best bike helmet with lights reviews 2021

Best Bike Helmet with Lights to Buy in 2022 | Top 7 Picks

best bike helmet with lights reviews 2021

Bike rides are fun and adventurous. It is a wonderful way to travel and immerse yourself in nature. And it does not matter if you are a pro cyclist and commute every day or take frequent road trips in and out of the city; you always need to follow bicycle safety.

And one of its first and most prominent rules is to wear a helmet! Fortunately, most helmets are made following the safety standard regulations, so you don’t have to worry about it. However, there are other features to look for in the best bike helmet with lights, such as style, color, price, and more.

Here, we have reviewed 7 of the best bike helmets you can find in 2021 that we know you’ll love. 

Top Bike Helmet : At a Glance 

Before we go into talking about the detailed features, here are our top 7 bike helmets choices for you: 

1. Best Overall: Lumos Kickstart Smart Helmet

Integrated LED lights with included battery, phone, and app sync abilities, free air circulation, lightweight, automatic brake, and turn lights.

2. Best Overall, Runners up: Lumos Matrix Helmet

High visibility, customizable and dynamic lights, automatic brake lights, large vents, impact-resistant padding system, expensive.

3. Best Style: Nutcase VIO Helmet

Street style design, powerful front, and rear lights, secure fit, protective EPS foam system, detachable stylish visor.

4. Best Durability: MOKFIRE adult bike helmet

Rainproof, waterproof, in-molding double-layered protection, high visibility, breathable, easy cleaning.

5. Best Build: GROTTICO adult bike helmet

Unisex, lightweight, compact, adjustable dials, rechargeable lights, detachable visor, polycarbonate exteriors. 

6. Best Anti-theft: SUNRIMOON Adult Bike Helmet

Anti-theft design, inexpensive, unisex, lightweight, adjustable positioning, detachable magnet goggles, rechargeable, padded chin, and ear straps, integrated lights.

7. Best Budget: JONCOM Adult Bike Helmet

Breathable space, impact-resistant, tough and durable materials, stylish design, removable visor, insect net lining, rechargeable taillights.

7 Best Bike Helmet with Lights Reviews

It is very necessary to have lights on your helmets so that you can see and be seen, especially at night. With some helmets, you have to add-on lights and but most nowadays have them integrated. We decided to review the ones that already come with lights so you can focus on other features. 

1. LUMOS Kickstart Smart Helmet

Highlighted Features

  • 10-hours battery life for extended journeys
  • 48 LEDs for clear visibility on the road
  • Integrated turn and auto brake warning signals with sounds
  • Sync with iPhone fitness app and Strava

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LUMOS Kickstart Smart Helmet

Lumos has released many helmets over the years, crowdsourced and funded by backers in Kickstarter. Their original crowd-funded project was the ‘Kickstart’ which is still a favorite amongst cyclists.

The highlight of this helmet must be its 500-lumen integrated 48 LEDs at both the front and rear end, which can be seen from any direction. The lights are placed at eye level, providing illumination in the dark and making you visible to everyone on the road. They are charged by 1 li-ion battery that the helmet comes with. 

But what is more interesting about this helmet is that the lights can turn into turn signals as well! Just click on the remote mounted on your handlebar, and the turn signals will begin flickering. If you have an apple watch, you can also use your hands to gesture, and the helmet will pick it. The lights also work as auto brake warning signals.

You can adjust the helmets according to your head. Do not worry about your head sweating, as there are about 22 vents for free air circulation. For the safety and safety it provides, this helmet is worth every penny. 

2. LUMOS Matrix Smart Helmet

Highlighted Features

  • 1000-lumen integrated lighting so that you no visibility issues
  • Large rear-light with customizable symbols, patterns, and messages.
  • 4 air vents for free air circulation increasing your confort level
  • Automatic brake lights and turn signals

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LUMOS Matrix Smart Helmet

Lumos is revolutionary when it comes to their helmets, so of course, we have another one of their helmets on our list. The Matrix is an upgraded version of their already famous and popular products, which makes it even better. 

The lighting panel on the back has been made larger for more visibility during dark nights. They are equipped with even stronger 1000-lumen lights, which you can customize and style with personified symbols, messages, and patterns. However, the front light provides weak illumination, which can make it hard to navigate at night.

