best tires for motorized bicycle

3 Best Tires for Motorized Bicycle (Buying Guide Included)

As motorized bikes are different from conventional bikes, they come with a few specialized components. Can guess those components? One of the key components that differ from conventional bikes is the tires. So, what are the traits for the best tires for motorized bikes? We will discover shortly.

These bikes need the best tires because they weigh a lot more than the regular bicycles. Tires of these bikes can handle extra weight, speed and the momentum that comes with it. Where conventional tires would fail, these ones can keep performing.

Once you are done reading you will know which tires are the best tires for motorized bicycles and which one should you pick.

Recommended Tires for Motorized Bicycle At A Glance:

Why Motorized Bicycles Need Specialized Tires

It is very common to wonder why motorized bicycles would need special tires? Before answering that, let me go through the basics.

In a bicycle, everything happens through the tires. Once you start paddling the energy is converted to rotational energy in the tire, friction happens on the tire, the tire bears all the load, and more.

If regular tires can do that for conventional bikes, then why not for motorized bikes, be it gas powered bicycle or electric bike?

The answer lies in the weight of a motorized bicycle. These bicycles are significantly heavier than their conventional counterpart. These rides come with a powerful motor and battery to run them.

Also, the motorized bicycle frame needs to be strong to hold these two components safely together. It also adds up the overall weight. Then comes the speed, these bicycles are made to run at a higher speed than the conventional bikes.

So, tires on a motorized bicycle have to handle significantly more weight and speed. Not to mention the momentum, and the brakes that halts this high momentum to a standstill.

Overall, these tires have to go through more rigorous conditions can regular bicycles on daily basis. For these reasons motorized bicycles need specialized tires.

best tires for motorized bicycle

3 Best Tires for Motorized Bicycle Reviews

After my extensive research, I have found these 5 tires to recommend you for your Motorized Bicycle. Read the full review and select your desired one.

1. Best Overall: CST City C1218 Tire

CST City C1218 Tire
  • Wheel Size: 26 inch
  • Width: 54 mm
  • Max pressure: 65 PSI
  • Weight: 1050 grams
  • Fit for: Urban commuting

It is the new all-rounder in town. If you have been looking for the jack of all trades and master of most, this tire is likely to fulfill your wish. The solid build quality of this tire has granted it the top place.

This tire was designed especially for commuting within the city. This kind of specialization allows manufacturers to apply different techniques for specific use cases.

For example, this tire comes with a low-lying tread that rolls better on city roads. Its slim and simple design will allow you to navigate busy traffic with ease.

The maximum ideal pressure for this tire is 65 PSI. It can go as low as 45 PSI. You can keep it at any pressure level you are comfortable with between these two points.

Keeping it at maximum level would allow you better mileage due to the low traction. On the other hand, having low pressure means turning corners would be easier.

Moreover, the axles of this tire fit mountain bikes. That means these tires can be used in mountain bikes with ease. So, if you have any MTB lying around gathering dust, it might be the perfect time to get ready for an urban adventure.

Just replace MTB’s tire with these tires and voila! Your bicycle is ready to cruise through the city streets.

The manufacturer put extra rubber on the tires for better grip. It will come in aid when you try quick acceleration or sudden stop. The firm grip on the road will also make paddling the bicycle easier. Most of all, at the end of the due to this extra rubber you will have better control of your ride.

The tire has wire beads in this to add extra strength. Not to mention that extra layer of rubber. On top of that, all the materials used to make this tire is of high quality.

These tires are perfectly capable of carrying the load of the extra weight, speed, and momentum of bicycle with a motor.


  • Specially designed for city commuting
  • Has great grip on the road
  • Offers the best value for money
  • Rugged build with high-quality materials


  • Can be considered heavy for some specific usages

2. Best Foldable Tire: Fincci Pair 26 x 2.125 Inch

Fincci Pair 26 x 2.125 Inch
  • Wheel Size: 26 inch
  • Max pressure: 40 PSI
  • Weight: 900grams
  • Fit for: Hybrid/Mountain bike

For those who need to hiking with a bike, this tire is a treat for them. You can remove this foldable tire, fold it and carry it in your bag if necessary.

Being a foldable tire makes this tire unique from the other ones. When you fold this tire, the possibility is limitless.

