How To Dress For Cycling

How To Dress For Cycling- So Simple Even Kids Can Do It!

If you are reading this article, I guess you love riding on bicycles, right? But your performance can ruin in a second without proper bike clothing. Many riders are completely unaware of the proper dress-up of it. That’s why you must know how to dress for cycling.

In this article, we are going to elaborate on the basic ideas of the right combination of clothing even if it is cold or summer season. This is a great part of showing professionalism in making your riding experience comfortable. Let’s see the guideline for year-round biking performance.

Bike Clothing For Different Weather Condition

Choosing a lightweight and comfortable dress is definitely a wise decision of yours. It permits the air to flow throughout the body and makes you escape from the heat. In fact, sunlight is never being absorbed in light-colored cloth and that’s why you can feel at ease with it.

In the winter season, riding will be much enjoyable when you can protect your body from severe cold. No doubt, you would love to make layering your dress during cold weather.

Bike shorts

Bike shorts are the latest addition to cycling that is too comfortable to wear. It provides you freedom of movement during rides. There are two key versions of it named shorts and Bib shorts. This is a helpful thing to avoid friction and contributes a lot to comfort. For serious riders, Bib shorts are a very good choice as it never creates any pressure in the waistline. The elastic band won’t cause any discomfort feeling also.

Basically, there are two types named Waist shorts and Bib shorts. No matter what type of shorts you select for wearing, it should fit you well. In most cases, they are made with Lycra. However, this clothing will keep you dry and feel easy of course.

Bike jersey

In the warm weather, a bike jersey is no doubt a better choice for the riders. This is good clothing that you can wear on the upper part of your body. The well-made technical fabrics will speed up the best performance and never let you sweat.

Make sure it has a front zipper. This feature will assist you to unzip it to escape from an excessive hat and make you dry. A turned-up collar can save you from the scorching heat of the sun. They are useful as they have rear pockets, goof neckline, effective zipper on the front. You can keep your necessary accessories in the pocket when needed. From escaping the heat, the high neckline can protect you.

Typically, there are two common sleeves you will get in a jersey. They are long and short sleeves. For hot weather, you can choose a short-sleeved jersey.

Bike socks

Bike socks are useful to stop dreadful blisters. Generally, polyester or nylon-made socks are a far better option for you. For moisture-wicking, these ingredients are suitable for you. Meaningfully, you need a good pair of bike socks for wearing in different weather conditions. They should fit you properly. Otherwise, it may cause a painful blister to your feet.

Moreover, excessive sweat may drive you to catch a cold in winter. For better performance, you should choose synthetic fiber made objects as it easily adjusts with the regular shape and removes severe irritation. In other words, it offers you the necessary moisture transport. Even if you are going for long-distance riding, it will keep your body dry. In the summer season, it is another great choice of yours.

Gloves for cycling

This is also a useful part of clothing in warm weather conditions. It performs great in moisture absorption. If your hands start sweating, it never slips when you have the gloves.

Additionally, you can choose short-cut fingers for hot weather to get comfort and airflow. And again, long-fingers hand gloves are useful to protect you from cool weather in winter.

However, it provides efficient gripping service on the handlebars and saves you from going in the wrong direction. Also, it saves you from unwanted incidents. Generally, using polyester-based material will be functional enough to make you feel comfortable.


Base layers are necessary clothing, especially in cold temperatures. Once you decide to have it, and then know the importance of it too. It will provide enough insulation in the winter season. It should be well-constructed.

Cycling Helmet

When it comes to your safety, you can’t deny wearing a bike helmet. On UK-based research, it is found that cyclists have the possibilities to be killed on the spot around 15 times if they never have it. So, have a flexible helmet that fits your head properly.

Bike glasses

Imagine, you are going on a speedy ride with your cycle. Suddenly something may hit on your sensitive eyes.

What would happen next?

Cycling glasses are another useful part of your dress-up that is going to safeguard you from the harmful entrance of any objects. Also, they will protect you from UV rays, strong wind, or dust from the environment.

Cycling Tights

This clothing is an excellent thing for you to save your lower body from odd weather. In cool weather, choose cycling tights that are lengthy from leg to the anklets to protect the skin.

Why cycling clothing is important?

The following portion of the article will let you know the necessity of the right combination of dress-up for riding on the bicycle.

  • It makes you properly fit:
  • At the time of leaning forward during the ride, proper clothing will make you fit for the position.
  • It will make you comfortable and confident.

Happy Riding.