How to Use Peloton Bike or Tread without Subscription

How to Use Peloton Bike or Tread without Subscription?

Dealing with the spinning workout has now been evolved a lot and come to Peloton! Settle for the Original Peloton bike or the Peloton Bike Plus, original tread, or the Tread Plus, you cannot avoid the Peloton subscription.

But do I want to pay $39 every month for Peloton-ask yourself! And if the answer is no, let’s check out how to use Peloton bike or tread without subscription and for free!

Step-by-Step Guide on How to use Peloton Bike without Subscription

A very common question regarding Peloton does Peloton work without subscription or not! Yes, Peloton does! Peloton Bike or Tread works without subscription as it has a free version to work with!

To use Peloton bike without any subscription, you will need a stable internet connection. Along with the internet, get workout equipment. Make sure that the equipment works with the bike or treat. The HRM or earphones will work just fine here!

Step 1: Turn it on

Here, we will answer your question “can I use Peloton without subscription” and how! You have to power on the touchscreen. For this, get your hands on the power cord and plug it on. You will find the power jack at the back of the peloton bike or tread. There, you have to connect the power supply. Get the power to the socket and you are almost ready with it.

Eventually, you will see a green LED light. Once you see the green light, you have to go back to the power button at the back of the touchscreen again. There, search for the power button. Press the button so that the screen turns on. When the screen will turn on, you will see several Wi-Fi networks appear on your screen.

From the list, you have to find your Wi-Fi connection and get into it. Add your password there and save it. It will help you use the Wi-Fi without adding a password again and again. And your touchscreen is turned on already! Let’s go to the next step.

Step 2: Check out the Classes

We always recommend you register your account. This will help you decide in a better way. Also, if you do not register, when you decide on the all-access subscription, you will start from the beginning. We guess you don’t want that! After switching on the screen and adding the Wi-Fi, you will get to see the Just Ride classes.

This one is for live classes. Apart from this, you will get an opportunity for three additional recorded classes. Yes, you cannot expect so many classes here. But the best part is the gross metrics here. You will get them so that you can go for the Just Ride classes.

This is a win-win situation as you still have not purchased any subscription. If you are a beginner, the four classes will be incredibly helpful for you. With these classes, you can check out the basics of Peloton classes and that too without any Peloton monthly fee of$39! The best part of the free offers is you can learn about the classes and understand if you want to purchase the subscription or not!

Step 3: Go for the Workout

Once you are ready, you can see the four classes before you! Now, it’s time for you to check for the workout that you want to go for! Check out everyone you prefer to. In this case, there are no boundaries to repeat the same workout twice or more!

It’s your decision if you want to repeat the same one so that you can enjoy it again and again. Or in other cases, you can try out the other workouts too. As there are four workouts, you can try each of them to start it off and decide if the subscription is worthy or not.

We recommend you to check out all of them! It’s because they all are different and you can learn more if you watch more! And not to forget, they are free! Does peloton bike work without subscription fee? Yes, the procedure mentioned here is the answer!

Note: Get the equipment ready before you start the classes. If you get the subscription, ensure that you have the Peloton bike shoes. For a more comforting experience, you can settle for padded saddles or shorts. Check out padded saddle vs. padded shorts to learn which one to pick.

Peloton Subscription FAQ

Peloton Subscription FAQ

1. Can you have a peloton without the subscription?

There’s always a question like – can you use Peloton without subscription! Yes, you can! Peloton bike is expensive and you might plan not to invest so much money on it already. With the subscription, you will get to enjoy the live classes and the on-demand classes. If you want, you can communicate to the instructors for better instructions too. The metrics will be recorded in that case.

But it’s okay if you don’t want to go for it. You can enjoy the free features without any subscription. There are three-on-demand classes available in the free facility. Also, you can go for the Just Ride classes here.

2. How to use Peloton bike without subscription?

If you want to settle for the free or trial version of the Peloton bike, you can use it without any payment. For this, connect the tread or bike and power on the touchscreen. Then, connect it to the internet and access the workout classes.

There, you will see some pre-recorded classes along with the Just Ride. Tap on the archived classes and pick up the one that fits best according to you! The process is as easy as the other free versions!

3. How much does a peloton subscription cost?

If you have done a little research, you already know that a Peloton subscription is costly. But here, you get what you pay for! For per month, you have to pay $39 if you want to enjoy all the available features of Peloton.

Peloton subscription with bike or tread both will cost you $39. You will get one bike and one tread with this fee. On the other hand, if you go for Peloton Digital Membership then it will require $12.99 every month excluding the tax. Without the bike or tread, the subscription will cost you $13.

4. Can you get a Peloton subscription without the bike?

Some people don’t want the bike. Instead, they want the peloton subscription only. The whole Peloton subscription with the bike will cost you $39. But if you don’t want the bike or you want to reduce the cost, you can settle for a peloton subscription without the bike.

On that note, yes, you can get a Peloton subscription without a bike. The subscription without the bike will cost you $13 per month. With this, you can go for non-cycling classes along with the cycling classes at the gym.

This will be available for iOS and Android users. And if you don’t want any of these, settle for a mountain bike-the old school method! Don’t forget to check out mountain bikes under $400 to get them cheaper.

4. Can you use Peloton treat without the subscription?

Investing $39 before knowing what Peloton will provide you are a little risky. In that case, settle for the free classes to know if it’s worthy or not. So yes, you can use Peloton tread without the subscription.

Sometimes, you only want the workouts from the Peloton tread. We recommend you for the free trial in this situation. You will get four free classes altogether. Enjoy the three pre-recorded classes along with the Just Ride features.

Yes, you won’t be able to interact with the instructors here. But in the pre-recorded classes, you will still have an instructor. With the Just Ride feature, you can enjoy resistance, calories burned along with your output in kilojoules!

Wrap Up

You might already have the Peloton bike or the tread, investing so much every month can be bothersome! Make your life easier with the Peloton workouts only! Go for the free version of Peloton-no subscription, no extra cost, and no worries!