Best MTB Shoes for Flat Pedals to Get You Started Right!

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Flat shoes are a wonderful answer for beginners who want to focus on building fundamental skills and techniques fearlessly. During the starting days, a common fear is about not being able to clip out in time and slamming the ground eventually. That thing might be easy and comfortable for an experienced rider. As a novice, you need to be serious about finding the best MTB shoes for flat pedals to make your starting days more enjoyable and less burdening.

Comparing & Reviewing Best MTB Shoes for Flat Pedals

We are here to talk about some awesome recommendations for MTB shoes that work great for flat pedals. Let’s talk about them in detail after having a look at the comparing table right below.

Giro Jacket MTB Shoes – Pedal Effortlessly in These Pretties!

If you love the vibe that a simple yet sleek shoe provides with effortlessly grip and protection, then here’s the Giro Jacket MTB Shoes to treat you right.

Highlighted Features

  • 3 beautiful color patterns.
  • Multiple sizes are available.
  • Leather made.
  • Arch support is medium.
  • The toe cap of rubber.
  • The outsole of rubber.
  • Lace keeper strap included with closure.

Giro Jacket MTB ShoesGiro Jacket MTB Shoes is a pretty looking pair you want to get when shifting foot position style while riding is your go-to style. It comes with a Vibram outer sole. This is well made and designed to provide the right grip. Also, there’s hardly any trouble off rougher sections causing feet coming out. So, another score here as well.

The overall low-profile design is noticeable when you get off the bike. The tread is also densely packed and might cause a bit odd feeling in the mud. However, the Giro Jacket MTB Shoes is really fast at draining water out which is a great point. The midsection is also formed delicately. As much as that these provide pretty decent support to your arch when on a ride. It is a perfect pick for any narrow feet owner. The lace quality is good. An elasticated band helps in keeping them out from your paddling way, and also the toe box provides reinforced performance.

What We Think About It:

Giro Jacket MTB Shoes is a perfect balance of both skate and mountain bike shoe world. The added heel pad that absorbs shock is clearly a thing we didn’t expect but got to enjoy pretty much. Overall, quite satisfied with the price, function, and performance. 

Giro Men’s Cycling Shoes – No More Uncomfortable Shoes for Your Relatively Big Feet!

Finding a comfortable shoe for a bit bigger foot is like fighting a war without a weapon. The Giro Men’s Cycling Shoes is meant for sufferers of such dilemmas with a perfect fit, comfy wear, and style.

Highlighted Features:

  • Huge range of sizes available.
  • 5 gorgeous colors.
  • Rubber outsole.
  • Leather made.
  • Shank is molded.
  • Laced closure included.

Giro Men's Cycling ShoesTo start fresh, the Giro Men’s Cycling Shoes is majorly good news for riders with big feet who are tired of scrolling but not finding one right fit for their unusually huge bottoms. There’s a wide range for size available with Giro Men’s Cycling Shoes that will only lack your right size if the luck is not at all by your side.

Talking about the colors, you get to choose from 5 color options. Among these 3 are black pairs but different designs and patterns for lace. The other two are beautiful red and blue shades. Commonly these are the shades riders love to get for their bike rides. The leather made construction is pretty good to survive your heavy usage pretty well. It’s also comfortable because of the model shank that comes with cleat zone optimization as well.

What We Think About It:

The rubber outsole, nice lace closure that looks stylish and lightweight feel make the Giro Men’s Cycling Shoes a very flexible choice to have in your collection.

Giro Terraduro Mid MTB Shoes – Your Ankle’s Best Friend!

The next one in the list is Giro Terraduro Mid MTB Shoes, a fantastic option with a comfortable toe box and nice ankle support to keep walks, bike sessions, and everything sorted out.

Highlighted Features:

  • The closure is a slip-on style.
  • The forefoot zone is flexible
  • The outsole is rugged and high traction.
  • Medium arch support provider.

Giro Terraduro Mid MTB ShoesGiro Terraduro Mid MTB Shoes is a well-made pair that you can expect to work well for mountain adventures and even serious endure racing. Even in serious conditions, the Giro Terraduro Mid MTB Shoes works pretty fine. There’s a mid-top. This provides additional ankle support giving you a comfortable experience overall. Even in rocky areas and hiking rough trails, the Giro Terraduro Mid MTB Shoes provides a stable performance thanks to the fantastic coverage it comes with.

There’s also an ankle scree cover that is pretty breathable. It makes sure the wearer is getting a perfect comfort overall. It comes with seven points of adjustment benefits as well. There’s a highly water-resistant making going on with the Giro Terraduro Mid MTB Shoes. Along with lace shroud, water gasket and cleat opening including water seal, the Giro Terraduro Mid MTB Shoes is a mind-blowing combination of versatility.

What We Think About It:

No doubt, the Giro Terraduro Mid MTB Shoes performs exceptionally good in major areas. The laces might feel a bit undersized for a few users. But apart from this, it’s a fantastic shoe option to go for.

Sidi Trace 2 MTB Shoes – The Outcome of Great Power Transfer Is a Wonderful Ride!

