best mountain bike saddle

Specialized Phenom Pro Saddle Review

The editorial winner’s phenom is very special and He received our index the utmost comfort where completion weight retained by this seat awesome seat. If you really want the best mountain bike saddle then please has close your eyes on Specialized Phenom Pro Saddle.

best mountain bike saddle

This is the highest standard seat and there is no doubt that it is a world cup level seat. Really once a racer buys it then he/she gets tremendous service from this awesome bike seat. In this seat, rounded tail won’t snag your shorts, as well as scuff guard, save the damage when needed! Body ergonomics makes this saddle much more secure and comfortable. There are also supportive vibration systems that make the riding super fit and fast. It has a special weather-resistant

There are also supportive vibration systems that make the riding super fit and fast. It has special weather-resistant micrometric as well as featherweight carbon rails.

best mountain bike saddle

It is designed for a high-performance XC race which can give the best riding output. It has awesome power transfer and also it has a variety of pilots which is very capable of moving the rider in the best position. Several times it has been tested and hardly found any bicycle that has improved more than Phenom.

All the credits go to the phenom expert but they have got both use and abuse. When some rider gets to fall on accident they try to abuse. In spite of this, there are many people are happy to get a phenom saddle for their bike.

This edition of phenom has a new look with some attractive features. So if you looking for an outstanding bike then Specialized Phenom Pro Saddle is the best option for you.

best mountain bike saddle

The efficiency of kicking and mobility is very good at Phenom bike saddle. This new edition of phenom has a new form of empty building which allows some modern wrapped as a traditional look. For ensuring sustainability it is used robust materials and for extending more before break phenom is used slot steep nose which keeps this saddle in the race for a  good mountain bike seat.

This saddle also tested for blood circulation the adjustment and found a very good result so it is far safe for bicycling.

Features of best mountain bike Saddle

  • Long-distance racing
  • Able to speed up
  • Use featherweight
  • Tested for blood circulation adjustment

Some Important factors about Specialized Phenom Pro Saddle

Comfort level

Phenom is relatively flat from the nose to the tail and it has a slight increase in the queue. There are a hard shell and complete anatomical which is well fit on the saddle. It is 142 mm wide seat. The complete anatomical cut is well positioned and provides relief for those who complain of long journeys over the pressure and stiffness. The nose of it well padded and ensures very good support if the hard drops during efforts. It is the bike seat that has the best overall rating for the years.

It has a great combination of different quality materials which makes it as best mountain bike saddle!

Power level

In this Phenom seat, power transmission is awesome with the quality machine. It has a very good structure and platform. During the strong effort, it can remain the blood circulation normal. It is very tested and proved that the Phenom bike seat is an excellent choice for the driver in recent days. Those drivers have a very aggressive dance tendency it is great and flexible for them.

I would like to add that for those who like to be more vertical the Specialized Phenom Pro Saddle is the best option for them.


Because Phenom indestructible reduces the call to action it is so hard to stool. Despite a lot of hard use and several ATV accidents, we were not able to scratch the seat. It has rubber protection and it makes the bike more protective. A reinforced plastic casing carbon fiber presents sagging even after prolonged use and hollow titanium rails are as hard as the light.


It has been designed with the bike and is distinguished by its target to make sure the road use is comfortable. It covers full courts and we would rather see not a cross-country saddle. The problems with mud and water are also considered when it builds.

So it has possible everything which a quality Seat should have! Apart from the notch no complaints, we never think to not recommend the Specialized Phenom Pro Saddle.


  • Very well ventilated
  • Excellent adjustment ability
  • Less weight
  • Comparably cheap
  • Awesome looking


  • It looks a few large but still very well fit!

FAQ About Specialized Phenom Pro Saddle

Can both men and women use this saddle?

Answer: yes! Because of the way it has been building, it should be comfortable and fit for both the sex.

Can I use it in all kinds of a bicycle?

Answer: In most of the cycles we can use this awesome bike. I have tested with a different bike and it was very well fit.

Final Words

The Phenom is on an XC race bike really comfortable. If you are looking for a saddle no obligation to education and XC racing, this is for you. That is, the Phenom is capable and good for road and cross-country as well.

Its top in comfort makes it also very suitable for riding, and we also like to travel and go. While comfort and durability make a jack-of-all, it is to make the high performance for the competitive runner a winner. So if you are looking for a best mountain bike saddle this one is really the best option for you.

Enjoy riding…

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