How To Remove Presta Valve Core With Pliers

How To Remove Presta Valve Core With Pliers Easily!

You might have the necessary stuff ready for your mountain bike. From the best Presta valve pump to a proper tire air compressor. But the need to change certain parts, as they are worn out from constant use, still remains there. And that can happen with the Presta valve.

However, once it does demand a replacement, you must remove the core to take it out. Something that is confusing and often hard to understand.

Well, let’s talk about it a bit. Here’s how to remove Presta valve core with pliers, something most of us should have in our house.

Let’s Find Out How To Remove Presta Valve Core With Pliers Easily.

You just have to keep squeezing the flat sides with the needle-nose pliers, that’s the type often needed for the job. And at some point, the core would come out. It will need a bit of time and effort though.

For the removal, you can try the Park Tool Needle Nose Pliers for this purpose.

Also, Keep In Mind Not All Presta Valve Cores Are Removable

You won’t be able to remove or replace all Presta valve core out there. This is because the Presta valve usually would have the broadest part of its body right inside the stem. And so, getting the core out from the tube is almost impossible. And that just means not all Presta valves come with a removal core.

You can determine the possibility thought by having a look at the stem. There should be two-part of valves with a core that is removed. These are upper and lower.

And that also means, not all Presta valves are replaceable. Some might be attached to the tubes. So, if there’s a need for replacement, you’ll have to think about changing the whole tube.

The best tubeless valves often are Presta valves that use not for fixing to the rim. Once you get the seal broken, the air will start to lose. Anda again, you’ll need to go for a valve replacement.

Now that you know all of that, we’re ready to find out how to remove Presta valve core with pliers or other tools that might be available to you.

Place The Tire Right Way.

The very first job you have is ensuring proper positioning of the tire. Do this in a way that the stem seems to move upwards. So that it’s in the best placement for you to access and work on it easily. Especially when it’s about detaching the core.

Take The Cap Out.

Next, you have to locate the valve cap. This should be in the tire lever, check there and locate it. Once you find it, remove the cap gradually. It should be a pretty small part. And so, once you get it out, there are more chances of misplacing it accidentally.

So, keep it aside somewhere safe, because you definitely will need it later on. Also, to remove the cap, you don’t need another tool. Your hand should be enough. It’s so small that using another tool to grab would be hard, instead, hands will allow the maximum access as well as grip. So go for it!

Turning The Valve Stem.

i72 Tubeless Valve Stem 40mm Presta

Now it’s time for you to work with the valve core removal tool that you’ve got. If you own a valve stem removal gear, then using it should be fine too. Also, the slotted metal valve cap works here quite the same way.

All you got to do with the tool, is rotate the valve stem. And also, make sure you are following an anticlockwise motion while doing so. Just one turn won’t be enough, however. You need to go for several turns for the thing to come off.

Now if you don’t have any of these valve stem removal tools, then a simple needle nose plier should also help. You want to focus on the flat sides. And use the plier to squeeze that part. Both valves shall have your hands on it for better access. And at some time, due to squeezing the thing would unscrew.

However, a needle-nose plier is also not available with you, then as a last resort, try a fork. A random kitchen fork, yes that’s what I’m suggesting. But keep in mind this is when you are left with no choice. Because a fork won’t be very easy to get the core out with.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How to remove Presta valve core without tool?

It’s not easy to remove the core without absolutely no tool. You’ll at least need something that comes with a pointy end for gripping such a tiny part. And that’s why I mentioned using a fork in case of having absolutely nothing. I hope that’s available at your home.

2. How to remove valve core with Slime tool?

It’s not actually a slime tool. Instead, there’s been a hack surfacing where you use the cap of the slime bottle as a valve core removal tool. And its does work sometimes.

You basically use this in the center, which engages the core. And then as you keep turning it in a counterclockwise motion, the valve core slowly starts to come off.

Wrapping Up

Here we are, by the end of this piece already. That was all about how to remove Presta valve core with pliers and also a few more tools that could be available with you. I just wanted to leave room for everyone. If the core is removable, you should not delay the placement process (which is most likely why you’re here). Best Of Luck!