The Sidi Trace 2 MTB Shoes are well capable to be called a fantastic attempt of bringing traditional comfort, value providing features with nice commitment keeping mindset of a reliable brand that anybody would love to get.

Highlighted Features:

  • Heel cup system included.
  • Wide range of sizes.
  • 6 unique designs.
  • Double-stitched seams.
  • The side is vented.
  • Toe inserts replaceable.

The Sidi Trace 2 MTBThe Sidi Trace 2 MTB Shoes are a solid nominee in this list that includes features of an all-rounder mountain bike shoe. You can depend on it for both cross country racing and casual trail rides. There’s a very versatile closure system coming along this shoe. This just not makes the put on and off matter comfortable but also ensures a flexible adjustment system.

The platform is created with stiff nylon. Clearly that makes sense why the construction seems so robust. The outsole is also created to provide a grippy feel. On most terrain, you’ll be able to get the flexible fit wearing the Sidi Trace 2 MTB Shoes. It will provide you a sense of comfort in almost any weather condition as well.

What We Think About It:

We loved the lightweight design and how comfortable it is for maximum ride types. The great power transfer enables better pedaling. However, the price is a bit on the expensive side while a strap mount sometimes creating snag issues on the crank. But still, it’s worth the feel option to try.

Scott Mens MTB Comp Boa Cycling Shoes – Your Ideal Budget-Friendly BOA Closure Pair!

The low-price range hardly comes with a BOA-fastening comfort, but Scott made it possible with their Mens MTB Comp Boa Cycling Shoes. It’s a pure blend of practical specifications and also slick looks.

Highlighted Features:

  • Multiple size options.
  • 2 sleek design option.
  • Sticky rubber made outsole.
  • Boa style closure system.
  • The insole is removal.
  • Automatic fit strap included.

 Scott Mens MTB Comp Boa Cycling ShoesThe Mens MTB Comp Boa Cycling Shoes comes with upper made from the synthetic leather approach. A fit strap comes to support the forefoot seam in front of the foot. PU coated heel cup with the toe box that included three 3DE nylon air mesh panels are fantastic features of the design this holds.

Both on shoe sides and tongue, you will get perforations going on. A single mesh-covered vent is also included to enrich the entire ventilation system. You can use your thick socks and still manage to place wider feet easily inside the Mens MTB Comp Boa Cycling Shoes without trouble. The after results are not less comfortable by any means.

What We Think About It:

It’s a comfortable option that provides a nice fit with fantastic performance. The BOA dial sometimes feels a bit hard to tighten. But that one point can’t disagree with the other fantastic features that make it an optimal option in this price range.

Five Ten Freerider EPS Men’s MTB Shoes – A Ubiquitous Flat Style for Mountain Bikers!

Anybody in love with ubiquitous flat shoe style that is beast performing in mountain biking? Then have a look at the Five Ten Freerider.

Highlighted Features:

  • Leather made shoes.
  • Tongue and instep come with insulation.
  • Reduced water intake.
  • The tongue is completely gusseted.
  • Sock liner with extra foam insulation.
  • Rubber outsole.

Five Ten Freerider EPS Men's MTB ShoesThose who are craving for a versatile wintertime mountain biking compatible shoe can look forward to the Five Ten Freerider with additional weatherproofing quality. It comes with EPS which means the material and construction methods are well embedded with heat-retaining on the mind.

For effortless hiking and riding sessions on trails, there is the sole made with dot pattern rubber. There’s additional material coming with Five Ten Freerider to keep feet warm and dried. But that does not impact the overall weight. The lace that comes with Five Ten Freerider is really flexible with providing superior adjustability. It does not feel flashy at all and nicely blends with the whole design.

What We Think About It:

With the EPS flexibility of Five Ten Freerider, you will be able to feel pretty flexible with I majority conditions. It keeps your feet warm and dried while pairing up well with your usual wool socks.

Five Ten Freerider Contact Men’s MTB Shoes – For Effortless Climbing Experience Too!

There’s a good reason why the manufacturer calls the Five Ten Freerider Contact Men’s MTB Shoes a rock-climbing genius. The effortless blend of soft and sticky rubber keeps your balance right when you climb while matching the flat mountain bike pedals too.

Highlighted Features:

  • USA made imported shoes.
  • The midsole is complete with stiff compression.
  • Toe cap included.
  • Contact outsole design.
  • Rubber for traction and cushioning.
  • Breathable upper.

Five Ten Freerider Contact Men's MTB ShoesThe Five Ten Freerider Contact Men’s MTB Shoes is by far a very compatible pair that will work excellently with most flat pedals. The rubber’s softness and stickiness are on point. The inclusion of Stealth Mi6 rubber makes it a perfect pair of shoes to do just fine even in muddy and wet conditions. But don’t expect it to be excellent though, it does lack a bit traction when conditions are too slippery.

With the complete treated sole, you get to experience more engagement to pedal pins with added security providing as well. There’s also less trouble with vibration when you wear Five Ten Freerider Contact Men’s MTB Shoes thanks to the vibration reduction rubber.

