How to Remove Rust from Bike Handlebars

How to Remove Rust from Bike Handlebars?

I agree that knowing how to clean a bike chain quite gives you a good idea on keeping the other parts mess-free and well cleaned as well. However, when it’s a rusty situation, not regular cleaning would be enough.

One of the very first spots that get attacked by rust has to be the handlebars. And that could be due to the fact that this area is right in front. Today I’m not here to rant about the rust (I’ll Keep It to Myself) but to actually talk about the process of removal of this really annoying thing. Yap, we will be talking over How to remove rust from bike handlebars and you can bring a warm cup of your favorite beverage to join. Shall We Start?

How to Remove Rust from Bike Handlebars Using Different Methods.

There is, fortunately, more than just one way for you to remove those rust from the handlebars. I’ll share the most effective ones, at least for me.

Ask For Help from The DIY Cleaning King AKA Baking Soda.

DIY cleaning conversation without baking soda being involved is rare. Very rare. And yes, this little handy product can help you with the bike handlebars rust as well. All you would need is a soap that’s not too harsh, something to clean with such as a toothbrush or even a sponge would do, a bowl or container, baking soda, and some water. That’s it! Wear gloves if you don’t want your hands getting nasty while removing those rust.

  • Now start with sponge or toothbrush dipped in soapy water and use for scrubbing on the area to get rid of any loose dirt or dust basically. If you rarely clean, then there should be a good amount of clustered nastiness going around there. So first get rid of those.
  • Then you should be able to see rust more visibly. Don’t get shocked after discovering that quite a bit of rust was actually hidden beneath all that dirt.
  • So, you can see all the rusts that need removal. Get the baking soda mixture ready with half a portion of water combined with half a portion of baking soda. And use this mixture that basically will come with a paste-like consistency, in the spot where rust is making a mess. You want to let the mixture sit on top of the surface.
  • You can use a huge paintbrush if the rusty area seems too big. That way it will be easier to spread.
  • Leave the handlebars for now and give it around 15 minutes. You can focus on other parts cleaning while the paste does its magic.
  • Then you can use a clean sponge or a toothbrush for scrubbing that mixture. And this will make rust lose completely after it is already quite off thanks to the mixture. Wipe that area with a clean towel and use water for rinsing that spot. You want to dry it completely afterward. There should be no rust left behind after.

But If It is Still There!

You need to go for another coat. Leave the thing for 10 minutes then. And basically, scrub with the sponge or toothbrush just like before. Rinse with clean water and make sure no water droplets stay behind on your handlebars.

To keep things this way for as long as possible, you should consider using a later cycle wax. Basically, this thing would not just be a great protective layer against any dirt but also there will be less-rust scenes in the future.

The Aluminum Foil from Your Kitchen Drawer Can Help.

This one is a classic method for so many people. All you require for this would be a fabric, water, and also one sheet of aluminum foil. Crumble the sheet so that it forms a ball-like shape.

Now let it sit inside a bucket that is full of salt water. Then you want to use this aluminum foil ball for rubbing right on the rust stains sitting on your handlebars. A bit of pressure is okay if the stains are too stubborn.

And gradually you’ll notice the stains are coming off. The shiny metal material of handlebar would peak from beneath and get clearer with passing time.

Once you bid bye to all that rusty gunk, rinse that spot with clean water. And finally, dry the whole thing with fabric as well as applying the wax coating to keep future rusts away.

Acidic Cleaners Work Just Fine.

You can also use something acidic such as lime or vinegar for this purpose. You want to apply the acidic formula of your choice on top of the rust stains. And then leave the thing for at least 15 minutes.

After the period, use a soft cloth for scrubbing that area. A few drops of lime can be added extra if dealing with the too-hard type of rust stains. Once you are done scrubbing, get water and soap mixture, clean that area. And dry it with a cloth. Finally, the wax part as usual.

Using Table Salt & Lemon Juice Mixture.

You’ll need one portion of lemon juice mixed with three portions of table salt in quantity to create an amazing rust-fighting cleaning solution for the handlebars. A container can have both ingredients and don’t forget to shake it well or mix with a spoon. So that a thick paste can be formed. It must not drip off and sit on top of the handlebar when you apply.

Using a sponge or brush, go for a coat and keep things like this for 10 minutes. Use a clean cloth or sponge to get rid of the paste as well as loosened rust then. Clean that spot with soapy water, rinse with clean water, and apply the wax or polish for finishing things off.

Wrap up

And that was how to remove rust from bike handlebars. Hope It Helps! Having the chains cleaned up, getting the rusts dusted, using a 4 Stroke Bicycle Engine Kit when necessary, and basically doing all necessary things to let your bike last for the longest. It sounds simple but does require some effort. Try to not keep things for later and get the repair as well as upgrades as soon as applicable. After all, you want to enjoy your bike rides without worrying about a sudden breakdown hampering plans as well as moods.