On top of my head, I can say it will be easier to carry. You can also carry extra tires and they would end up taking a little space. These tires will be especially useful as backup tires as they are easy to carry.

The weight of these tires is 900 grams each. Having a lightweight tire helps you in multiple ways on a mountain bike.

On a smooth road, they would grant you better mileage, on off-road conditions you will enjoy better control. Lightweight tires are way more energy efficient in the long term than they get credit for.

The manufacturer used grip tread on this tire. This tread design helps with a comfortable ride and fast speed on smooth roads and tarmac. While off-road provides better control and stability. The tread plays a very important role in keeping the grip in the right way all the time.

This tire was designed for rough usage such as on mountain bikes on rough terrain. Not only these are made from high-quality materials but also, they have Kevlar wire cord beads inside.

They together make sure to matter how much the strain is, the tire should not get out of shape. They will last for a long time even with rough usage.


  • Being foldable means it easier to carry
  • Built with Kevlar wire cord
  • Grips well even in harder terrain
  • Excellent money to performance ratio


  • A bit much wear-prone than other tires

3. Best for Mountain Bikes: Bell Mountain Bike Tires

Bell Mountain Bike Tires
  • Wheel Size: 18-29 inch
  • Max pressure: 65 PSI
  • Weight: 684 grams
  • Fit for: Hybrid/Mountain bike

This is the one you should look for when going out for an adventure. This tire will be able to handle almost anything you throw at it. It is one of the best mountain bike tires for street and trail for its heavy-duty build quality.

Its high tread pattern makes sure the grip is absolute on rough surfaces. Although this approach lessens the traction on city roads the off-road performance will be impeccable.

This tire is intended to use on mountain bikes, putting on this tire when you do out for adventure with your MTB is recommended. The superior’s traction will keep the bike stable and under control in most situations. It is perfect for use on a single track to trail riding.

Although using Kevlar beads in bike tires is becoming the norm to add extra strength. The manufacturer went in a new direction and added carbon steel beads inside. One of the benefits you will enjoy is to be able to fold it for storage without harming its integrity.

So, when the biking season is over, you won’t have to go to the store to buy a new pair. Also, the tire will be able to keep itself together even under extreme pressure.

Another cool thing about this tire is it comes in all sizes. Most tires are made in the size that fits most other bikes. So, they are usually made in one or two sizes. 

But you can get 18, 20, 26, 27.5, 29-inch variants. It gives you the freedom to choose the perfect size that fits your bicycle. Also, in case you are keen to experiment with different sizes, you can also do that.

From build materials to design, everything on this tire is adventure-oriented. Especially if you wish to ride on trails, mountain tracks, and off-road terrains. You will always be in superior control and these tires will keep your bike stable.

The use of carbon steel beads and high-quality materials will work together to keep the tire going through almost every possible scenario.


  • Amazing flat defense
  • Very easy to mount on the bicycle
  • Comes with durable and high-quality rubber
  • There are carbon steel beads inside to make the tire extra strong


  • Not so good for the city roads

How to Choose Best Tires for Motorized Bicycle (The Buying Guide)

Tube or Tubeless

These two types of tires have their own pros and cons. The biggest advantage of tubeless tire is that they are less prone to leaking and gets better traction with the road.

If something makes a leak on the tire, once it is removed then the liquid sealant inside repairs the leak. On the other hand, they are time-consuming to install and expensive.

Tires with tubes are cheaper than tubeless tires. They are also prevalent everywhere. This makes repairing them way easier as all you have to do is to buy a new tube and install it in no time.

Tire Size

Larger tires are better for riding on the road. You will get easier time paddling, or better mileage if you are relying on the engine. Due to the larger diameter of the tire, you will have an easier time covering more distance.

While riding off-road, you will have less control over the ride if you use large tires. Smaller tires are better suited for off-road riding as it hands more control to the rider. For these reasons, you will see all the BMX cycles come with the small tire.

Tire Width

Getting the right tire width is important as it determines how much of the tire would grip the road. In short, thinner tires are better if you ride on smooth roads and speed is important to you.

For rough roads, wider tires would yield better results. Getting an extremely narrow or wide tire would depend on the specific application.


When it comes to valves, you have two options. These are presta valves and Schrader vales. The Schrader valves are the wide ones, use the same mechanism as car tire valves. These are more prevalent, so it is easier to change them almost anywhere.

