Framed verdict BMX bike Review

Framed verdict BMX bike Review in 2022 – Make Riding Ease

Framed verdict BMX bike Review

Today we have picked the BMX bike for write review.  From this Framed Verdict BMX bike review, you will know all the needed information about this bike. The Framed Verdict bike is a good choice for you when you are looking for a stylish bike that will give a performance as well as it will be affordable. This bike is an all-around performer. Anyone can use this bike for daily riding without any problem. Let’s check out if it worth the money.

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Features of Framed Verdict BMX Bike

The bike comes with lots of features. However, you cannot expect top-notch quality material and features for this bike as it is an entry-level bike and they are offering you at a very low cost. Read the detailed feature below.


The Framed Verdict BMX is a great-looking bike. The trendy design will make you more fashionable and surely you will be standing out from the crowd. Without any doubt, you can use this bike for any casual purposes also. The bike has a solid paint job and its sticker that makes it very attractive.


The frame is one of the most important parts of a bike. If the frame is not strong then the bike is not going to last long. In this concern, the Framed Verdict bike comes with the Hi-Ten Steel frame. This steel frame is very strong and durable. So you can expect this bike will be alive for a long time. However, because of steel material, it will also add some weight to the bike.

Wheels and Tires

The wheel size of a bike contributes in a great way to its benefits. The verdict bike has a 38-inch wheelbase. This 38-inch wheelbase will help the bike easy to accelerate. The front and rear tire sizes of this bike are 20” x 2.125” and 20” x 1.95” respectively. Because of this tire size, this bike is perfect for riding in the parking ramp. As the tires are smaller in size it will not be easy to overcome big obstacles.


One of the most integral parts of a bike is a brake. You cannot compromise on brake quality. When you are riding your bike fast anything may come out in your path and that time you need to hard brake. If your brake is not of good quality you will crash with other vehicles or people. Good braking components are essential for ultimate safety. In this case, framed verdict BMX bike has used framed Alloy U-Brake for breaking. It would have been great if the hydraulic brake was installed on the bike. However, at this price point, you cannot complain. But you don’t need to panic as this Alloy U-Brake works in all-weather conditions. So from our Framed Verdict BMX bike review, we can assure you that without any worries you can ride your bike anywhere as this brake will cover you all the time.

What we liked

  • Attractive design
  • Affordable bike price
  • Smooth ride
  • Lightweight frame
  • Handlebar control is great
  • On all type of road, the 25T Sprocket always stays out of your way

What we dont liked:

  • Assembly required
  • No hydraulic brake
  • No water bottle cage

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Framed Verdict BMX bike Review

FAQ About Framed Verdict BMX bike Review

1. 10-12 years old can ride this bike?

The ideal height for riding this bike is 5’3-5’10 as it has 20.5in top tubes. So if your child is between this height range then he or she can ride it easily.

2. What is the weight of the bike and how much load it can take?

The weight of this bike is 20lbs and it can take up to 175lbs.

3. Is it assembled when shipped?

The bike is partially assembled. You need to assemble the rest of the part by yourself or you can take it to an expert who can assemble it for you.

Final Verdict of Framed Verdict BMX bike Review

As from The Framed Verdict BMX bike review, we can say that this bike is a great value for money. This bike is suitable for both professional and beginner riders and you can also use this bike for casual riding purposes. With its quality build, durable components, lightweight body it is expected that the bike will give you fun while riding and because of a steel frame, it will give you service for a long time.

However, the bike is specially made for the entry-level bike rider, it has some drawbacks, but in the end, it manages to give every rider a smooth, nice, and pleasant bike riding experience.