Handlebar Mirror Vs Helmet Mirror

Bike Mirror Helmet vs. Handlebar: Best Mirror for Bike

The handlebar mirrors are the regular mirrors added to the bike to see the rearview while you ride. Usually, the design of the handlebar mirrors is a bit curved to give you the whole rearview. And the topic is bike mirrors; another mirror that comes in is the helmet mirror which does the same job.

If you are planning to buy only one, you should know the basic differences between them! They might do the same job but there are plenty of variances!

Have a look at the bike mirror helmet vs. handlebar and then decide!

Handlebar Mirror Vs Helmet Mirror

Difference Between Handlebar Mirror and Helmet Mirror

Popular as Eyeglass, the helmet mirrors are designed in a flat manner giving you a narrow view so that you can look back while the handlebar has a wide view. Helmet mirrors are usually placed in a position maintaining the level of your eyes where the handlebar mirrors are added to the bar of your bike.

Yes, there are tons of differences between the bike handlebar mirror and the bicycle helmet mirror. Let’s dive into the differences to know which one is a better fit for you!

· Size

The Helmet mirrors are compact so that you can add them comfortably. And this is the reason, such mirrors usually block out some of the objects for the position it is set. When it comes to watching more than you are seeing directly, you have to move the head and take it to a different angle. In that way, you can see the other part. If you are using a helmet mirror, you have to practice using it as it requires a little bit of time to learn the method of looking properly.

On the contrary, the sizes of the handlebar mirrors are larger than the helmet mirrors. And the most important fact is these are available in different shapes and sizes in the market. Some of these designs are very large and so, you can see everything behind you. It makes your rides easier and safer.

· View

The Helmet mirrors are usually set flatly. These usually have a field of view that is not too wide. In short, the Helmet mirrors have a very narrow viewing area. The flat design helps you to judge the distance between you and the object you are looking at. If the design is curved, judging the distance won’t be this easy. So, you can easily get who is coming and how distant you are from the other vehicles. And the best part is, for a better view, you can settle for the bike helmet with lights. So, more visibility! On the contrary, the handlebar mirrors are different in this case.

As we said, these are a bit large and so, these will provide you a wider view than the helmet mirrors. Unlike the flat helmet mirrors, the handlebar ones are usually designed in a convex or curved manner so that you can view them more properly. If you go for the bigger mirror, they will be less curved. But for the curves angle, the problem is, you cannot always go for the precise or accurate image. You cannot understand the right distance between you and other riders or vehicles.

· Construction

The available construction materials for both of these mirrors are glass or stainless steel. Sometimes, these are also made of plastic. If you are using the glass handlebar or helmet mirrors, you are going to see clear images. The stainless steel and plastic mirrors are usually not that good in terms of providing crystal clear visibility. Along with this, the latter ones will get scratches and damages sooner than the glass ones.

· Maneuvering

If you want something easy to maneuver, the first thing you should settle for is the helmet mirrors. If you are riding in a heavy traffic area, you might need to go through two cars or other vehicles. This is easier with the helmet mirrors as these are very compact. In the rush hours, you need to care less about the mirrors and go fast. In that case, the smaller the object, the easier it is to take out!

On the other side, there is a handlebar mirror which is large and so is tough to maneuver. If you want to go through a traffic jam, it will be difficult for you to get this mirror out of the jam as it will stick out on both sides for being such big. So, you need to be extra careful about passing the crowd when you are using a handlebar helmet.

· Bumpy Roads

On the bumpy roads, hands down the helmet mirrors are the best. As the helmet bike mirrors are usually added to the helmet or the glasses, they do not move a lot while riding. The road vibration has less effect on these kinds of mirrors. As the rider’s eyes move, the helmet mirror moves too. So, more than the bike, it is connected to the rider. And this makes it easy for anyone to go through the uneven road with the helmet mirror.

When you are using a handlebar mirror, the bike will move a lot and so will the handlebar. The vibration from the road will surely make the handlebar mirror unstable and bumpy. Can you see the road and the vehicles properly if the image is bumpy? No, you cannot and this is the road, we recommend you not settle for the handlebar mirror. These can make the journey risky for you.

· Outlook

When it comes to the outlook of a helmet mirror, you too will agree that they don’t look good. It is not common to see a mirror that sticks out on the helmet of the rider or the glass! Yes, it gives you an unusual look.

If you get out with this, you will surely be asked questions regarding what it is and at times, you might be laughed at. But again, you cannot ignore the useful facts of a helmet mirror. The handlebar mirror is more common than the helmet mirror and it gives the bike a natural outlook. It looks pretty decent with any bike you are using.

· Position

As the helmet mirrors are designed in a way that they will stay close to your eyes, you might be having trouble with that. Most people are not comfortable with a mirror being so close to the eyes. Also, bikers that have eyesight problems might see their eyes hurting when using them. They will not be able to see properly with these mirrors.

In that case, you better settle for the handlebar mirrors because these are more comfortable for the position. They are kept at a safe distance to make things visible to you. Also, they are available in different sizes that make it easy for any user to pick up according to his convenience. 

· Sides

You can add more than one handlebar mirror on both sides too! However, the helmet mirrors are placed to the traffic side of the helmet. If you are from the right-hand traffic country, it will be attached to the left side. On the other hand, if you live in a left-hand traffic country, it will be placed on the right side.

Wrap Up

Have you checked all the differences between the handlebar and the helmet bike mirror? Both of these have their jobs to do. However, one might be a better fit according to your requirements. Go through both of them and then pick up one as per your choice. You don’t need to waste your money on both, right?