The Presta valves can hold more air pressure and they are very narrow in the structure. So, they grant more integrity and stability to the rims. Also, you can put high pressure on the tire if that improves your riding experience.

Tread Pattern

The tread design is an important but often forgotten item. It is especially important if you are going to ride off-road. You should choose the tread depending on the terrain you will be mostly riding.

The side lug pattern keeps the grip while aggressively cornering. The center block pattern varies in many ways. The ramped knobs help quick acceleration and sudden stop but wear out very quickly. 

Depending on your riding terrain, you will have to pick the tire pattern consisting of side lugs, ramped knobs, and center blocks.


The right build materials ensure the durability of the tire. Unless you are aiming for something on pro-level, you would want to tires to last as much as possible. For this reason, durability is a legit concern.

So, before making the purchase examine which material was used to build different parts of the tire.

Motorized Bicycle Tire Maintenance

Regularly looking after the bike would ensure its long-lasting life. Also, you will get to enjoy a smooth and safe riding experience. These are my two cents on this matter.

  • Keeping the right air pressure is the key. If you can keep the air pressure right, then consider half of the job is done.
  • Get the tire that suits your riding terrain. Otherwise, the tire would wear out very quickly as different tires are made for different types of tracks.
  • Do not over-inflate or under-inflate the tire.
  • Before installing the tier, make sure to put the tread pattern in the right direction. The direction is usually curved on the side.
  • Know when it is time to replace the tire. It will not only make riding easier but also might save you from an accident.

How To Replace Tires on Motorized Bicycles?

Replacing the front tire of motorized bikes is the same as the regular ones. It is the rear tire that is a bit tricky. Although you already have experience of removing the rear tire on conventional bicycles then it will be an easy task. Let us take the look at the necessary steps.

  • Before starting the procedure, put the bike in the highest gear. This way the chain will be furthest away from the rear hub so the chance of on-chain getting stuck will be minimum.
  • If possible, get the bike into upside down position or put it on the stand. In short, put the bike in a favorable position to change the tire.
  • Now unplug the motor cable.
  • Get an Allen key then unscrew the bolts that keep the brake attached.
  • After removing the brake, go to the other side. Remove the bolt that keeps the axle fixed in relation to the frame. Remove other bolts and screws that are kept with the wheel. It varies from model to model.
  • Now pull back the wheel and it should come off.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Are Kevlar bike tires worth it?

Kevlar bike tires come with Kevlar under the tread surface. This inclusion adds higher rolling resistance to the tire and reduces the impact of smaller objects. So, yes Kevlar bikes tires are worth it as they increase tire longevity.

2. Is it easier to ride a bike with bigger wheels?

Bikes with bigger wheels are easier to ride. Because to cover the same distance you will have to paddle much more with small tires. Big wheels are suitable for long rides while smaller ones are good for stunts and riding off-road.

3. How long do motorized bicycles last?

It is hard to answer in a simple sentence as there is a lot of factors involved that determine longevity. The motorized bicycle can last from 3 to 10 years depending on your riding style and the terrain.

4. What size tires do professional cyclists use?

Professional cyclists use 19mm to 23mm tires. Because thin tires cause less traction on the road and grant more speed.

5. Are thinner bike tires faster?

Yes, thinner tires are faster. Thin and high-pressured tires come into less contact with the road compared to their wider counterparts. As the contact area is less, so is traction. As a result, more energy is converted to speed.

6. Which tires are puncture-proof?

Continental Four Seasons, Armadillo, Continental Ultra Gator Skin are a few of the puncture-proof tires.

7. Do bike tires make a difference in speed?

Yes, tires make a huge difference in speed when cycling. The tire grip, tread design, built material, and a few more factors act and react together to reach the final speed.

8. Which tire is better for fuel efficiency wide or narrow?

A narrow tire is better for fuel efficiency as it has to work against less traction.


No matter how good the motor on your bicycle is or how fast you can paddle, without a great pair of tires, they won’t matter much. You will need the best tires for motorized bicycle to squeeze out the last bit of performance. As the tire is where most of the actions take place, choosing the right tire for riding will make night and day different.

All three tires on the list are proven and tested again and again. They are made for a specific riding style in mind. So, you can be free to pick any that fits your riding style.