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Today we have come up with the hyper mountain bike review. The 26-inch Hyper Havoc is a full-suspension mountain bike that doesn’t come at a steep price comparing the quality.

If you are on a tight budget and want the best mountain bike, then this Hyper Havoc bicycle could be your best choice. There are many bike brands that come up with a lower price tag, but most of them don’t meet the standard quality. So before buying you should spend a little time finding the best bike which will provide you all-around performance.

To make your work easier we came across with super affordable Hyper Havoc mountain bike which offers outstanding performance. The 26-inch Hyper Havoc has added a new dimension to the entry-level mountain bike segment. This mountain bike gives you a stable, smooth, and pleasant ride so that without breaking the bank you can hit the cycle to the outdoors.

So let’s not waste more time and dive into the detail of the Hyper Havoc mountain bike review to determine if it fits you.

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  • Aluminum MTB frame with hydroformed tubing and a powerful front suspension fork is strong and reliable; 26-inch wheels fit riders 64 to 74 inches tall
  • 21-speed shifters make for smooth gear changes on every ride
  • Front and rear V-brakes ensure quick stops out on the trail
  • Light, durable alloy rims and 26x2.125" (diameter x width) tires roll over anything
  • Riser handlebar with colored end plugs completes the MTB look

Key Features of Hyper Mountain Bike


The quality of your bike ride will depend on what type of frame material is used on your bike. In this case, Hyper Havoc has used the aluminum frame for its frame. The aluminum frame is very light, durable, and strong. This frame gives you good support when you take it on different terrain. The frame is also crafted beautifully which makes the bike look very attractive.


The hyper mountain bike comes with a dual suspension fork. The fork ensures a smooth ride as it absorbs shock from different rough trails. This lets you handle your bike easily.


Another important thing to look at on your mountain bike is the Drivetrain. In this aspect, in our hyper mountain bike review, we have found that the hyper bike has a high-quality 21-speed Drivetrain. The drive train components are from the world-famous Shimano. With the three pieces of the crank, these 21 speeds drivetrain delivers exceptionally well performance.

Now you can go anywhere you want with this great mountain bike at the desired speed you want to ride at. Therefore, the 26-inch Hyper Havoc could be a great choice for those who are very adventurous.


The brake is one of the most important parts of a mountain bike. If your bike brake is not of good quality, then it could cost your life. When you are riding your bike at high speed, you need confidence on your bike that it will stop easily and quickly when you use the brake. Thanks to the Hyper Havoc bike maker as they have installed reliable rear and front pull brakes which are made by Shimano.

It would have been great if disk brakes were used, but you cannot expect this at this price point, and also it doesn’t mean that this bike is unsafe. Pull brakes are good enough for the everyday ride. So while riding without compromising safety now, you can stop your mountain bike effectively.

Durable and Comfortable

The Hyper Havoc is a durable mountain bike, and it offers all riders comfort. The biker’s comfort and bike durability is extremely important. If the rider doesn’t feel comfortable, then it will be dangerous to ride the bike as it can lead you to an accident. On the other hand, if the bike is not durable then it will be a total waste of money.

From our review, we know that this bike is a full suspension bike and for increased comfort, it comes with a seat made of padded gel. And the rugged aluminum frame ensures durability. Without any worries, you can abuse this bike in the rough trails, and we are pretty sure that it won’t let you down with its performance.


  • Very affordable
  • Well made frame
  • Handling is great
  • Nimble tires
  • The quality of the suspension is great
  • Eye-catching design


  • Adjustment required
  • Seat of the bike requires being replaced

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Why You Should Buy This Bike?

After reading our hyper mountain bike review if you are still undecided whether you want to buy this or not- here some points on why you should buy this bike.


The 26-inch Hyper Havoc mountain bike is extremely affordable if you compare it with its quality. There are many bikes out there in the market which you will find at the same price, but most of them are made of very low-quality material. You will find this bike under 200 which is really a good price tag for such a quality bike.

Quality Material

While purchasing a mountain bike, you should always look for a quality product. If you buy a low-quality product, then you are throwing your money at water as this won’t last long. But the Hyper Havoc mountain bike is made of top-notch quality material. In each component, the manufacturer tried to use the possible best material for their bike. We are pretty sure that this bike will give service for a long time.

Attractive Design

The design of the Hyper Havoc mountain bike is really attractive. Its unique style makes you stand out from the crowd. This bike will look more fashionable. Along with mountain riding, you can also use this bike for casual riding.

Final Words

If you want to enter into the mountain biking world, then you should look for a quality mountain bike like Hyper Havoc mountain bike. This bike offers a good ride, and it is durable enough to last long. From our hyper mountain bike review, we can say that this is one of the best mountain bikes in its segment.

However, to get better performance, you may need to replace and adjust some of the components, and this won’t cost you much. At the end of our hyper mountain bike review, we can say that this bike will not disappoint you with its performance. So what are you waiting for? Go and get your one!

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