that this is proofing enough that the Elevate is a short duration.

The highest score in our short life test is the Endure Hummed that is built when the gas surplus-Mobile guzzling owes its name. If you actually think his mountain bike then Elevate is a better option. Actually, the use of these materials makes these shorts as one of the best mountain bike short.

The adjustability of this short

Feel of the mountain bike pedal is the only area in which we suffer the thinking that Elevate material is very elastic, but the step cut loose and are overkill Ski missions. The rear straps have some additional hardware (possibly open-cell foam) sewn into it that is the back of the brief additional substance. Additional equipment here with an adjustable height mechanism helps to point upwards or downwards short slides. Elevate, is much lighter in weight and a better choice for the circumstances in warm weather.

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Final thought

If you searching for the best mountain bike short which would be highly functional and protective then one of the best choices is The Pearl Izumi Elevate. It is sold without a line short. The Elevate is excellent in our bike shorter mountain and the price of the publisher. This product is well designed, comfortable, and protective. The two zip pockets, before a functional short do we tested, are overloaded with no frills. The elastic material ripstop holds 4 far behind a restrictive sense have.