Kask vertigo helmet Review-A Durable mountain bike helmet

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The Kask Vertigo is outstanding Helmet, and one of our experts tested this mountain bike helmet for a while, and its output was simply best. It has some unique and quality features. There is an attached double retaining bar hinged, and it has been filed with silicone anti-slip pads. The best thing of this helmet is super leatherette chin strap.

Though the task vertigo best mountain bike helmets brand in the USA still it is very new for the customer. Our tester team checks it out and found that it is fit a little larger than medium Giro helmets similar but not too big spin as we have seen very often.

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The best mountain bike helmets ask vertigo has the variety of colors, and it has offered a lot of option to the customer. It has very good bicycle helmets half shell which makes this helmet more comfortable to the users.

This helmet has very good quality air circulation, and it is more protective for a head. In below I am going figure out some special quality of this helmets.

Key features

  • Material: polystyrene, nylon
  • Adjustable Ventilation
  • Fit Adjustment: Up Down, chin strap
  • Certifications: CE EN 1078, CPSC 1203, AS/NZS 2063
  • Claimed Weight: 270 grams


kask vertigo helmet Level of comfort

It got the highest number of rating still now in the sense of comfort. It has used Italian leather to build it, and it is always looking fantastic. It is also very refined hull. Most of the users are very happy to use this helmet in riding the bike, and they think it is super comfortable. It is very light in weight due to its thickness as well as it has awesome retention system. These best mountain bike helmets have coating plastic and absorb moisture materials to make the possible best fit over the head.

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Restraining strip with silicone clamped two grip surfaces, and the back of the head is filled at the same time. We have found both of them are very effective. Clips are very good in this helmet. Some of our tester those who have long hair complain that the terminals her hair has to set and also require to remove pulled the headset. Kask Vertigo Helmets have used eco-friendly leather which makes that helmet very suit to the skin.


Kask Vertigo used up ‘n’ hold back down, and it is very robust retention strip with two pivots on each side. It has far better adjustment we have seen in the test so far among the others helmets. If we compare this mountain bike helmet with others surely, it would be few large than others. Because of a second pivot point, it can adjust vertically.

High-retention is set with an equally large click wheel, and it is very ease to locate and use smoothly. When the wheel in RocLoc 5 system Giro used Vertigo turn allows precise adjustment and release.Moreover, you can make the trap tightly with the both hands while you are riding a bike. It is found that this feature makes the helmet more useful to protect the head also protect the uncertain collapse.

The belt position becomes well fit with the head almost automatically. The carotid leather cover is fixed on the plastic fork position.

Level of ventilation

Several times we have tested more than 20 helmets and these best mountain bike helmets and found the higher score in the ventilation sector. These opening are regularly distributed around the hull to keep the air in motion. One of our tester ‘jack’ said that ‘V’ shaped ventilation in the front side makes it best helmet ever I have seen so far!

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What a type of material help this bike helmet to gain the high percentage of a score in ventilation is thickly padded. I can add that the triple level density inner padding also does the fantastic job too. There is also a sweat wipe which makes the helmets more comfortable. Because of low padded interior not restrict the flow of air inside the helmets.


One of the best examples in Vertigo Headset is the full covering of the shell that covers the bottom of polystyrene and to make fully secure while bumping and denting. This attractive looking Vertigo best mountain bike helmet made the highest score in the durability test.

I have to say vertigo Team has done the decent job to make this awesome helmet for the bike rider. There is a large plastic cap which is anchored through the shell and foam polycarbonate. This type of dishes bomber rightly in our test and the confidence inspired attaching the headset in the event of an accident shall not be moved. There are also use the leatherette appear to make longer the helmet life.


  • Use of coating of a porous plastic
  • Pads are triple densityLast long enough
  • Last long enough
  • Absorbs moisture materials
  • Restraining strip with silicone clamped
  • Rear chin strap adjustment.
  • Very well designed hull
  • Ideal bear systemically for cycling
  • Driving across around the world.



  •  Few problem in long hair but still manageable




Some customers query’s Answer

Q: What is the large and medium actual size?

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Answer: Actually I think large and medium size will be around “59-62 cm” and it will be found on the sticker inside of the helmet. Thanks

Q: Would tell me please how to clean the helmets?

Answer: Very easily you can do that work by Soap and water.

Q: Is there a difference in M and Medium size?

Answer: There is no difference between them to me. Both are same.

Q: What is the Italy Flag version color?

Answer: It is white. Thanks



Final Verdict on kask vertigo helmet Review:

While someone was riding a mountain bike, it is surely accident is an important issue to consider. Most of the people will like to find a best mountain bike helmet that will last long and also nobody would love to change the helmet very often. This is why you should go for this helmet which has much potential.

To be honest, if you are looking for a very well balance ventilated helmet then do not forget to consider the Kask Vertigo Helmet.

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