What We Think About It:

The sticky soles with lower weight design and durable construction make the Five Ten Freerider Contact Men’s MTB Shoes a wise choice to make. Just be a bit mindful if you have wide feet since it is quite narrow.

DC Men’s Pure Skate Shoe – Comfort at Its Best!

And last, but not least in this list is our very popular DC Men’s Pure Skate Shoe that has a huge reputation for providing extensive profile comfortable experience.

Highlighted Features:

  • Pure leather construction.
  • Sole is made of rubber.
  • Wrap cup styled.
  • Tread is a pill pattern type. 

DC Men's Pure Skate ShoeThe DC Men’s Pure Skate Shoe comes with reinforced stitching on overlays. This makes it call one of the most suitable shoes for long rides. Leather made shoes are known for wearing out rarely and that’s no different with DC Men’s Pure Skate Shoe. The same goes for the cup sole this beautiful pair comes with. It has also got that glamorous side to it thanks to the old school vibe mashed up with vibrant color codes that creates a breathtaking design.

The DC Men’s Pure Skate Shoe also includes additional thick paddings to ensure a comfortable experience. The Collar and Achilles notch parts come with padding for providing all-rounder support. The mesh tongue is also padded for providing a good amount of breathing opportunity for the shoe maintaining the right comfort. For prolonged periods, the DC Men’s Pure Skate Shoe will feel super comfortable overall.

What We Think About It:

The DC Men’s Pure Skate Shoe gives us a lot of masculine vibe seeming more appropriate for guy riders out there. Causal outlook lovers can go with this pick and it will also work as a wonderful double agent if you are a skateboarder.

How to Pick the Best MTB Shoes for Flat Pedals

There are of course a few points you want to ensure in the MTB shoe that you’ll get for flat pedals. What are those essentials to mind? We’ll be talking next…

The Right Stiffness

To get the right stiffness and power transfer, look for something that uses carbon soles. Usually, this is found in racier clipless shoes. If trail riding is also your concern, the extra rigidity will seem pretty uncomfortable. In some cases, it also results in promoting a heel lift. And that can be pretty problematic when you are on a hike with your bike. So, the best MTB shoes that provide a balance here with your needs should be your ideal pick.

Material choice

When you are looking for a durable pair of shoes, having a look at the material is pretty important. Something that will keep your feet warm on winter days while dry on summer days would depend on the material partially. So, you want to keep these factors in mind when checking the shoe’s material. Also, a good durability provider material will feel a bit stretchy.

Ultimate Protection

No matter if you are choosing the best MTB shoes for a road bike or any regular short ride, make sure it comes with enough ankle support. The toe box should have an ample amount of room for your toe to will comfortable. You also need to make sure the upper is capable of providing protection against water splashes. Repeated pummeling absorption is another protection point you want in your chosen pair of shoes.

The Closure

No matter what closure system you pick, just ensure that there’s no digging or pressure point creation due to it. you can pick a traditional lace shoe that will provide good adjustment benefits.

While some prefer Velcro strap since they are easy to put on and off. Boa style tensioning systems are pretty convenient look-wise and also performance-wise. Also, a shoe with a thick tongue will add extra comfort and stabilization overall.

The Weight

For pedaling easily, one may want to prefer lightweight shoes since they provide better rotating with stroke cranks. However, with the ultimate lightweight feature, you also can’t deny that the shoe will be somewhat flimsy in construction. And that will lack solidity resulting in poor transmit rider power. So, you should find something that isn’t too lightweight nor too heavy.

Sole Material

Flat pedal shoes are a phenomenon when they come with increased mechanical grip or friction. And that is quite usual with shoes including rubber compound as the outer sole. To get better stay put in every weather and effortless control plus security, one may want to try the stickier soles. The right blend of stickiness, dampening elements, durability, and softness declare a sole to be best.

Frequently Asked Questions about Best MTB shoes for flat pedals

What shoe will work best for wide feet?

If you have really bulky feet then go for shoe options that have an increased volume. This will feel extra comfortable with your feet providing the right natural positioning ability. Also, you can enable a higher fit in the forefoot area to get the finest experience.

What shoe will work best for narrower feet?

If you have pretty lower volume feet which means on the more narrow and thin side, then you might want to avoid lacing systems. Because these are sometimes uncomfortable with tightening enough to ensure a secure fit. Also, there is a chance of experiencing poor circulation in the toes and feet. So, go for something with a different closure.

Is breathability related to riding duration?

There’s kind of a relation between these two factors. For a mountain bike shoe, you want to pay extra attention to the breathability factor if you are planning for a long ride session. Because otherwise, you will feel the heat on your feet on warmer days. In the case of short rides, it’s not a very important factor. But it’s a wise choice to consider breathability as one of the key factors.

Final Words

Just like the entire bike and tire combination selection, picking the best MTB shoes for flat pedals is also a pretty serious matter you want to ensure for right ride satisfaction plus efficiency. Don’t miss out on the factors we pointed in the buying guide. Think thoroughly and figure out which one shoe works best for your priorities and riding style.

We Wish You A Wise Choice Making Session!


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