How to Add Sealant to Tubeless Tires

How to Add Sealant to Tubeless Tires? [2 Different Methods]

Days of tubes are still there, people are raving more about the tubeless tires for bikes now. Especially, the mountain bikes having tubeless tires are the hot favorite now.

If we are dealing with tire leaks, the sealant is a must, right? And you think you only need a sealant when there is a hole in your tire? Duh! That’s not the case my beginner!

When you want to prevent a slow leak of tire-skip it all and go back to the sealant. It’s easy to add, easier to enjoy! How to add sealant to tubeless tires of your mountain bike? Here’s the tea! 

Methods of Adding Sealant to Tubeless Tires

Here are two different methods of adding sealing to the mountain bike’s tubeless tires. Carry on; it’s not going to cut you!

Method 1

Check out the fastest and easiest process of adding sealant! Easy as pie, trust us!

Step 1: Remove the Valve Core

Here, we will use the sealant through the valve stem. As you already know, your tubeless tires include valve stems. And the best part is the valve stems have removable cores. We will go through the removal cores to add the sealant.

To complete the process, you have to get your hands on a core removal tool. Yes, this is for removing the valve core.

If you don’t have a tool, check out how to remove valve core without tool to do the job without any special tool. All you need to do is, with the tool, turn it counter-clockwise. And then, you can remove it easily!

Step 2: Inject the Sealant

When you have removed the valve core of the tire, you can start adding the sealant. In this case, you have to go for sealant injectors.

If you check the shops, you will get a syringe device that will help you add the sealant to the tubeless tires. With that one, inject it into the tire. All you need to do is pump more into your bike tire.

Step 3: Check the Tires

And you are done adding sealant to the tubeless tires already! This is the easiest process you will find so far.

With such tubeless tires with removable valve core, all you need to do is take the valve core off and add more sealant when you need to add them again. In this process, the tire will stay on the rim forever and you can get easy inflation too!

Method 2

Now, we will go through another process that will help you add the sealant to the tubeless tires of your bike! Check it out!

Step 1: Check the Amount

First of all, get your hands on the right sealant. And here, the amount of the sealant is a necessary fact. Check the sealant you have and check the instructions.

The tire size and the sealant have a connection. Make sure you use the right amount. Mostly, 2 ounces to 4 ounces is enough for the bike tires.

Step 2: Rotate the Tire

Once you are ready with the right amount of sealant, get your hands on the tire. Start pouring the sealant into the tire carefully. Make sure you are firm when it comes to your hands. Go through the open part of the tire and rotate it back.

Take it to 12 o’clock once again. Once again, you have to be very careful while doing it. Also, be slow when you rotate the tire.

Step 3: Top up with Sealant

By rotating the tire, the sealant will slowly get it. It will run down inside the tire. And eventually, it will top up or cover the whole area inside. This will help you stay away from any sort of leaks!

Step 4: Ensure the Tire Holding Air

Once you are done, you can hold the tire once again and take it back on the top. But then you have to install and seat the tire. In this case, the important part is to ensure that the tire is holding the air.

How will you do that? As we are dealing with tubeless tires, it is not going to be that easy. Keep in mind that the tubeless tire should seal or seat properly. Otherwise, the tire will be flat no matter what you do!

Step 5: Pump it up

Here, we have a piece of information for you! As you are using tubeless tires, you must know that these lock on while inflation. And with the locking, it is sealed!

As the tire is already sealed on the rim for some time, you can easily inflate the tire. By inflating it and seating it, you can complete the process.

Here, you can have to use pumps. Check the compressor for mountain bike tires so that you can pump the tires here. You can go for the home floor pump.

Step 6: Go for Lubrication

If you want it to be perfect, you can also pick up a brush and use it on the tire. All you need is to get some soapy warm water and brush the tire with it. It will be amazing for the lubrication of the beads.

And as a result, the tire beads will get into the right place and seal during the inflation process! Don’t forget to add some lube to the chain too! Take a look at the mountain bike chain lube to learn more about it!

Wrap Up

Who has time to invest in keeping the pumping the bike tire every week? And so, we decided to save your time!

Check out how to add sealant to the tubeless tires and keep your tires full, all day, every day! No more worry for leaked tires or holes! The tires are safe now.