How to Install Tubeless Bike Tires Easily

How to Install Tubeless Bike Tires Easily? (Step-by-Step)

In the last few years, tubeless tires coupling with mountain bikes have brought out incredible benefits! With the tubeless tires, there are no dreaded pinch flats and of course, the best benefit is better traction. You don’t need to worry about the small tear on the tire because, in tubeless tires, there’s sealant inside!

Yes, these tires provide more advantages. But installing them for us can be a tough deal! For the experts of the shops, it’s nothing new. But if you want to know how to install tubeless bike tires, you have to be very patient and calm!

How to Install Tubeless Bike Tires Easily

Steps to Install Tubeless Bike Tires

We all ask- are tubeless tires harder to install? For the professionals, it might be easy but as it deals with the tighter bead, things can be complicated for us. Well, here’s how you can install the tubeless bike tires, follow the steps!

Step 1: Take off the Tire and Wheel

First of all, you have to get your hands on the wheel of your bike and get rid of it. Removing the tire and the wheel is easy. You might already know the process. After removing these, move to the next step.

Step 2: Get Rid of the Rim Strips

Now, it’s time to get rid of the rim strips. Here, you have to deal with a truing stand. If you have it, the job will be much easier for you. With this one, you can work on the valve tape stand. However, if you don’t have it, don’t worry much.

All you need is to reinstall the wheel without the tire on your bike. In this way, the wheel will be easier for you to work with. First of all, taking off the rim tape or the rim strip is necessary, it depends on how the rim is set there.

At times, the rim comes pre-installed with tubeless tape. Skip this step if you have that one. Once you have removed the valve, you can pull the rim tape easily. It’s time to settle for some rubbing alcohol. Also, don’t forget the rag.

With this rag and some of the rubbing alcohol, you have to start cleaning the inner part of the rim. It’s necessary to ensure that the inner part does not include any sealant residue or any tape residue. Check the hook of the rim carefully. Clean it with more care. After this method, wait for a bit so that the rim can dry. Do not start working if the rim is not dry.

Step 3: Tape the Rim

In this step, you have to certify that the rim is perfectly attached with the tubeless rim tape. The tape must be compatible, take extra care of this fact. No air must be getting leaked through the spoke holes.

Go for a clean seal with the help of the tape. Also, while doing this, you have to be careful about the fold and air bubbles. Do not create these. Minimal air bubbles can be the reason for air leakage in the future! While picking up the rim tape, check the width of this one.

It should match the inner width of the rim. You have to cover the full width of your rim. In that case, you cannot interfere with the bead that is on the edges of your rim. Start taping it from the spoke hole right above the valve hole.

Slowly and carefully, you have to pull the tape toward you. Make sure you are pulling it tight and stretching it. While doing it, press it onto the rim. You should be firm with your hands and make sure you are rubbing your thumb on the surface.

At the same time, you have to rotate the wheel. Rubbing the thumb all along is necessary here. When you are moving with the tape, you have to press the tape. Press the center depressive of your rim. You have to work your way outward in this situation.

This is a complex process, do it with caution. It’s necessary to overlap the tape by a few inches when you are at the end of the spoke hole. This will certify the tight sealing. Now, get scissors and cut the tape.

Step 4: Get the Valve Inside

You are already here to insert the valve! All you need is a small screwdriver. We recommend you get the Phillips head screwdriver for the job. Now, you have to poke a hole. It should go right through the valve hole.

Get your hands on the new valve and push it through the hole you just made. It’s time to go through the rubber back of your valve and adjust it. It should have a snug fit against the tape and also the rim. Go for the rubber O-ring now.

You need to slide it over the valve. And then, go through the locking nut. After you are done, get your hands on the valve core and seat it tightly on the rim. Use your thumb for the job. While doing this, you should go for the locking nut too. You need to screw this one tightly. It will safeguard the valve and air will not escape at all.

Step 5: Take off the Valve

So, now, we will tell you how you can get more air into the tire faster than before! Here, you have to pour sealant too! First of all, take the advantage of a valve core removal tool. All you need is to unscrew the center of your valve. Look at the silver piece inside the valve. You have to unscrew this one. Keep it in a safe place where it won’t be lost, you will need it afterward.

Step 6: Add the Tire

Once again, it’s time for cleaning; Get a rag so that you can take off the sealant residue. At times, you might have installed the wheel to the bike for taping the rim. If you have done it, you have to take off the while from the bike in this step.

Lining up the tire is important here. Go in the right direction. Certify that the tread is going forward. Install it beforehand. If you do this, it will help in the tire bead seating properly. Also, it lessens mess as you are doing it before using the sealant. In case you are dealing with the tire leavers, there’s a chance of ruining the tape. Be cautious about the tape.

Step 7: Deflation

In this step, you have to fix the floor pump head on the valve. Right after doing it, start pumping continuously. There will be loud pops but don’t pay heed to that, it’s normal. With that sound, the tire will seat against the rim properly.

You must examine the tire. Ensuring that the bead is properly set is a necessity. It should evenly seat around the rim. When it is seated properly, you can get out all the air from your tire. Get your hands on the valve stem and remove the pump head. It will be deflated. If you want to look at some best tubeless valve stems, take a look here!

Step 8: Applying Sealant

It’s time to apply sealant now! Go for two to three ounces of sealant. Go for the valve you have installed and add sealant. A large container of sealant will work the best. Injectors are required here. Some of the sealants come with the injector and in either case, you have to buy one.

Add the injector to the valve core. Now, it’s time to fill up the core with the necessary sealant. After you are done with it, you have to insert the valve core once again. If you see valve stem leaking, you can get your eyes on how to install tubeless valve stems. This makes your job easier than ever!

Step 9: Inflation

So, we are done with the process of installing tubeless bike tires! All you need now is to inflate the tires. Use the floor pump for the installation. You can check out the bike air compressors here too! Wait till it reaches the highest PSI listen on your tire.

After the full inflation, all you need is to get back the bike and spin the tire. This will help in spreading the sealant! You are ready for a ride now!

Tips for Installing Tubeless Tires

  • Go for sealant with an applicator tip, it saves you money
  • Refresh the sealant after a few months; keep in mind it dries out
  • Instead of a floor pump, go for an air compressor, it’s quicker and easier
  • Taping the rim requires practice; practice it before you get your hands on the rim
  • Use alcohol rub with a rag for removing sealant residue

How To Install Tubeless Tires

Wrap Up

So, you already get that the process of installing the tubeless bike tires isn’t that easy. You need to take time to understand the process first and then you have to practice. It takes time to make the installation process perfect! Wait for it and after trying it for a while; you will be just like the professionals!