This helmet will last you for hours, making it perfect for wearing during long road trips. And weighing only 580 grams, they are very comfortable as well. They are lined with impact-resistant foams and ABS shells to protect your head in any unfortunate situation.

You will be pleased how easy it is to adjust the fitting and with the overall design and features. The price may seem expensive, but you will not only paying for safety but for the fun experience as well. 

3. Nutcase VIO Bike Helmet with LED Lights and MIPS Protection

Highlighted Features

  • 360 degrees lighting so that you have a clear view of the surroundings
  • Patented exoskeleton technology with 2-piece-in-mould DUO Density EPS foam construction.
  • Adjustable cradle for superior comfort
  • Fidlock magnetic closure for easy strapping of the helmet
  • 9 vents for free air circulation inside the helmet

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Nutcase VIO Bike Helmet with LED Lights and MIPS Protection

NUTCASE decided to change the way helmets look on your head and create street style, versatile helmets that you can use for cycling, skateboarding, and rollerblading, amongst others. And with their VIO product, they went all out.

This helmet has strong, orange-colored taillights and equally powerful front lights as well that give you clear visibility to navigate. The lights can be seen from 360 degrees so you can remain assured you will be seen by all traffic. They are bright enough to be seen during the day too.

This bike helmet with front and rear lights feels and fits really well, with a Fidlock magnetic buckle that holds it in place. With 9 vents, it does not feel stuffy at all and has even room to fit thin ski hats in cold weather. 

Your head will always be protected due to the DUO Density EPS foam system, which is double layer protection of different densities. It is integrated with a MIPS safety feature to reduce angled impact. During accidents, they absorb most of the energy and keeps your skull safe.

You can also choose to clip on the stylish visor that the helmet comes with to shield your eyes against sun, rain, and dust. Not only will this helmet keep you safe, but it will also make you look good doing so. 

4. MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable position and tension fitting for your convenience
  • Easily removable paddings for cleaning and keep your helmets smelling fresh.
  • Multi-colored linings included with a portable bag for convenient storage.
  • Lightweight for comfortable fitting with 22 vents for air circulation.
  • 9 lighting modes with USB rechargeable rear lights.

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MOKFIRE Adult Bike Helmet - best bike helmet with LED lights

When it comes to designing helmets, MOKFIRE surely knows how to do it. However, this model is different to their usual product lines, but it is still pretty impressive and is one of the best, if not the very best bike helmet with LED lights!

These helmets are mainly targeted at mountain bikes. They are waterproof and rainproof and extremely durable. With just one single charge of 2 hours, it will last for hours.

It has an in-molding technology that joins the inner EPS foam core to the exterior polycarbonate shell that would absorb a majority of the shock during accidents. The safety features are compliant with the CPSC and CE.EN1078 standards so you can go on your road cycling or mountain biking adventures without a worry.  

There are nine lighting modes available with a plug-in real LED light for night visibility. The helmet’s ventilation is also top of the line, the 22 vents providing sufficient cool, fresh airflow to prevent overheating. The soft, thick inner padding instantly soaks up your sweat to keep your head cool. These pads can be easily removed and cleaned after each journey and keep your helmet fresh.

5. GROTTICO Adult Bike Helmet with Light

Highlighted Features

  • Adjustable dial and straps for both women and men.
  • Integrated USB rechargeable LED lights for increased visibility
  • 3 lighting modes for clear visibility while riding
  • Quick-dry padding so that your head remains cool
  • Removable quick visor for greater convenience

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GROTTICO Adult Bike Helmet with Light

GROTTICO made this helmet with the best safety features in mind, but do not worry; they did not compromise on style or comfort. With this helmet, you will hopefully come out unscathed, even from the most horrible accidents.

These helmets are made according to US and EU cycling standards, equipped with a robust in-mold polycarbonate exterior lined with EPS foam inside. And it fits both men and women, the adjustable dial at the rear allowing you to position your helmet just the way you like it. Don’t worry about getting hot, as the 23 ventilation points would keep you feeling breezy throughout your entire ride.

The GROTTICO helmet is lightweight and compact, with a detachable visor to protect your eyes. Its integrated lights are rechargeable with a USB and have three light modes: steady, flash, and wave to easily make yourself known by motorists and heavy vehicle drivers.

