How To Change A Rear Bike Tire With Disc Brakes?

How To Change A Rear Bike Tire With Disc Brakes?

Got a new single speed bike conversion kit and need that rear bike tire out for the process? Or perhaps just want to raise the pressure of tire with a bicycle air compressor and for that it needs removal. Maybe it’s just a replacement you’re trying to do.

Well, anything could be the reason. You just want that rear bike tire out right now to later get it back, but there’s disc brakes not the regular rim ones making it somewhat confusing. Plus, there’s no quick release. And you have zero ideas on how to change a rear bike tire with disc brakes.

Worry not, I’ve got you. Here’s how I would do it!

How To Change A Rear Bike Tire With Disc Brakes?

A Tire with Disc Brakes Is Nothing Hard to Remove.

Benefit-wise, it’s true disc brakes are different than the standard ones. From being more powerful to delivering better consistent performance, it’s quite different in the best way.

But does that mean, disc brakes will require you to go through additional steps than when it’s about changing with regular rim brakes? Not really!

If you know how to release disc brakes on a bike then this should not be very complicating. Also, in the case of having a quick release, things are still super simpler. Another way is to remove rear bike wheel with through-axle. An idea on how to remove through axle rear wheel, however, is necessary.

Try These Easy Steps to Change a Rear Bike Tire with Disc Brakes.

In an attempt to swapping wheels with disc brakes on it, you may come across some difficulties. I’ll try to guess them as much as I can. And give any tips to make it work along with the steps to change the rear bike tire beneath.

Start By Getting Your Bike Ready for Tire Removal.

To really master how to remove front wheel on bike with disc brakes and no quick release, the main segment to focus on would be preparation done beforehand.

Well, yes, for effortless removal of the tire that has no quick release, you first bring a stand to stabilize the bike. It should not move and be steady enough for you to easily get the rear tire out. Now some of you may not have the stand or don’t want to get one.

No problem! Just lay the bike down in that case. Such steady positioning would allow you to work with an angle. And it would make the removal as well as putting the tire back segments super convenient. So, think about it!

Undo The Brakes & Also Its Derailleur Gear.

Those who don’t know how to change a rear bike tire with gears often miss the part of shifting derailleur in a specific way. And it’s to the innermost chainring at the front as well as outermost gear. So that there’s enough slack with the chain for you to easily remove wheel.

If you use the best bicycle chain lube, then the part should already be less rough to handle easily.

Now since you have a disc brake, making sure the bike does not topple over is the key here.  So, take extra care of the matter. Usually, with disc brakes, there’s a tendency of rear-wheel slightly bending. And that’s why you should hold the tire with rigid hands, more than how you would do with rim brakes.

Once you are done with that get your concertation on derailleur gear. The smallest combination sprockets would help. As you move the pedal, chain shall drop at some point.

And then you can have the nuts exposed that basically hold the bike wheel on rear. Having a clear view of these nuts is necessary for unscrewing without issue.

Get The Nuts Out That Are Holding the Tire.

Now that the nuts are accessible to you, start loosening them. Most of the time, the manufacturer would use 15mm nuts for rear bike tires. And once you loosen them, the wheel shall gradually start to release for getting out of frame of the bike.

To completely release the nuts, you will need a tool. Something that would fit perfectly the 15mm nuts. Usually, a spanner or wrench.

Once you have the tool, look at washer’s position. And then start rotating the nuts to necessary degree. As soon as you remove the nuts, go for opposing side ones similarly.

Finally, You Can Get the Rear Wheel Out.

As the nuts get completely loose and releases from their hole, you can remove the rear wheel out. For that, you must stand behind the bike. Have your head right on the centerline of bike. And then at this better angle, you can start removing the tire out. The wheel shall not come out at once.

Gradually try to release the bike frame from tire. To do so, you want to firmly hold the bike’s left side. And at the same time, use thumb of right hand to grip other side’s nut end. That way, you’ll have the stability to work with in your left hand. And it would make it easy for you to pull the derailleur body entirely from tire.

Inspect The Rear Wheel & Put It or a New One Back.

We are talking about the rear tire so I won’t include anything about the bicycle front wheel with disc brake. Till now you got the idea of how to remove rear bike wheel with disc brakes.

You can go ahead and inspect the removed wheel next. The chain shall be still unremoved. And if you need to change the tire, just use your right hand to unhook chain.

Then you can put on a new rear tire by following the same instructions we talked about till now but in the reverse direction. If you got the idea till now, it should not be hard to figure the putting back process.

If You Face Any Problem to Install the Tire Back, Check These Things Right Away.

Installing the tire back isn’t working? Well, it could be due to the chain not being properly got into the cog. Put the tire on after you are done lining the smallest cog up back. And then as you have the chain on it, check if it’s a closed-loop. Then try putting the tire back.

In some cases, while trying to put the tire into the frame, it simply bumps into and does not fit. You can solve this by simply getting the tire in and then shifting the lever. So that the rear derailleur goes back to where it’s supposed to. And then the tire shall line well with frame to fit inside perfectly.

Another thing that can happen is the chain coming off derailleur pulley. It does not allow the wheel to go back to frame. Often because the shift of derailleur was done to an incorrect position. You need to make sure after installing the chain it stays there and then install tire. Use a stick to push the chain.

Removing and Replacing A wheel With Disc Brakes And Quick Release Axles

Wrapping Up

And that’s all I have for you today! Hopefully, now you know how to change a rear bike tire with disc brakes, even when there’s no quick release. It might take you a few tries to get the process. Don’t give up, remove and install the rear tire more than a couple of times. And it will get easier with each try. See You Again!