Schwinn Pillow Cruiser Bicycle Seat Review

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Pillow top Seat Schwann cruiser bike provide the best solution for seizures of long tours. Actually, best mountain bike saddle is designed to provide a flexible and Comfortable, but the road surface is adaptable with well compatible spring and framework that is stable.

Curvatures are well positioned in the right places and no rubber bumpers in the rear that act as a decent download the journey is bumpy. It comes with a slot in the right middle of the balls to keep in a safe place and grasping   soft gels for protection.
best mountain bike saddle

In the sense of weight, that seat is very colored to the size that comes in and is because of dense urethane foam. Seat suffers has very good ventilation and well-fit cover material.

Best mountain bike saddle Schwinn Pillow Top Cruiser Bicycle Seat has a cheap price and although features are also very good to compare with others. This to inform that it has done a great job to ensure the protection without compromising comfort.

The quality of Schwinn pillow bicycle seat is pretty good. It is very good in two games back to back and also it can keeping the seat comfortable and reduces the side impact during the ride. Moreover, it has a large area. I think it would be great for women as well. To be honest, everyone buys for it extra comfortless. This is the bike seat which remains fairly well in recent months.

In addition, when it comes to bicycle seat comfort level it would be great for you to buy one and use your bike. Really there is no sign of discomfort it absolutely very nice and well fit Bike seat. When Someone uses this Schwinn Pillow Top Cruiser Bicycle Seat He/she might feel few problem but days goes it will come very flexible and give them best riding feeling as like best mountain bike saddle.

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If you have long run habit then it would be a better option for you to choose this seat for your bike.

Schwinn cruiser bicycle pillow-top not come with a seat post. So if anybody does not have one will need to buy. However, it has come with Brackets and Screws you need to post to your bike saddle seat post.

The Seat which names Schwinn Pillow Top Cruiser Bicycle Seat is not too heavy. To be exact it has less weight and very flexible to use. I would say it is quite surprisingly easy for a rider. It became possible using urethane foam high density compared to the gel. In Seat lining with cover and there is no cloth there. It also prevents sweating when pedaling hard.


  • Provide maximum comfort in cheap
  • Best for the long run.
  • Usable in Exercise bike.
  • The price is great, and the product quality is excellent.
  • Well, fit in most if the bikes.
  • Compatible with casual bikes

Manufacturer details

It has an extra lining for make it soft and comfortable ride. It also has waterproof cover keeps the seat from absorbing up the rain wide size to add more relaxation.

It keeps away the discomfort while someone cycling with this Schwinn Pillow Top Cruiser Bicycle Seat. This seat also has an extra gel for making sure the best comfort level for the users.


  • Supper flexible cruiser bicycle seat.
  • No compromise in comfort.
  • Extra gel for ensuring the best comfort.
  • Weatherproof Lycra cover.
  • No side impact
  • Excellent for cruiser bikes, luxuries bikes etc.
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  • Just a few Hardy at early use.
  • Just a few wide but no too wide.

Some important questions that the customers often ask to know

1. Is the mounting included in it?
Answer: IF you have already a seat in your bike then surely it will mounting but if you do not then you would require buying a seat post.

2.  Can I use one of these on my exercise bike?
Answer: Yes. Definitely, I can use it.

3.   Is that seat will fit for Huffy Mountain bike?
Answer: Yes. Many users use this on their Huffy Mountain bike. Thanks

4   Can I adjust this seat to backward and forward?
Answer: In a word, it is yes!

Final verdict

To sum up the ideas I would like to share my experience with this seat. Generally, I walk 10 to 15 miles in a week on my bike with the help of this seat (Schwinn Pillow Top Cruiser Bicycle Seat) and I have become quite a fan of this seat. It makes my journey faster and comfortable. Really it is the best mountain bike saddle to me.

To be more precise it has pretty good quality build and looks very good. It is cheap and also certainly there is an improvement over the standard mountain bike and a cruiser places that you normally want to get.

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