Mongoose Mountain bike Review-Dual Full Suspension Bike

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Mongoose offers one of the best bikes, and over the years, we have seen many bikes that have been developed. Mongoose bikes have a special quality and potential to attract the millions of rider. Their ranges of bikes vary by price and performance. Nonetheless, there are few of its mountain bike models that are the deal-breaker. One such includes Mongoose Salvo Comp. From the Mongoose Mountain bike review, it will clear to the customer why that bike performs like best.

Mongoose mountain bike

Some attractive features of this mongoose mountain bike
  • Aluminum suspension frame
  • Mongoose work well in downhill
  • Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Quick-release front
  • Gears can be changed effortlessly

Here are short details on Mongoose Impasse bike

Mongoose Impasse is one of the best mongoose mountain bikes when it comes to quality, comfort, and affordability. The frame is made of alloy, thus giving long durability, and the looks of this bike very to rider’s preferences. However, it is hard to disagree that the looks and the paint job are very stylish and eye-catching.

Lightweight bike

The weight of the dual suspension bike is average compared to the others that are available in the market. It cannot use for professional biking. However, it is more than comfortable for a daily commute and extreme rides smoothly on rough terrain.

Stylish Design

It has a unique rear suspension, which is designed finally to compress and absorb shock giving the maximum rider comfort and ride without difficulty in challenging situations. It also allows the rider to ride the bike safely and provides more controlled steering and boost confidence in bumpy terrain.


To tackle the front stiffness which is due it lacks in full suspension, it is fitted with a seat tube, which helps the rider to use the seat down. This feature is not commonly used by the biker when a cross- country is riding. Nevertheless, it much helps when riding for long hours and down on tricky hills, even for XC riders. The Mongoose bikes equipped with renowned Shimano Alivio Chainset, shifters.

Hydraulic Breaks

The best Mongoose mountain bike equipped with Hayes Dyno sports brakes which provide safety against hazards. It is sometimes claimed by riders to lacked raw stopping power. However, this is just a manufacturing defect that can easily be changed. Moreover, if needed, small components on the bike, such as brakes, can be upgraded for a low cost to boost the performance.

The Mongoose impasse is available in the market in small medium and large size. Riders over 6ft are, however, recommended to look for a bigger frame bike as the large size is not that big.

  • Its alloy frame strongly and stiffly built
  • The weight of the bike is close to lightweight
  • The suspension and body absorb shocks without difficulty
  • Efficient pedaling
  • Smooth and while riding both uphill and downhill.
  • Easy to adjust and upgrade the parts if required by riders.


  • L size not big enough for 6 feet above rider.

Some customer query and Answers For Select Best Mongoose Mountain Bikes

Question: Can both women and men use this bike?

Answer: both the girls and boys can use this bike because I know many of them who did it without having any problem.

Question: Is its durability tested?

Answer: Yes! It tested many times, and you can use it. Thanks

Question: Can I use another brand saddle on this bike?

Answer: It depends on the bike size and adjustment ability, and it has functional adjustment capacity, but before buying, please double-check. Thanks

Question: Is it support and 6 foot 6 people?

Answer:  The weight limit is similar to 250lbs. So if you are under that then yes!

Question: Is it any part of aluminum?

Some part of this like, brake levers, Rims, disc brakes, seat n handlebar clamps, cranks are aluminum

Question: Can this bike hold up to a 270 pound Kid?

I’m approximately 282 and it supports me with comfort.

Question: Is any Weight limit?

Answer: There are several components that go into solving how much weight a bike can hold such as tire psi, uniformity and riding style. Due to these variables, there isn’t a set highest weight limit for the product.

Best Mongoose Mountain bike Review in video

Final Verdict
This excellent and effective Mongoose mountain bike has its root BMX, and the suspension of this bike worked effectively. If someone has bragged on tires, surely will find that these Mongoose bikes are more durable than he/she expected. It is a bike which will give you great value for your money. Sometimes it bounces a little, but still, it gives the riders to fit in ups and down road as well.

True it does lack the high-performance costly specs and has mixed opinion; then again all the high top bikes faced these when they were new. As the final word, I would love to say from the Mongoose Mountain bike Review, this mountain bike genuinely has the potential and worth your buying.

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