How To Set Up a New Mountain Bike In Simple ways

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So you are overwhelmed with joy with your new traveling companion. Before that, you must know how to set up a new mountain bike.To have comfortable riding experience, it is much needed to do. Simple steps are there to follow which I am going to share with you in this article.


Steps To follow to Set up

How To Set Up a New Mountain Bike

Choose the right tools

When you have standard tools for making things done up to the mark, half of your work is done. Usually, a torque wrench is the main equipment for this kind of adjustments especially for carbon made components.

Make proper adjustments with saddle height

Saddle position is the most vital things to keep in consideration. With too much low or high seat position won’t allow you to use the legs and quadriceps in fullest energy.

Keeping a friend with you is a wise decision for you in this case. You can hold the cycle on upright position. Grip the handlebar with your friend’s help or you can take the support of tree or walls by keeping it in a lean position.

Now take an Allen wrench and loosen the bolts slowly. Make sure the clamps are well-secured. Then slide it forward or backward keeping the required height adjustment.

Maintain the handlebar height

If you want to enjoy comfortable bike riding experience, adjust the bike handlebars properly. In most cases, it depends on the kinds of terrains you are doing.

To fix the adjustments, the bolts should be loosening with the wrench. Then you must slide the clamp meeting your comfort zone for keeping reliable lever alignment.

Remember, you should feel comfortable in reaching the bars. If you are unable to keep your arm muscle on the right position, serious back pain is the ultimate consequences.

Set up the brake levers properly

If you want to have control over the total reaction and time, then this adjustment is necessary. Again it helps keep your balance neutral.

How would you be sure if the set-up is done correctly or not? “Well, let me be clear about it.

If you find your arms to be straight while holding the lever, then you have rightfully set it up. Loosen the Allen bolts gradually. Do it until the angle goes at 45°.

Adjust with the shifters

This factor mostly depends on your personal choice. Chances are few to make this subtle adjustment when you have already done with the brake lever set up.

In fact, it is not so difficult to do. The way you make arrangements to the brake lever, it follows the same. Just make sure about the flexible shifting position you want to have in your bike.

Inflate the tires

Before riding, make sure about the tire pressure and their temperature for sure. You can enjoy better traction with that.


I hope, you enjoy the full article about How to set up a new mountain bike. I truly believe you will follow the guideline perfectly

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