Are Valve Stems Replaced with New Tires

Are Valve Stems Replaced with New Tires? [Answered]

The lifespan of the tires and the valve stems are almost close. When you replace the tires, it’s better to replace the valve stem. On the other hand, more than the tires, the chances of valve stems being damaged are more!

You won’t like a leaking tire, do you? Are valve stems replaced with new tires –mostly yes, they are! Is it necessary? Let’s discuss this in detail so that you can decide if you want to replace the stems or keep the old ones!

Are Valve Stems Replaced with New Tires

Valve Stem, Rim, and the Tires

Is the valve stem part of the tire or rim– a basic confusion among all of us! Well, to begin with, a valve stem is a feature of the rim or the wheel. It helps in keeping the tires inflated. Also, you can add or remove air according to your desire. When you see your tire being deflated, that’s because the valve stem is not in the right condition! It might be damaged or cracked.

When to Replace Valve Stems

There are two situations when you should replace the valve stem. Here, we have mentioned both of these situations, check it out!

  • After a good period of using the valve stem, they can be dried out. The rubber component on the valve stem can be dry and over time, it will be cracked. If you see any sort of damage or crack on the rubber part, there is a chance that your valve stem is damaged. And in short, it is leaking air. There is no fix for this. Instead, you have to get new valve stems and replace the old ones. If you see a damaged valve stem, you can check out how to change a valve stem on a tubeless tire here!
  • At times, we change tires if the tires are faulty. At other times, we might want to change the tires for several other reasons. No matter what’s the reason, while changing a tire, it’s a good idea to change the valve stem too. As they are inexpensive, most professionals will recommend you change the valve stem when you are replacing the tires.

Why Replacing Valve Stems with Tires

We often see the experts suggesting a vehicle owner change the valve stem while they are changing the tire. In this case, we often think that it might be compulsory to change the valve stem while replacing the old tire. But no, it is not a compulsory job. But once again, we also recommend you replace the valve stem while changing a tire for obvious reasons.

  • The average lifespan of a tire is more or less four years to five years. Do you know how long does a tire valve stem last? Valve stems can last five years to ten years as best. The lifespan is almost close. The valve stems are exposed to UV rays. Along with this, they daily go through the same process! As a result, they get hardened. The valve stem might get brittle for so many other reasons too. Whenever you plan to wash your tires and rims, there is a change of flexing the stem. And leaks are common here! So, as these are exposed every day, to safeguard the tires, it’s a good idea to get new valve stems when you replace the tires!
  • Metal valve stems last a longer period than the other ones. However, the TPMS valve stems won’t last more than five years to seven years. The battery will wear out in this case. As your plans are changing the tires, you can go for changing the stems too! Have a look at these bike air compressors; you can try all of them. But if the valve stem is not in perfect condition, the tire will anyway lose air!
  • When you are replacing tires in a professional shop, you might not be able to get the tires if you do not get new valve stems. In some tire shops, they won’t provide you the warranty of the tires if you do not change the previously added valve stem. It’s better to try new valve stems with the new tires you have just added.
  • Who doesn’t love the newness they get when they add new tires? Well, if you are adding new tires, what’s wrong is adding new valve stems? They together will provide you with a better outlook and better outcome. For the sake of newness, you can change it too!
  • You won’t like to go to the professionals again and again right? Or even if you are planning to install the tires in your home alone, you won’t like to waste every weekend working on the bike or your vehicle. In this case, it’s easier to get both of these jobs done in one trial. As you are already removing and replacing the tire, get your hands on the valve stems too!
  • Last but not the least; the valve stems are quite inexpensive. You do not need to pay a lot to get them replaced. As there is a chance of air leaking with the old valve stem and you can reduce the change by changing them with the tires, it’s a better idea for everybody!

Old Valve Stem with New Tires

Though we think that it’s necessary to change the valve stems while adding new tires to your bike, it’s not compulsory. You can simply plan on not adding new valve stems while you are getting new tires. Carrying on with the old valve stem with the new tires completely depends on your decision. Check out the best tubeless valve stems along with the tube valve and then decide if you want it or not!

Cost to Replace Valve Stem

So, now that you have planned to replace the valve stems with your tires already, you must know about the cost you have to bear for replacing the valve stem. For replacing the valve stem, without replacing the tire, you will need to pay $10. In short, the new valve stems will cost you about $10.

When you take it to the professionals to replace the new valve stems, you have to pay $30. The labor cost is included here. On the other hand, if you know how to install valve stems of a vehicle, you can do it at home. That won’t cost you more than $15 with the additional accessories you need for the job.

Wrap Up

After a long period of use, you will surely see the valve stems weakening. These get more prone to leaking and resulting in breaking finally. Who wants to wait for that long? If you want your tire not to leak air anymore, you can rely on changing the stems. Replacing the stems with the tire is a good idea to make a two-in-one job in the shortest possible time!