How To Remove Bicycle Crank Bearings

How To Remove Bicycle Crank Bearings-That Actually Works

remove Crank Bearings

If you want to keep your cycle functional, it is much needed to maintain cranks properly. Only through the assistance of the right tools, you can successfully do so. “Hey, are you thinking about how to remove bicycle crank bearings? Actually, it’s a very simple task with easy instruction. If you have a little technical knowledge, you can easily understand it. “I know you are prudent enough to do that.”

There are so many systems available with different connection mechanisms. In this article, I will have a discussion about the total process of the removal of this part from a bike. Let’s proceed with the steps.

Types of Crank system

Before you learn to remove bicycle crank bearings easily, First of all, you have to detect your crank system. Usually, it connects the pedals with the spindle. It is well-fitted with the chainrings. Now a day, these are becoming more complicated to identify.  If you have confusion about the type of it, you can kick out that by reading this portion of the article.

Self-extracting cranks

In this mechanism, the puller is ultimately established into it. Threaded rings are being used in it. Ultimately it looks like a dust cap. The crank bolt is connected with the rings and that’s how it functions smoothly.

You may ask me how? Well, while you start loosening the bolts, they begin pressing back against it. That ends up resulting in pushing the arm.

Eventually, it frees you from using additional removal equipment.

Two-piece compression slotted system

In Shimano cranksets, you are likely to find it. The compression slot has a link with the left arm of it. This mechanism is precisely secured with effective pinch bolts. On the contrary, the right crank arm is being accomplished with a spindle.

Three-piece cranks

Already you have assumed about it by reading the name. This system has three parts and they are right arm, left arm, and axle spindles. The bearings hold the spindle and place it in the right position. Remember that both tool removal is necessary when you are about to serve it. Naturally, it has two interfaces.

BMX cranks

In every BMX bikes, these unique cranksets are being used widely. Here, it efficiently makes the best use of 48 spline spindles. The repairing service method is a little bit different compared to others.

Step by Step Instructions to Take Apart the Cranks Bearings

The dilemma of wheels

No doubt that this is a useful part of your bike and that should be maintained rightfully. First of all, you need to gather the necessary tools to do this task. The following are the tips to remove bicycle crank bearings. There could be a cap attached to the crank. It may be made of plastic or metal. However, this crucial component efficiently fits it tightly over the bolt. Now how to do it?

Take a screwdriver and fit it below the terminal of the cap. Use it to pop it out to leave from the fitting position. That’s how the bolt will get revealed.

Loosen the pinch bolts properly

You will find this mechanical item in the center part of the crank. In fact, it looks similar as hexagon.In some of the item, you may find pinch bolts. If you have it then you should loosen it. The best way to do it is to use a 5mm Allen key.

Hence, insert this tool into the immediate holes surrounding the arm. Just rotate it as anti-clockwise. If you can complete it successfully, it helps to remove it smoothly.

Make a good join of hex key maintaining the proper size

In this section of the article, you need the right size of a hex key. “Yes, this is very much important to do”. Read the instruction properly from the bike company website. This will assist you precisely to find out the genuine thing. Once, you find it; pass it on the ultimate pick of the torque wrench. For your kind information, you can buy it from the nearby bike shop or from an online marketplace. Again, in some hardware stores, you can have it. Mostly, you should buy this tool of 4-8 mm size as it is a perfect size.

Use the hex key by passing it into the crank bolt

Now, you must turn this handle by rotating it anticlockwise. Unfix the crank bolt by doing it. Later, remove the hex key from that part. Next, you will have to unscrew the bolt. Use a hex wrench to do it. Some bike cranks might have bolts on both sides. In that case, repeat the process to complete it on the other part.

Sliding the Crank

In this part of the article, you will have to pull the arm of it when you complete loosening the bolts successfully. Doing so will thoroughly detach the whole crank from the set tp. Next, slide it carefully associated with the bottom bracket. Make sure you are sliding the rubber washers off. It is important to do to replace a new one.

Additionally, you don’t require any extractor equipment for a non-extracting mechanism. However, when it contains a crank bolt, you can use a self-extracting system for the job.

Use an Extractor when needed

You can buy it from a nearby bike store. Pass it through the hole of the bolt. Then rotate it counterclockwise. Screw it to fit it tightly. Later, again revolve the extractor handle in a similar direction. Next, do it on another part of the crank following the same way. This is a simple and effective way of how to remove bicycle crank bearings.

How to Change Crank Bearings on a Bicycle

Final Verdict

Finally, we have smoothly reached on the ending part of the article. Hopefully, this useful method about how to remove bicycle crank bearings will bring plenty of benefits for you. Moreover, you can handle bike maintenance single-handedly when needed. Thanks for being with us.