How to Change a Valve Stem on a Tubeless Tire

How to Change a Valve Stem on a Tubeless Tire?

The valve stem has a rubber component and it’s easy to see it drying out or cracking over time. The crack may be small but it will cost you a lot when you are driving. There will be air leaks; some will say that the air leak is slow but keep in mind it is constantly leaking air!

Valve stems on the other hand are quite inexpensive. Why would you want a leaky valve stem on the road? Check out how to change a valve stem on a tubeless tire in detailed steps- we aren’t gonna keep a hole!

How to Change a Valve Stem on a Tubeless Tire?

Step by Step Tubeless Tire Valve Replacement

So, how much does it costs to replace a valve stem on a tire? Well, it’s only $10! Check out the steps and invest the weekend in something good!

Step 1: The Preparation

First of all, you have to gather the things that are required for the process of changing the valve stem on your tubeless tires. In this process, undoubtedly, you will need new valve stems. Go to any automotive store and buy valve stems.

These are highly inexpensive and so, you can check out the best tubeless valve stems here! Once you get your hands on the valve stem, your job is to get the installation tool for the valve stem. In the same place, you will get this one too.

Once again, it’s inexpensive and worth buying. And now, go for a valve remover along with a valve stem puller. For this process, you will need an air compressor and a tire pressure gauge. A jack is a must here. With the jack, make sure you are getting your hands on some blocks of wood. Some 4x4s wood blocks will do the job.

The 2 ft. long blocks are the best deal here. To change the valve stem, you will need a long handle plier too. Oh, another thing we almost forgot to mention! Get some soapy water. Just dish soap water will do the job. Don’t forget to pour the soapy water in a spray bottle to make the work handy for you!

Step 2: Tire Arrangement

So, you are almost ready with the ingredients and elements that you will need throughout the process. It’s time to prepare the tire. To make it ready for valve stem-changing, you have to take out the tire first. A very common question regarding this is- can you replace a valve stem without removing the tire?

Yes, if you are dealing with a rubber valve stem, surely you can! But it’s easier to work on the ground than making the tire stand. Go through the vehicle and slowly, take off the tire of your vehicle. Once the tire is on the ground, it’s time to deflate the tire.

No worries, we will inflate this one after the valve stem is changed. So, once you deflate the tire, you have to take a look at the valve stem. From the valve stem, you need to take off the valve. For removing this, take the advantage of the valve stem tool.

It will easily remove the valve from the valve stem within minutes. When you are done, move to the next step. To keep the valve stem leak-free, you can replace it with the tire too! Are valve stems replaced with new tires while installation– you have to check out for more details!

Step 3: Protection

After you have prepared the tire and the materials you need, work on protecting yourself. Yes, you cannot move to the next step without ensuring your safety. For the process to work without any severe accident, we recommend you use safety glasses.

The jack is an important part here. When you apply force, at times, the jack might slip. In some cases, the tire might slide too. To avoid such interruption and danger, you have to get a rod. The rod should be a long reach. The job of this long reach rod is to keep the jack in its place and control it.

Step 4: Expose the Valve

You are safe now; let’s proceed with how to install tubeless valve stem! You have to set the tire now. While settings this, make sure that the tire stays under a heavy vehicle. It should stay right under the bumper of the vehicle.

As we have mentioned above, there is always a chance of the tire flipping up when you will apply pressure. So, to avoid it, you have to make use of the woodblocks. Place the blocks opposite to the jack.

This will keep the tire away from flipping up. Using the jack for pushing it down is all that is needed here. Once you are ready, get the jack in your hand and use it to force the rubber tire. You have to take the rubber tire down off the rim.

Take it near the valve. While doing this, it won’t work right away. Instead, you have to loosen up the bead lock beforehand. For this, go for the left and right sides of the stem so that you can loosen it a bit. After this, it will break loose making your job easier!

Step 5: Take off the Old Valve Stem

In this step, you have to take off the valve stem that’s not working anymore. To remove the old valve stem, firstly, get the plier we have recommended before. Reach in with the help of the plier. With this one, you have to get a grip on the rear part of the valve stem.

At times, the front part of the valve stem can be the tricky part to deal with. Take a look at the front part of the valve stem. All you need now is to cut out the front part. It is not necessary but if you feel that to grasp the rear of the valve stem, you need it, don’t hesitate to do it.

However, when you are going through this process, you need to be extra careful. We highly recommend using pliers for your safety. At times, you might place any part of your body between the rim and the rubber. There can be amputation if you do such a thing. There are situations when the jack pops loose. You don’t want to hurt your fingers, do you?

Step 6: Add New Valve Stems

The old valve stem is out, get the new ones in! Go through the new valve stem first. To make it ready, you have to take off the valve stem cap along with the valve. Do you remember the soapy water spray we had recommended before? Yes, use that soapy water spray for spraying the entire stem. It will make the stem slippery.

And this, the installation process will be easier! Get your hands on the long plier and get a grip of the valve stem base now. Once you do it, with the other hand, get a hold of the valve stem pull tool. With the help of the pliers, you have to reach the rim valve hole of the valve stem. Now, once again, use the valve stem pull tool.

Screw this one onto the stem from the outer part. It’s time to pull the valve stem tool. After a while, the stem will pop into the right place. However, for this, a good amount of force is required. Make sure you are firm and you increase force if necessary.

Step 7: Inflate the Tire

It’s time to take off the jack. With the jack, you need to remove the wood blocks too. As you need to take the tire out, you must get rid of these two. Here, the rubber will push up toward the rim automatically.

But keep in mind that it will not reach back if you don’t work on it. You have to get your hands on the valve and replace it with the valve stem. Once again, you have to hold the soapy water spray and spray it all around the tire. It will make it prepared for the installation.

You are almost ready for it! All you need now is to inflate the tire. While inflating, keep your hands back. While the tire pops into the right place on the rim, there is a lot of force. Getting your hands to interfere might harm you. While buying the valve stem, you might ask what size valve stem for tubeless mountain bike will be the best.

Well, let’s tell you that tubeless valve stems come in different diameters; so, it depends on the models along with so many other aspects. For replacement tubeless valve stem Mtb, you can go for the 44mm length that fits the best. The 50mm, 60mm, and 80mm rims also go amazingly!

Step 8: Adjust the Tire Pressure

Now, the rubber is back on the rim in its right place. Right after it’s ready; you have to hold the tire pressure gauge. This one will help in adjusting the tire pressure. Make sure you are going for the manufacturer-recommended tire pressure here. And there you go! You are ready with the new valve stem on your tubeless tire!

Step 9: Test the Tire

In this final stage, we often ignore this but to ensure safety, it’s necessary. You have to check and test the tire so that it is completely leak-free. Go for the soapy water once again.

The seal around the tire and rim and the stem and rim should be checked before using them. If there is a leak, you have to go through the process and fix it. Once you are assured that there’s no leak, get the valve stem cap and place it the way it was before!

Step 10: Go for a Drive

So, the tire is ready. Get your hands on the tire and install it on the vehicle. Once it is added to the vehicle, go for a drive! Your valve stem is changed and you are back to normal once again!

Wrap Up

Valve stems are highly inexpensive and so, if you ever face that they are leaking, the best idea is to replace them instead of trying to fix them. Installing a new valve stem on your tubeless tire might seem easy but it takes a lot to do it! If it’s possible, we recommend you to get some help from your friend, extra hands are never worse!