How To Remove Bike Pedals With An Allen Wrench?

How To Remove Bike Pedals With An Allen Wrench?

You might have your own reasons to detach the mountain bike pedals or some other type, and you’ve chosen Allen wrench for the task. But how do you exactly do that? You’ve got no clue whatsoever.

Well, actually the removal of bike pedals is no-big-deal if you have some idea on it. You just need some short guidance or a quick demonstration of what takes place during the procedure.

And now that you’re here to find out how to remove bike pedals with an Allen wrench, with this guide of mine, you’ll be fine.

How To Remove Bike Pedals With An Allen Wrench?

So How to Remove Bike Pedals with an Allen Wrench.

Getting the right size Allen wrench, placing your foot in a certain position, unthreading the pedal, inserting the wrench inside the face bolt, and gradually taking out the pedal, are what you need to go through for removing bike pedals.

How do you conduct each of these the right way, that’s what comes next a bit more in-depth.

Shimano Pd-Mx80 Platform Pedals

First Find Out What Size Allen Wrench for Bike Pedals Removal Works Best!

For most brand’s pedals, you’ll need an 8mm Allen wrench, such as the IceToolz 8mm Allen Wrench Hex Key Tool. However, that might not be necessarily true for every pedal out there. Depending on the type of pedal, this could be different.

There are some pedals that need a 6mm version instead. In case you need one, COOLWHEEL Bike Hex Allen Key Wrench Set is a great pick that also includes smaller two versions along with the 6mm wrench.

Also, if you use flat pedals, then you should go for a 15mm pedal spanner. Bikehand Bicycle Bike Pedal Remover Wrench Cone Spanner works good for the purpose.

You Need to Have a Proper Positioning.

It might surprise a few who don’t know anything about how to remove bike pedals with a wrench. But yes, the way you are positioned will matter in this process. The right foot of yours should be on the pedal’s one side.

Once you do that, get your left leg lifted to place it on the frame. Your weight should be on the saddle at that time. Now use your right foot for applying pressure down by standing up. And this will allow you to twist off the stuck pedal using the Allen wrench.

Unthread The Pedal Next.

You need to know how to remove bike pedal crank for this step. And it starts with locating the part. You should find it at the bottom bracket spindle fixed. Sometimes no marking is available that indicates its location.

In that case, it might feel a bit hard to find it. Also, when both arms look exactly the same. Once you locate it, make sure you remember the tooth mark of the crank arm so that putting it back to place could be done right later.

Next, you want to hold the pedal with one hand. And then use another hand to turn the crank arm in a clockwise motion. You need to keep continuing. And at one point, the crank arm will release the pedal. That moment, you should be able to feel the pedal slowly unthreading from the arm as you turn it.

Insert The Wrench In Pedal Face Bolt.

The pedal face will have bolts. Insert Allen wrench in one of those. Now you either want to detach the pedal counter-clock or clockwise. Choose it and twist the wrench exactly that way to take the pedal out.

If overtightening is the case, then you may face some serious problems here. Often it gets the bike stripping your pedal bushing.

Take Out The Pedal.

Try to test the pedal with your hand and see if it’s loose enough now. You want to hold the arm of the pedal and try twisting it to confirm that. If there’s still stiffness, you need more torque to work with the Allen wrench here. And once the stiffness goes away, you should be able to remove the pedal from the spindle.

Keep In Mind – You can use these steps to detach stuck on the pedal easily. If it’s still hard, then a little bit of elbow grease should help. Also, you have to proceed with enough time in hand as well as a caution to not hurt the pedal or any of its parts.

Frequently Asked Question?

1. how to take off bike pedals without a pedal wrench?

You can use a spanner instead of an Allen wrench for removing pedals while not having an Allen wrench for the task. It’s often the same process, just the tool is different.

2. What can I use if I don’t have a pedal wrench?

You don’t need the pedal wrench for the removal. Other 15 mm standard open-end wrench will also work just fine.

3. Can you use a regular wrench to remove bike pedals?

Yes, in some cases the regular wrench works just fine. However, it would depend mostly on what type of pedals you have.

How To Remove Bicycle Pedals – The Easy Way

Wrapping Up

And that was a guide on how to remove bike pedals with an Allen wrench. I really hope it was easy for you to understand, I tried to keep it that way. However, there are video demonstrations that explain the method and you may want to check if reading the instructions feels off. But for most parts, you should be doing just fine with these instructions alone.