How Fast Will A 80cc Motorized Bicycle Go

How Fast Will A 80cc Motorized Bicycle Go – Make It Faster!

Have you ever noticed your motorized bike isn’t reaching the top-end speed? It happens when you are unaware of your bike speed. 

Since there’s no exact speed range for an 80cc motorized bike, it may sometimes reach 30 MPH and other times can jump to 80 MPH. Let’s see how fast will a 80cc motorized bicycle go!

How Fast Will A 80cc Motorized Bicycle Go

How Fast Will A 80cc Motorized Bicycle Go?

The exact speed of an 80cc motorized bike is still unknown. It’s because riders have different weights, terrain, and riding practices which grant diverse outcomes in velocity. Based on these, here’s how to find the answer:

Weight Matters

No matter if your bike has 4 stroke bicycle engine kit 80cc or other types, the weight will affect the speed when it runs on the road.

The luggage and body bulk stays on the frame which eventually adds inertia when you ride. Meaning it’ll block or slow down the speed when you want to accelerate.

Apart from that, the weight increases the rolling resistance of the bike causing the sidewalls and tread of the tire to face more pressure during the ride. It also raises the direct proportion of the weight which the wheel hold (close to 0.3% to 0.5% of the load on the wheel).

Think about it this way, the added 1 lb. or pound to the wheel or pedal system is equal to 2 lbs. or pounds on the frame of the bike.

So, if the weight is more in the bicycle frame, then the 80cc motorized bike will run around 25 MPH (40.2336 KMH). But a lightweight bulk on the same bike would be 35 MPH (56.327 KMH).

Do You Stop & Go A Lot?

It’s a common thing that if you stop and go a lot during the ride whether the reason is watching a scenario or clicking shots with a phone, this action will affect the speed of an 80cc motorized bicycle.

So, how fast is 80cc in KM or Miles per hour if you stop frequently? The bike with an 80cc motor can go further than 40 MPH (64.37 KMH) in one go with no stop.

However, if you have a habit of braking a lot, then it might not cross 30 MPH (48.28 KMH) due to interruptions in acceleration.

Terrain Matters

The land condition sometimes can be a blessing or a disaster for biking. Especially, if the ground is in a wet state (a couple of inch water on the road), you will run at a slow speed like 20 MPH (32.19 KMH).  

However, the dirt bike with an 80cc engine will run at 45 MPH to 50 MPH (72.42 KMH to 80.47 KMH) on muddy terrain.

It happens due to the tread of tires which rotates smoothly and forms strong kinetic energy to raise the speed. This can cause a crack in the tread due to grip. To solve that, you will need new tires for motorized bicycle of yours.

In rough trails, most 80cc motorized bikes will go at 47 MPH (75 KMH) in general. Due to the increased rate of kinetic energy, it rides pretty fast.  

Do Tires Affect the Speed?

The pressure of tires might cause the 80cc motorized bike to go faster or slower. While a fat bike tire can cause deacceleration, the road tire will run fast.

But, with the 80cc motor, the bike tire needs to have a solid, capable, and stable against aerodynamic drag to achieve the desired 85 MPH (136.79 KMH) or more.

To be able to ride in the most challenging terrain with the 80cc bike, you will require a nice pair of mag wheels for motorized bicycle.

How To Make 80cc Bike Faster – Trick That Works!

If you’re just wondering the ways of increasing the speed of an 80cc motorized bike, then the following motorized bicycle tips and tricks will help make yours go faster.

Lubricate The Bike Parts

The most effective way to increase the speed of an 80cc bike is lubrication on the heavy-used parts. Just target the sprocket, chain, axle, and so on components which work continuously using a strong grease.

You can try the Prolong Super Lubricants PSL11000 as this can prevent friction and heat damage. To apply the lube, you need to take a tiny toothbrush and dip it into a small amount of lubricant for smearing the grease properly.

Install New Sprocket & Chain

If lubrication isn’t enough for raising your 80cc motorized bicycle, then it’s time to replace your sprocket and chain.

Aim for a smaller sprocket with fewer teeth around 36T like JRL 36 T Tooth Teeth Sprocket to increase the bike speed. It’ll ensure extra speed for up to 20 MPH (32.19 KMH).

Also, change the chain if it contains rust or untreatable damage matching with the sprocket. Do that and see the result for yourself.

Brake Less & Pedal Fast

Another handy trick is to stop less and focus on the ride. To do that in the right way, you need to make a habit of almost using no brake. And also, never stop pedaling to increase the speed on a motorized 80cc bicycle. It’ll surely go fast in a short while.

You can try a pedaling technique which is the Power Phase by placing your toes at a 20° angle on the 12 o’clock pedal, as soon as your feet move and the pedal flow to the 3 o’clock position, put your heel in a 10° angle. This way you’ll get the best speed ever.  

Wrapping Up

Speed can vary even in 80cc motorized bikes depending on the conditions. Hope you have a clear concept of this matter and have no queries since I have given all the related information. 

I also added a section where you can increase the speed using handy tricks after understanding how fast will a 80cc motorized bicycle go. So, be sure to try the method and see the result for yourself. Happy Biking!