This tough helmet comes with an impact-absorbing foam liner that absorbs moisture and keeps your head cool. You can also swap them out to clean them. 

6. JONCOM Adult Bike Helmet

Highlighted Features

  • Detachable sun visor that you can remove easily
  • Adjustable size dial so that you can fit the helmet around your head without any hassle
  • Removable liner and insect net
  • Rechargeable safety rear light to make you visible to other vehicles
  • High-density EPS material which is resistant to impacts

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Joncom Adult Bike Helmet with Light

As the name suggests, this helmet has been specially designed for adult riders, comfortably fitting their large heads. You can easily adjust it just the way you want by turning the dial on the back.

The helmet is made with the highest quality materials, such as tough and durable PVC and PC, EPS foam which is impact resistant. It is very stylish, with intricate detailing such as the matte black finish and the white contrast lettering along the sides. 

It comes fully assembled, except for the visor, which needs a little elbow grease to attach. You also get removable liners and insect nets to ward off any insects crawling into your head. The release buckle is easy to strap on and off and remains comfortably flat against your chin.

As for the lighting, the rechargeable taillights come in 3 flashing modes: fast, normal, and slow. The first click turns the lights on, and you can change them before with each press and then turn them off with the fourth click. 

While there are plenty of cut-outs to let in the air and keep your head cool, you can still wear them in the rain. It has plenty of breathable space, which is perfect for women for voluminous hair.

7. SUNRIMOON Adult Bike Helmet

Highlighted Features

  • Quick-drying padding for comfortable wear
  • 16 big vents for cool airflow and to keep your head cool
  • USB rechargeable taillights for easily being seen by others on the road
  • Anti-fatigue and glare magnetic goggles

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SUNRIMOON Adult Bike Helmet - best bike helmet with safety lights

When it comes to bike helmets, the SUNRIMOON bike helmet is regarded as the best bike helmet with safety lights you will find in the market. It is a perfect fit for most adults and is so lightweight that you will barely notice that you have it on. And when not in use, it has an anti-theft design that helps you lock in your helmet to your bike. 

The SUNIROOM has some excellent features, one being the detachable magnetic goggles. It gives you full coverage from the sun and rain and can be removed with one hand when needed. Another feature that you will love about this helmet is the padded chin straps and adjustable ear straps, which lie flat against your face and do not feel uncomfortable at all.

The three LED light modes make sure you have visibility on the road and are seen by all. They are charged with a USB, and a single charge will easily last you for around 3-4 hours of use. This unisex helmet is a perfect gift for your cyclist friends and family, and it is quite inexpensive as well.

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FAQs About Bike Helmet

1. How often should I replace my bike helmets?

u003cstrongu003eAns:u003c/strongu003e Bike helmets need to be replaced after every big impact or if they show signs of wear and tears. Even unscathed helmets need to be changed every 5 years.

2. What should I do if I notice a dent in my helmet?

u003cstrongu003eAns:u003c/strongu003e If you notice dents or signs of wear and tears in your helmet within the warranty period, most manufacturers replace your helmets free of charge. But these damages should not be a result of big accidents. Some manufacturers replace your helmets even if the warranty period is over.

3. Do I really need to wear a helmet when riding a bike?

u003cstrongu003eAns:u003c/strongu003e Yes, you do. Even if it is not the law where you live, you should always wear a helmet when riding a bike. Helmets are lined with paddings that absorb most of the shocks during impact and keeps your head, face, and brain safe during accidents. 

4. What features should I look for in the build quality of my helmets? 

u003cstrongu003eAns:u003c/strongu003e The ideal materials for helmets are polycarbonate shells on the exterior and multi-layered density EPS foams on the interior. 

5. How do I know the correct head size for myself? 

u003cstrongu003eAns:u003c/strongu003e Take a measuring tape and place the starting tip at the middle of your forehead. Roll the tape around and measure where the tape meets your starting point. You should check the measurements in both values. Read the product description, and you can choose the helmet that would fit your head the best.

Final Words

Bike safety should never be taken lightly. You should always ensure to have top-quality products and safety gear, and that means having the best bike helmet with lights. Now, you are all set to go on your next big adventure!