Essential Tools for Repairing Your Bicycle

Essential Bike Maintenance Tools to Maintain your Bike

Do you have your bicycle and want to know the necessary tools for repairing your bicycle? If your answer is yes, then you are in right place, it doesn’t matter you are a professional or amateur. This article will help you to know important bike repairing tools.

Essential Tools for Repairing Your Bicycle

Why you need tools for your Bicycling?

You have to maintain your bicycle every time. For this reason, you need to go bike repairing shop. It will spend money on that case. If you have some essential tools in your hand, then it will save you time and money. Time? Yes, you need enough to repair your bicycle in the repairing shop. So having an essential bike tool in your home will time and cost-effective. You need not a lot of instruments but pick the right ones.

List of Essential bicycle tools

Bicycle Pump: I think you already know about this tool. It is specially used for pushing air into tires. It has an adaptor to use one or two type valves used on Schrader or Presta. Schrader or Presta is two types of common valve used on a bicycle. A different kind of valve called Dunlop or wood valve has in the market.

Basic types are available in the market. Those are:

  • Floor Pumps
  • Foot-operated
  • Frame-mounted
  • Compact or mini
  • Double action

Floor Pump is perfect for your bicycle. You can choose the second rate pump. There are no differences in bike pumps that I understood, to be honest. You just need to push air into your bicycle valve. ‘



A screwdriver is using for driving or removing screws. Four-way Screwdriver sizes will fit on your bike. You choose quality steel tips which won’t break. You need a slotted or flat-blade screwdriver. That wills enough for you.

Adjustable wrench:

Wrenches are a tool specially used for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts. You can buy a combination wrench. In a combination wrench, one end is like an open-end wrench and the other end being like a box-end wrench.

Gear brush:

gear brush

The gear brush will help you to clean your bike. A clean bike is faster than an unclean bike. A clean bike will last more days.

Chain Lube:

You can use lube on your bicycle’s chain. It keeps your bike chain smooth. You can ride your bike faster.

Chain Tool:

chain tool

You may need to remove chain pins to short or increase the chain. The chain tool helps you remove chain pins quickly. You should make sure that quality steel used in the Chain tool. Handle won’t slip on your hand.

Bicycle Adjustable Repair Stand:

Sometimes you need a little work or tune-up. In this time bicycle repair stand makes your task easier. This tool will provide you hands-free access to brakes, cables, chains, and any bolts that necessary for adjusting or tightening.

Socket Set:

socke set

So, sometimes you need a socket set for your bicycle. It contains a wrench, screwdriver, and many other tools. If you need any particular ones, I would advise the 8mm, 9mm, and 10mm. You can buy a sample socket set.

Cable Cutters:

Steel cable is tough to cut with a standard pair of wire cutters. Cable cutters are mainly designed for steel cable on bicycles. When you buy a wire cutter, few things should consider. The cable cutter’s handle must be a rubber grip. It helps to reduce hand fatigue. The cutter must lightweight and strong.


Scissors are hand-managed shearing tools. You can cut some Zip ties and the handlebar tape with scissors.

Spoke Wrenches:

Spoke Wrenches are helpful for truing wheels of bicycles. You can easily carry this tool. This tool makes adjusting the tension of the spokes on your bicycle’s wheel. It is best for tightening the spokes.

Lock Ring Tool:

It mainly works for screws on and off.  You can remove the lock ring by using this tool.

Chain whip:

Chain whip helps hardened pins to keep the chain in place. It’s a basic chain whip.

Essential Tools For Home Cycle Maintenance

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Recommendation: You can buy the above tool from the local store or I just thoroughly research the repairing tools. You choose what you need. There are also some tools that you may need. But I provide you important tools that are essential for you.