Giro Men’s Terraduro Mountain Bike Shoe Review

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The Giro is a mountain bike shoes is the best mountain bike shoe which has Terraduro high-quality clipless designed in the most demanding conditions Enduro race to surpass. He is the winner of the election for enduro riders, although distinguished when used for the intended purposes enduro a versatile shoe and fulfill the needs of many types of drivers. It is comparable with other-oriented footwear gravity as Kestrel and Five Ten Five Ten Hellcat.

best mountain bike shoe

There are not many shoes that are endurance-oriented in the market. Terraduro a nylon rod is very comfortable in the difficult area and it is very effective for riding bike smoothly. it has very high degree of flexibility which allows the rider to be more fit and race.

You will not Terraduro for XC pedal shoes but confuse a good job the Giro is a mountain bike shoes

Make the right balance and it is well fit for the ride or walks both.


  • Microfiber
  • Imported
  • Upper Material: microfiber, Vibram rubber, EVA
  • Lining: microfiber
  • Closure: hook-and-loop
  • Sole: Vibram
  • Cleat Compatibility: two-hole mountain

Some specialty of these Best Mountain Bike Shoe

Comfort level:

This is the very comfortable shoe. Our First Impression was that more like a hiking foot feeling on the best mountain bike. In Spite of almost relaxed atmosphere, it is really  a high-performance Terraduro.In the top, it has soft synthetic leather and flexible material. it never creates any feeling as stiff box while people are riding.

Best Mountain Bike Shoe

The cuff ankle and tongue are compared to the minimum filling in the pearl Izumi X-project 1.0. Although Giro is a mountain bike shoes fill upholstered as found minimum. it has heavy filling padding seems to work well this shoe.

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There is also used the combined ratchet and velcro existed for make sure the best comfort level. this shoe is super  adjustable for the rider. the material of shell is perforated with small holes for ventilation. it is also few hotter than other normal shoes.

Weight condition

Actually, it has not much heavier and also it is not a shoe for meter-grams. it has a weight of 2 Ibs. This is to mention that it is not too hard shoe and it is really flexible to use.

Much of the weight is the result of complete Vibram rubber sole that is about ½ inch on the sides, toe, and heel of the shoe. The foot is also strong and rigid protection for the fingers to offer. So he sacrificed a little weight for security and durability.

Energy Transfers Condition

The Giro Terraduro not fully rod or rigid and most of the thoroughbreds running shoes XC midsole. In spite of being a completely rigid sole, the energy transfer level is wonderful. Very often we found other footwear sole point is in downward such as Hellcat five ten not good pedals at all. This obviously needs a platform where most part of the shoe will cover by pedals.

However, Terraduro has stiff and efficiency under oriented pedal load cross pedal cage free countries such as Shimano is also work very well with both mini platform and comprehensive platforms. Most important factor in this shoe is that it has great power transmission system which makes it as best mountain bike shoe.

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Condition of running walking and traction

The terraduro draws when the land on which the forces of the bicycle. The only full partner Vibram grabbed the rock and semi-flexible sole walking feels the natural power. This kind of features makes the difference in the backcountry hiking trips that have a bike sections and possibly rocky section navigation safer and less stressful. while the Vibram sole is on the dry rocks because of less aggressive  approaches but in the  Giro Terraduro mountain bike shoe is very effective while someone riding under any circumstance.


Terraduro Giro the most durable shoe ever I have seen. it is tested and many customers express their satisfaction over this best mountain bike shoe. All the elements including rock it has potential with reinforced toe and highly abrasion-resistant materials which are surrounding the shoes and just ignored the first one inch from above. This kind of shoes are used for work, racing and trips to the store. The softer and flexibility of shell make the shoe one of the best in the market.

The cracks are very suitably set over the shoe and it is very well fit to the shoe. In the side of the shoe, there is a Ratchet buckle and it really make harder running is smooth and competitive. Actually, this shoe is got much quality and durable.


  • It has  rigid protection
  • mountain enduro or special shoes
  • suitable for daily use racing
  • The shoe works well with a variety of pedals
  • fully automated platform pedals
  • all types of bike park for walks on the right track since the days of riding
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  • Not grippy skate shoes
  • No leather to made
  • Little more expensive but not that much

Some Question that the Customer Very often asks to Know

Q: Is this shoe made of real leather?

Answer: Surely not. There is use some others material and that also very good and comfortable. It has high-quality breathable microfiber.

Q: is that shoe not have the HV model designed for wide feet?

Answer: Generally in the best mountain  Giro shoes run small and I can not say whether a size will two up or two still be too narrow for a wide foot. In a word, it is perfect for racing and walking.

Q: is it too expensive?

Answer: if you compare with other high-quality shoes such as side, specialized,PR Liz MIE etc you would find that Giro is not too expensive and it has more potential and durability.

Final verdict

The Vibram sole is unsurpassed in durability. it has less sharp but energy transfer is tremendous. The Enduro has won the top pick award for its unbeatable quality and I feel comfortable that it really an awesome mountain bike shoe indeed and surely it will impress the mountain recreational cyclist.

The Giro is a mountain bike shoes have closure system which has the right combination of an upper loop portion and two straps compensation velcro and it also makes well fit to the toe.

This best mountain bike shoe has a trap buckle and two Velcro handle support. In the top of the shoe is very well ventilation.

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